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    Goldenrod High (Multishipping PG13)

    Disclaimer: I would like to report that I do not own the characters from pokemon as they belong to Game Freak, the pokemon company and Nintendo. I also do not own the songs may be used for the fic in future.

    A/N: What are the ships you ask? That’s for you to guess and find out. ^^ There may ships that you won’t like.

    *Cue opening song ‘Let’s Get It Started’ by Black Eyed Peas*

    Year 1, September

    It was a beautiful day at Goldenrod High. The sun was shining. The birds were singing. Life couldn’t be better.

    That was unless you count in a pink haired teacher screeching her voice off while running late to her school. “Gah! I hate the first day back!” she yelled to herself as she rushed through the corridors wearing a woolly jumper over her blue jeans carrying some books under her arms.

    She quickly rushed into one of the classrooms that had an opened door, and slammed it shut upon entry, scaring and shocking a number of students and pokemon inside as they sat at their desks. The teacher let out a small sigh of relief, thinking that she had more or less made it in time. “Good morning, Class Two, welcome to your first day,” she said with a big smile on her face as she walked to the writing board before writing down her name with a marker pen. “My name is Miss Whitney. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.”

    One of the students raised his hand up. “Uh, Miss Whitney?” he said.

    “…That is unless you want to know where babies come from. That will be for another time,” the teacher said with a frown before showing a cheeky smile with a slight delight. “Or my bra size, which I wouldn’t mind bragging about but…”

    “Uh… no, Miss Whitney,” the student said nervously. “Class Two is next door. This is Class Three.”

    Miss Whitney became shocked with embarrassment. She slowly picked up her books and made her way out without saying a word, leaving the students quite baffled.

    In the other classroom, the students were having a nice chat with each other, introducing themselves. Some were familiar with each other while others decided to be quiet, not talking to the others. Some of them had their pokemon out. In the school rules, children were allowed up to two pokemon each at their disposal for protection and they were allowed to have their pokemon out during lessons as long as they behaved themselves.

    Brendan Birch, son of the famous Professor Birch. He originally lived in Hoenn with his father but he moved here to Johto after he finished mid-school because of the research that was needed to be done here. In his old school, he was the brightest of his class and was seriously hardworking in both schoolwork and athletics. He had silver hair with a black bandanna around his forehead.

    Next up was Barry Palmer, who would soon be known to a lot of his schoolmates as the most competitive and hyperactive student… ever. He and Brendan were classmates in their mid-school days so they were no strangers to one another and, in Brendan’s view, they have a give-take relationship: Brendan gives and Barry takes. In appearance, along with the other boys in class, he was wearing his schoolboy uniform, which consisted of buttoned white short-sleeved shirt and black trousers, along with bushy blond hair.

    “Jeez, Barry,” Brendan moaned as he had his desk next to him. “Of all schools your parents could’ve picked, they picked this one.”

    “Hey, man, it’s not my fault,” Barry responded, feeling almost as though he was being accused. “My dad got a job as one of the Elite Four guys here. But hey, look on the bright side; someone you know is here. Think about it, it’ll be like old times! We’re going to play pranks, belch a lot, pick for bugs…”

    “You copying homework from me…” Brendan said finishing off for his old friend. “Yep, it’s going to be a world beater,” he continued, before rolling his eyes while letting out a stressed sigh. “Besides, when have I done any of that with you?”

    Suddenly, they heard someone walking into the classroom. They saw a pink haired woman dressed in a woolly jumper over her blue jeans with an embarrassed look on her face walking towards her desk. Immediately seeing her as the teacher, they all sat in their seats. “Okay, okay, settle down, kids,” she said after letting out a sigh of annoyance. “I should be putting on a happy face but something stupid happened and I don’t wanna talk about that.”

    Everyone felt uncomfortable by their teacher’s first impression as she turned around picking up a marker pen. “She went to the wrong class, didn’t she?” whispered one of the students.

