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    Hello! Well, I originally posted this on Fanfiction, but I decided to put it on serebii as well >.>

    Basic Summary:
    Ash, Paul, Misty, Dawn, Drew and May are in a High school, where they teach students to become Top Rangers. But whilst at this school, they encounter difficult challenge, which will test their friendship and ability to cope with them. But in this process, will love bloom?

    Well I felt like writing a summary, but here is chapter one. REVIEW! And please don't flame me D:

    "MAY! DAWN! WAKE UP!!!" yelled a gorgeous girl named Misty Waterflower. Her cerulean eyes glittered against the sun and her red hair tied into a side ponytail. She was wearing the Ranger school uniform for girls, which included a button down white shirt, a red, black and white checkered skirt and a red neck tie. Her white socks were folded neatly on her ankles and her black school shoes shining.

    May Maple, a beautiful brunette girl with sapphire eyes yawned and stretched her arms. "Misty, what's the time?" she said groggily as she stood up and strolled across to the bathroom to take a shower.

    Dawn Hikari, a pretty girl with midnight blue hair and sapphire eyes woke up and rubbed her eyes. "Ugh it's morning already? Waah, I was hoping for a little more sleep... HOLY SNEASEL IT'S 6AM! AHHH I NEED TO GET DRESSED!" she yelled running around her dormitory room. Misty however, was used to her panicking in the morning.

    "Alright! I finished taking a shower!" called May happily from the bathroom as she strolled into the room with a towel wrapped around her body, with her wet hair dripping onto the carpet. Misty went onto computer while May got dressed. May wore the ranger school uniform and placed her capture styler on her belt. She tied her bandana onto her head which was red in colour with a white poke ball on it and pulled her white socks up to her knees and put her black school shoes on. Dawn wore her ranger school uniform. She wore her white hat with a pink poke ball on it and pulled on her white socks and black school shoes. Misty turned off the computer and placed her capture styler into her skirt belt while Dawn did the same. The trio walked out of their room and made their way to the cafeteria.

    Since it was still 6:30am, there wasn't a lot of students in the cafeteria. "Whew, lucky we went here early, or the fan boys would have stopped us getting our breakfast by going 'May! Will you marry me? Dawn? Will you make out with me? Misty! Will you go out with me?' YAY! Bacon and eggs for breakfast!" cheered May as she rushed to the line and grabbed 6 fried eggs, 4 toasted bread, 7 pieces of bacon and an orange juice as a drink. Her friends sweat dropped at their friend's appetite, despite her slim, curvy body.

    "Oh May, if you keep eating like that you'll get fat. I'm surprised you even have fan boys with an appetite like yours," smirked a boy with chartreuse hair and emerald eyes, known as Drew Hayden. He wore the boy ranger school uniform, which looked exactly like the girl's uniform, except instead of a skirt, they wore black pants. Normally, May would have yelled at him for saying such things, but today, she bit her tongue, trying to control her tongue.

    "Giving me the silent treatment huh May? Is that any way to treat your best friend since Grade 3?" smirked Drew, flipping his fringe.

    "Drew, I am doing this the mature way by ignor-AAH!" yelled May as she tripped on her shoelaces and landed on the floor, luckily her breakfast was on her table before she slipped.

    "Oh no, Miss May! Are you alright?!" called a worried fan boy with white hair and a black and red bandana, known as Brendan Birch. He ran to May and helped her up. May beamed at him.

    "Thanks so much Brendan!" she grinned at him, causing Brendan to blush and Drew to clench his fist, craving to give this Brendan a big punch in the jaw for even helping May stand up. Brendan noticed Drew's glare and decided to glare himself. May, who was utterly oblivious about the situation said "Anyway Brendan, thanks. Now you can go back to your friends while I eat my breakfast!"

    Brendan sighed unhappily and walked away to a different table with his friends Lucas and Rudy, both staring at Dawn and May, wishing that they could sit next to them. "AGGH! I want to kill that Drew for being friends with MY May!" muttered Brendan angrily, banging his fist on the table. Ahahahaha May will be mine, if it's the last thing I do! Brendan thought with a smirk on his face.

