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    Default I have some questions about pokemon liquid crystal

    Is there a move relearner in this game?
    Where is bulbasaur
    Where do you get moonstones, and where do you purchase other evolutionary stones?
    How do you raise the happiness of a pokemon, and how do you know how happy a pokemon is with you? I'm trying to get umbrion.

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    ROM Hacks aren't supported here.
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    Post I made a pokemon discord!

    I do support serebii and I don't know if I can post this link but if i'm not allowed, please take it down. But anyways, I hope you can join!

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    I suggest putting it in your signature, then be active in this forum so that everyone see your post as well as the discord link in your sig

    However, this thread itself isn't exactly going to build up a Pokemon discussion, so unfortunately I'm closing this thread. But like I said, you still can promote your discord via your signature

    My shinies. Just click the links~

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    My shinies are not for trade or cloning.
    Shinies are not listed in order, for example the last shiny on the banner is not always the latest shiny I've obtained.
    Banner 1 made by Light Venusaur, thanks ^_^

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