    “Yep,” whispered another.

    “Anyway, my name is Miss Whitney and I’m your home tutor,” she said in an unbothered tone after she finished off writing her name down. “If you have any questions, ask me, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

    The students had this awkward feeling again, towards this teacher. “Blah, blah, blah, blah?” murmured one of the students.

    “Okay,” Miss Whitney said tossing her marker pen down to the desk. “Before we start everything, I’d like each and every one of you to introduce yourselves.”

    One of the students became incredibly nervous when he heard that. He was a young kid with green hair and brown eyes. His name was Wally Emerald, a shy person who came from Verdenturf town in Hoenn. He doesn’t often leave his house between schools and was often seen as a loner for those who knew him. One by one, a student walks to the front of the classroom in a random order so that they could introduce themselves.

    “Konnichiwa! My name is Dawn…”

    “Hiya, folks, my name is Zoey. No autographs please…”

    “Hi! My name is Rui…”

    Each time a student got introduced, Wally kept on getting more nervous. When Miss Whitney called him out, a frightened look showed on his face as he quickly stood up, letting a small scared ‘eep’ out of his mouth.

    He walked to the front of the room, looking rather terrified of this situation until he went behind the teacher’s desk. He looked at each and every one of the students. Most of them were looking at him while others were completely ignored him. “Um… er… h… hello,” he said with a stutter, trying to get his introduction over with. “My… my name’s Wally… I’m… I’m fifteen years old… and… it’s… very nice… to meet you all.”

    He quickly bowed at a fast pace, accidentally slamming his head on the desk, much to everyone’s surprise. After feeling the impact, he slowly raised his head and showing dizzy and hurt face. “C’mon, Wally!” one of the students said encouraging him. The other students followed him.

    “We’re with you, old chap!”

    “We believe in you, man!”

    “Additional words of support, Wally!”

    “Yes, yes, alright,” Miss Whitney in an uninterested way, motioning everyone to quiet down. “Just because he’s a nervous little brat, doesn’t mean you can tease him, okay?”

    The students couldn’t help but feel awkward about what she had just said. “Little brat?” whispered one of the students while Wally continued to stutter. “She’s not going to pick on him, is she?”

    “I wouldn’t bet on it, mate,” whispered another.

    After Wally finished his introduction, Miss Whitney looked at the register she had in her hand. “Okay, one more student to introduce… Wes Colosseum,” Miss Whitney said.

    That caught the student’s attention after he was gazing outside the window. He was sitting at the far end of the room. He had calm yellow eyes and silver spiky hair. He calmly got up from his seat and made his way to the front of the room with his hands in his pockets while everyone looked on.

    He let out a small sigh upon facing the entire class. “Okay, my name is Wes,” he started, slightly looking down on the teacher’s desk. “There isn’t a lot to tell so don’t expect a long one. I don’t have a lot of hobbies and there isn’t much that I like. I don’t live my parents and I haven’t had any contact with them for a long time so I can’t remember what their jobs are.”

    Everyone became rather surprised when he said that. “I take it that you don’t get on with your parents,” Miss Whitney said, starting to get interested.

    “Now, she’s getting interested,” one of the students murmured, feeling somewhat envious.

    “You could say that,” Wes said turning his attention to his teacher. “Don’t worry about me though, I got a job myself so I’ll be okay.”

    “What do you do?”

    “I work as a stockroom guy at a local pokemart.”

    As he continued talking, the other students couldn’t help but show their surprise towards Wes.

    After the bell rang, ending the class period, Barry and Brendan decided to go to the cafeteria for lunch. “C’mon! I’ll race ya!” Barry shouted with enthusiasm before zooming off.

    “Jeez, I’m not bothered,” Brendan replied with boredom as Barry zoomed around the corner.

    Barry turned his head around to see if Brendan was racing him. He smiled cheekily when he wasn’t following him. “Heh! Lazy boy!” he shouted before he ran into a trio of people, accidentally knocking them.

