Saturday, March 24, 2018 - 10pm EDT

The forums are currently undergoing a huge upgrade.

We are moving to a new forum system (Xenforo) that allows for better and more dynamic features such as notifications. The new forums will be up to modern standards that the old vBulletin forum system could no longer provide.

Everything should transfer over. So all your posts, PMs, buddies, profile comments, etc from the last 14 years will still be there.

Coinciding with this, there will be additional changes for the forums. We'll be merging some sections to remove redundancies. Sections that have minimal discussions (such as spin-offs) will be combined. We will also be further combining generations, and so forth.

It's no secret that in the past we've been a bit too strict in how we moderated the forums (such as not allowing certain discussion threads to be made until a game had long been out). This is something we will aim at improving in order to make the forums friendlier again. And yes, that means (within reason) Custom Avatars will finally be allowed.

Technical Details

Last Updated: Saturday, March 24, 2018 - 11:41pm EDT ( ago)

While testing, it took roughly 48 hours to convert and import the data into the new forums. So our best-guess target finish date/time is Monday evening EDT. Below are the steps that will need to be completed before the new forums are ready to go live. We will cross each step off as it is completed. Note that this is not a strict timeline and unexpected complications could delay (or even completely revert) any step.

  1. Prepare for import [expected duration: 1 hour]
  2. Importing Users [expected duration: 1 hour]
  3. Importing Private Messages [expected duration: 6hrs]
  4. Importing Profile Comments [expected duration: 6hrs]
  5. Importing Threads and Posts [expected duration: 24hrs]
  6. Automated Thread Rebuilding [expected duration: 12hrs]
  7. Manual setting adjustments, merging, admin testing, etc [expected duration: 2hrs]
  8. LAUNCH!

While you wait, join us on discord at