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    Default Senseless poem

    Okay, I do not like abstract art.

    Once upon a time, there was a man
    A skilled artist, with many a fan
    But everyone screamed, when he announced one day:
    “I am going to change, to everyone’s dismay.
    “This day is the mark of start
    “As a painter of abstract art.”

    The ominous clouds of certain doom
    Filled the hall with a depressed gloom
    Abstract paintings, the bored man’s friend
    Would be the culprit of the artist’s end
    But the artist exclaimed: “Don’t my art fear!
    “Instead do be scared of the monster there!”

    And true as TV, the beast had attacked
    The monster Godzilla, to be exact
    But due to the murky clouds from verse two
    The monster could naught but say “Peek-a-boo!”
    But down from the skies came Michelangelo
    The people were outjoyed: “Oh, l’angelo!”

    And now there was a violent fight
    Godzilla was keen to artists bite
    But the Italian had learned martial arts
    And quickly attacked with some velocious darts
    After some hours, Godzilla had won
    But no one cared, as everyone was gone

    And I’m too lazy to explain why and where they are now.
    The End.

    Well, it's not sensible. It started somewhat seriously but then ended in a typical GentleArtillery-way. What I'd like most is you pointing out spelling mistakes and bad grammar (though I made some bad grammar consciously).
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    xD I like it, it's amusing and yeah, totally in your style.
    I like the rhyming (although not that much in the michelangelo-bit - you could've came up with something better), and the rhythm of it all. :3
    I like it, as I said. ^^ wee ~
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    Quite amusing. I liked how it ryhmed and I think your grammar is ok.

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