    “Hey! Watch where you’re going, brat!” shouted one of boys angrily as he and his two other friends stood up. He had slightly tanned skin with brown hair.

    “Who are you calling a brat?!” Barry shouted back, also standing straight up but he was quicker than they were.

    “You don’t know who we are?” shouted the second person. He was taller and skinnier than the first person

    “How insulting!” complained the third person. He was bulkier and was the second tallest of the trio with a haircut shaped like a bowl.

    “Then we’re gonna tell ya!” shouted the first of the trio. “My name’s Kim!”

    “My name is Ken!” shouted the tallest one, also showing off of a pose.

    “My turn! I’m Kai!” shouted the bulky one, doing the same also.

    “We’re the invincible pokemon brothers!” the trio shouted, showing off their martial arts and striking their poses since Kim introduced himself first until they finished.

    “Yeah!? Well, Barry’s my name and teaching you three a lesson’s my game!” Barry yelled. “But first, allow me to get some backup!”

    He turned towards Brendan and Wally who weren’t far behind. “Well, this is turning into a nice introduction,” Brendan mumbled.

    “Hey, fellas,” Barry called out to them. “Help me out here, will ya!?”

    Brendan looked at him with a dull look on his face. “Have we met?” he asked.

    “Oi! Don’t be like that, pal!” Barry cried, knowing that he would be in trouble if he doesn’t get help.

    “B… Barry, just apologise to them,” Wally said fearfully.

    “It’s no good,” Brendan replied dully. “He isn’t listening.”

    “Alright, boys, stop it,” said a voice firmly. Everyone turned their attentions to the person who spoke. He was wearing a schoolboy uniform and had black scruffy hair with zigzag markings underneath each eye. He also had a small yellow mouse with red cheeks on his shoulder.

    “It’s… that… Ash guy,” Kim said nervously.

    “You know him?” Barry asked.

    “I’m not telling you anything!” Kim shouted angrily at Barry.

    “He got beaten by me a couple of weeks back in a pokemon battle,” Ash said with arrogance in his tone.

    “Pokemon… battle…” Barry murmured to himself before getting excited. “A new rival!”

    “Great. He’s worked up again,” Brendan said dully. For as long as he knew Barry, Barry always had been a big competitor who backed out from no challenge but failed to win a number of times. He walked in front of the excited Barry and introduced himself in order to not let his hyperactive friend get any attention. “Sorry, you’re going to have to ignore him. He’s a little weird,” he said as he offered his hand to shake. “Hi, my name’s Brendan.”

    “Ash,” the black-haired teen replied casually as he shook Brendan’s hand.

    “Why do you have to spoil the fun!?” Barry yelled angrily at Brendan.

    “Well, well, if it isn’t my cousin Wally,” a green haired teenager said arrogantly, walking up behind Ash.

    “Er… hi, cousin Drew,” Wally said nervously.

    “You guys are cousins?” Barry asked in surprise.

    “Unfortunately, yes,” Drew answered. “And let me guess, you feel sorry for the guy because Wally never had any friends.”

    “He does now!” Barry yelled. “He’s a got friend in me!”

    “I feel sorry for you,” Drew said, still having such arrogance.

    “What does that suppose to mean!?”

    “You’ll find out eventually,” Drew said as he slowly began to walk past them, hands in pockets while everyone looked on. “One of these days, he’ll let you down big time.”

    “That guy is not likable,” Ash said noticeably.

    “You don’t have to tell me that,” Brendan replied.

    Barry gnarled his teeth, angry that his new friend’s cousin would insult him like that. “T… take no notice of him, B… Barry,” Wally said. “He’s always like that. Y… you don’t want to mess with him either, he’s a great trainer as well.”

    “He’s not worth it anyway,” Brendan said.

    “Yeah, probably like you,” Kim said.

