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Thread: Alolan Raichu Theory?

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    Default Alolan Raichu Theory?

    Sorry if this isnt the right place to discuss this, but i never heard anyone else talk about this.

    In the first season of pokemon, episode 67, there was a blue eyed pikachu named puka.

    This pikachu had blue eyes and loved surfing, and surfed with its trainer all the time. It reminded me of alolan raichu.

    Thats why i was thinking puka originally came from alola and washed ashore in kanto. Puka can also sense waves (psychic??).

    Im not sure if its an easter egg to puka or not, but either way i love the idea that it could be.

    I miss that pikachu and i wish it was in more than just one episode.

    This was and will always be my favorite episode and remember watching it as a kid when it aired on tv. My mom would always record new episodes of pokemon for me on vcr tapes then let me watch them when i got home from school, my mom is cool. I feel old talking about that though, haha.
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    Maybe they designed Alolan Raichu with Puka in mind, considering it also appeared in episode "Pi-Kahuna"? I vaguely remember the blue eyed Pikachu too. Feels like giving more depth to the old odd Pokemon, but I doubt they've had plans for a Psychic form of Raichu or replacing gym leaders with island Kahunas back in ~1998. Somehow I also doubt they're gonna add such depth into anime as in evolved Puka returning but if I end up being wrong, I'd be positively surprised!
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