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    Question ash meets gladion

    What woul ashes reaction be if he.met gladion in the anime and lillie told ash that like in the video game she tells him that gladion is her brother? ??

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    Well, some of us already knew his reaction, as the episode already aired in Japan some time ago.

    Also, simple anime question like this doesn't really need a thread, we have the Anime Question thread

    Try asking there instead, read the rules first though.

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    Default I need a shiny Hawlucha

    If anyone out there has a shiny male Hawlucha for trade, please post what you'd like for it in this thread, and I'll see if I've got the Pokemon you want. Thanks.

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    You might have better luck in the designated forums.

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    Default What's "The Great Bulbapedia Turkey Shoot"?

    I recently found out about a particularly notorious instance of vandalism on Bulbapedia called "The Great Bulbapedia Turkey Shoot", which is mentioned on Bulbapedia's own page and was apparently "well documented"...except I can't find any information anywhere on what exactly this great "turkey shoot" was, and it's driving me nuts not knowing.

    Would anybody care to fill me in?

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    Can't say I have any idea what that is but this doesn't really need a thread. This also likely isn't the right forum for your question, sorry.
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    Default how next gen pokemon games should look?

    Last edited by KillerDraco; 27th September 2017 at 8:43 AM.

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    Default Will trade ANYTHING for a Hoopa or Shaymin

    I am 2 pokemon away from fully completing the National Pokedex and getting every single pokemon currently available. I missed the event distribution last year for Hoopa and Shaymin and cant find any way to get them legitimately. So, if anyone has extras and wants any other pokemon (shinies included), I will gladly soft reset legendaries or something like that in exchange for either of these pokemon.

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    Default Pikachu20 Original Hat

    Long shot, but any chance anyone has an extra Pikachu with original hat they are willing to trade? Missed my shot at getting him alas.


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