    “What’cha say!” Barry shouted angrily at Kim. “Don’t make me angry now!”

    “Stop it already!” Brendan said pushing Barry’s back. “We’ve got a half hour left!”

    Back inside the classroom, Wes was looking outside the window in a bored way. “Hey, Wes,” a woman’s called out to him.

    Wes turned to the person’s attention and it turned out to be Miss Whitney, who was standing outside. He got up from his desk and walked out of the room to meet up with her. “Yes, miss?” he asked.

    “Well, I heard about this thing about you being retained since you did badly in your tests, homework, not getting along with your parents and stuff. This is probably a rumour but were you involved in some gang by any chance?” Miss Whitney suspiciously.

    Wes remained silent for long seconds. “No comment,” he replied.

    “Well, just don’t go getting yourself into trouble, not in this school at least,” Whitney said. “I don’t want your nuisances going onto my conscience and I don’t other teachers getting in my face. Are you are causing trouble, don’t get caught at least…”

    As she continued talking, she was beginning to sound less like a teacher and more like a chatterbox, which Wes noticed, much to his bafflement.

    Neither of them noticed a girl in her mid-teens, known as Rui, was overhearing their conversation. “(He was retained)?” she thought to herself as she looked at Wes’s body language. He stood like a person who doesn’t give much attention with his hands in his pockets. “(Does he… get into fights)?”

    After school was finished for the day, Rui was running down a street, hurrying to get back home. “Oh no, I’m going to be late,” she said to herself in a desperate tone. She spotted an empty path inside a nearby forest. She made an immediate stop. She remembered seeing this path a number of times. “This takes me back to my house in no time,” she murmured to herself. “But my grandparents said it’s too dangerous to go through because a strange guy hangs around in there.” She was told that the man who lived there would hurt anyone who came his way.

    She looked at both directions that would take her home. One was a shortcut through a forest, yet a strange person lives there. Another one was a long way off from home yet she would be safe from him. “I’ll take it,” she said to herself as she ran into the forest not knowing that someone was not far behind.

    She continued running inside the forest, hoping to not let this strange man catch her. That was until she saw a cross road ahead of her. She made a sudden stop there and looked around, wondering which way to go.

    “(Hmhm… such a silly victim... a cute one too),” a shadowed figure sneered in thought. He was hiding behind the bushes and trees. He slowly walked out of them, revealing more of himself. He was a mid-forties man wearing a pair of blue jeans, brown shoes, and a ragged beige coloured sweater.

    He was slowly creeping up to Rui from behind, trying not to make any sound. Despite that he was trying not to, Rui somehow sensed his presence. She quickly turned around, seeing this freak behind with scared eyes.

    “Hey-ya!” a voice yelled. Another shadowed figure dived from one of trees, kicking down the man who was about to hurt Rui in a bad way. The man in rags harshly hit the ground after getting kicked in the face while the guy in school uniform stood close to Rui. He had silver spiky hair, calm yellow eyes and white stripe painted on his face. The girl looked and recognised him as...

    “Wes?” she said in surprised. Most of his appearance were a give away, except for the white stripe. Wes quickly turned his eye towards her before turning his attention back to the possible abuser.

    “Stay away from her if you know what’s good for you,” Wes warned him.

    The freak shook away his dizziness before picking himself. “Who do you think you’re talking to?” he said darkly, drawing out a knife out his pocket. “Don’t you dare talk to me like that!”

    Wes looked at the weapon the man was holding in his hand, not impressed with this freak’s method. “Is that suppose to scare me?” he asked. “Or are you being scared?”

    A fight shortly ensued, with Rui hiding away in the bushes with her eyes shut tightly out of fear but she could hear all bashing and grunting going on in the background despite covering her ears.

    After hearing no more of the pair fighting, Rui peeped over to see who had won. The freak was lying on the floor unconscious while Wes was sitting on his backside, panting in and out. Both had bumps and bruises on their bodies. Wes had less of them but he had a cut on his left cheek.