    Two more boys walked into the cafeteria. One was a purple-haired boy with black eyes, with his hands in his pockets, looking down at his shoes. His name was Paul Shinji. However, the jet-black haired boy beside him was the exact opposite. He was chatting happily with his black and red cap with a blue poke ball on top. His trusty Pikachu was on his left shoulder, smiling with the boy. The boy's name was Ash Ketchum.

    "Oh man, I'm hungry! Ooooh! LOOK PAUL! BACON AND EGGS!" Ash yelled happily, pumping his fist into the air and running to the food. Paul sweat dropped and followed Ash to the food area. Ash got the same amount of food as May and walk to his table, where Drew, Dawn, Misty and May were sitting.

    "Hi guys! Man I'm starving," grinned Ash, as he started eating. His friends sweat dropped while he ate as if he didn't eat for 5 weeks. "Mmf, f-hey Mishty, whot clashes do we haff today?" Ash asked with his mouth full.

    "ASH KETCHUM! HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU NOT TO TALK WHEN YOUR MOUTH IS FULL?!" yelled Misty, smacking his head with her mallet.

    "Owww, sorry Mist. I won't do it again!" moaned Ash, rubbing his head. Misty sat back down and talked animatedly to Dawn and May about classes.

    "Ooh I have Capture Lessons, Athletics, Styler handling and then Healing and caring for pokemon as my last lesson," May read from her timetable.

    "I have Athletics, Styler Handling, Capture Lessons and the Healing and caring for pokemon as my last lesson too!" Dawn cried out happily, clapping her hands.

    "My timetable says I have Capture Lessons, Styler Handling, Athletics and Healing and caring for pokemon as my last lesson. We have Healing and caring for pokemon together!" squealed Misty.

    As the bell rang across the school, students quickly grabbed their school items and walked to their classes.

    "Misty! Want to walk with me, Drew and May to Capture Lessons? Pleaseee?" Ash begged to Misty, while she rolled her eyes.

    "Ash you are so dense that it's not even funny. Of course I'll walk with you guys, I've been doing it since we started here!" Misty scolded Ash, who was whimpering at her tone in her voice.

    "MISTY!!! MAY!!! WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME? WILL YOU MARRY ME? WILL YOU MAKE OUT WITH ME?!" Yelled the fan boys. Misty and May groaned and ran for their lives to their next lesson.

    "Heh, I wouldn't want to imagine being them two, running for their lives to class, because of some fan boys," Drew muttered to Ash, who was singing some random song.

    "ASH!!!! DREW!!!! WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME?! WILL YOU MARRY ME?!" yelled the fan girls

    "No Drew's mine!"

    "Ash is mine!"


    "DREW'S MINE YOU UGLY *****!"

    Drew and Ash sweat dropped and ran for their lives to class while the fan girls chased them. "Ugh I spoke too soon," panted Drew, as they reached Capture Lessons class.

    Their teacher was Solannah, a pretty girl with brown eyes and aqua coloured hair. She wore a red bandana and her clothes consisted a white shirt, a yellow belt which held her capture styler, a red leather jacket, a black skirt and red boots. On her hands were fingerless white gloves. May and Misty giggled when they saw Drew and Ash panting as they took their seat next to May and Misty. Rudy and Brendan however, were in their class, looking very unhappy with Ash and Drew.


    Dawn and Paul were at Athletics, getting changed into red polo shirts, black shorts with white sport shoes and socks. Paul was ignoring Dawn's chatter about his lack of enthusiasm.

    "C'mon Paul! Please smile for me?" Dawn pleaded, giving him puppy-dog eyes.

    "No Troublesome," muttered Paul, glaring at the floor.

    Dawn gave up and sat on the grass under the tree, next to Paul. Lucas was in the distance, looking really mad at Paul.

    The Athletics teacher was Jack Walker, preferred to be called Jackie. Jackie had blonde hair with green eyes, grinning at the students. He wore a white shirt, red leather jacket, black shorts, black shoes with white socks. He wore black fingerless gloves.

    Dawn managed to get Paul to talk to her, while Lucas was watching them from a distance, with jealousy written all over his face.

    That's it! And Please Review~ I would llike to get some feedback, but don't flame me!

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