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    Default New Pokemon hidden in Pokemon Shuffle

    Um, so I've been googling and no one else seems to have noticed this.

    In one of the stages of Pokemon Shuffle there is a glass display case in the background with a wooden monkey inside. The monkey looks quite similar to the Strange Souvenir, it certainly doesn't resemble any known Pokemon.

    Am I seriously the only one who's noticed this?
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    Two things.

    1. If you have to ask "am I the only one to..." the answer is always no.

    2. This didn't need a thread. Pokemon Shuffle Discussion is here.

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    Default Uh what extra psmd episodes?

    I saw on the PokemonJp official YouTube that there are extra episodes for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeons are these DLC content teasers yet to come now I am woundering things. It is officially real on PokemonJp channel on YouTube and when you translate it says Official in the [] so I wounder what it means.
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    I think they're just trying to promote the game longer then they did the previous titles.

    The game currently doesn't support DLC, so unless we get a substantial patch in the future, what we see is what we get.

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    At any rate, this doesn't really need its own thread here so this is closed. Try the Spinoffs section for Mystery Dungeon stuff, but also be mindful of spoilers.
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