    “Wes! You’re hurt!” Rui cried as he she ran out if the bushes. “And that scar!”

    “Don’t worry about it, I do this all the time,” Wes said coolly as he stood back up, turning towards her. “But you know that this place is dangerous, right?”

    “I know,” Rui said with guilt in her voice. “I didn’t want to but I didn’t want to be late either.”

    “Still, just to be more careful in future, okay?” Wes said as he placed his hands in his pockets searching for something to no avail. “Dang, no tissue.”

    Fortunately for him, he saw Rui handing him one. Wes mentally shrugged, seeing no other alternative as he took the tissue. “Thanks,” he said before wiping the beads off his head before placing it on the gash on his cheek to stop the bleeding.

    “You’re welcome,” Rui said, giving a thankful smile.

    “C’mon, I’ll walk you home,” he said in an uninterested tone as he began walking into one of the three routes.

    “What about him?” she asked slightly worried about the thug.

    “He’s only knocked out. You wouldn’t want to stick around when he comes around, would ya?” Wes replied as he continued walking.

    Scared, she began running after her saviour hoping that Wes had taken the right pathway. When she got to his side, she looked up to his face before turning away slightly blushing. “Wes,” she said.

    “Hmm?” Wes responded.

    “Thank you.”

    Soon, after their quiet walk, they came out of the forest and spotted a flower shop across the road. “Hey! That’s my place!” Rui cried happily before grabbing Wes’s hand. “C’mon, I got plasters at home.”

    “There’s no need, really,” Wes said, not wanting to be a bother.

    Despite that, she dragged him into her house. “Wait here,” she said after getting him to stand in the middle of the shop while she looked for the plasters at the back. It took her a few seconds to get it but when she came out he was no longer there. “Wes…” she said worriedly with a sigh. “I wonder how he turned out like this.”

    Meanwhile, Wes making his way back to his home, which was in a hostile environment where there were lots of litter scattered on the floor and a police siren could heard from a distance. As he continued walking, he spotted a little pink kitten with a yellow belly, face and paws, along with a large pink tail. “A skitty,” he murmured as he looked at the little creature resting on the nearby steps he was about to walk up. He slowly moved his hand towards it to give a little pet.


    The little skitty suddenly bit his fingers.

    The next morning, Wes came in with a plaster on his face and his fingers wrapped in bandages. Upon his entry into the classroom, Rui was the first to greet him. “Morning!” Rui cried happily. “I want to say thanks again for saving me last night. If there’s any way I can make it up to you…”

    “No problem,” Wes said. “There’s no need.”

    “Er… Wes,” she said noticing the bandages. “What happened to your hand?”

    Wes looked at his covered up hand, remembering that event. “It was in a bad mood,” he said walking past her getting to his seat.

    “Did he… get into another fight?” she asked herself quietly, deeply concerned for him.

    After school, Wes was making his back home when he saw the same Skitty that bit him yesterday, resting on the doorstep of the same hostile building he was walking up. The little Skitty looked into his direction after letting out a small yawn. It walked towards him with a smile on its face. “(I wonder if it’s in a good mood today),” Wes thought as he crouched down, slowly moving his hand that was not bandaged towards it.


    The small kitten bit him again.

    *Cue ending song ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ by Cyndi Lauper*
    Next episode:

    Barry: Yesh! We’re gonna do some PE and I’m going to beat Wes in any given sport no matter what it is!

    Brendan: I don’t know about that. He looks like a great athlete.

    Barry: Hey! I won trophies for our last school!

    Brendan: I don’t think that ever happened. But I do think you could win some munching contest hands down.

    Barry: That reminds me! When’s lunch? I’m starving!

    Brendan: It’s only ten o’clock in the morning. Oh, there he goes. See ya next time.
    More coming! ^^ What’cha think?
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