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Thread: Favorite Pokemon Shipping

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    Question Favorite Pokemon Shipping

    The last thread was pretty old, so here's the new one as promised.

    Here you can post your favorite Pokemon shipping(s) - also meaning explaining why they're your favorite, not just saying that they are your favorite. Reasons like "it's cute" or "it's canon" are not acceptable and will be considered as SPAM. Feel free to explain how they became your favorite, too, and go all out, because this is the place to do so.

    I guess other favorite shippings could be allowed as well - if you want to talk about them, go ahead, but be sure to also include a favorite Pokemon shipping along with it.

    Have fun!

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    Seeing how I was told to post here...

    Respectshipping because I can't help but giggle over how cute it is. It needs more fics and fanart dammit. Plus Ash and Drew are my two favorite characters. <3

    Other favorite shippings would be Contestshipping, Ikarishipping, Comashipping, Rocketshipping and a lot more. ^^;

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    Glad this thread has been recreate. =D

    My list of favourite ships:
    1. Abilityshipping (new!)
    2. Originshipping
    3. Gracefulshipping
    4. Ikarishipping
    5. HeatTagshipping (new!)

    EDIT Forgot the reason. =P

    I love Abilityshipping, since it's purely canon and I love seeing Anabel and Ash being together, I can see Anabel loves Ash too. ^^ Origin and Graceful.. Yea, it's a pure canon and a true love, I love this one so much. Ikari and HeatTag are interesting ship, and Dawn's my favourite character in Pokemon ^^ HeatTag.. well, and interesting newcomer. Kouhei blushes on Hikari, though. XD
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    My favorite Pokemon shipping will always forever be Contestshipping. May and Drew are great characters separately, but when they're together, its just all out cuteness. The way they interact and the way that they act around each other is just so adorable. 8D I don't know if I support any other Pokemon shippings other than that one. It's the only real shipping I'm dedicated too. ^^;
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    Well, my favorite shippings are: Grandeurshipping, I know these two never met in the anime, but I like this shipping because of its sort of lost sister effect, meaning both of them (Sarina and Nicole) look almost alike. I made so many fanarts for this, because this shipping is currently my yuri otp... =D

    For my incest OTP, it's B-ButtonShipping. Why? Because you wouldn't know that Oralie and Haley are sisters unless you have seen the English version and you would have known Japanese while watching the Jap version. I mean, both of them are so close together and they get along pretty well and they even run the same League... XD

    For the het OTP, currently it's still Rangershipping... Solana x Lunick... XD Reason why is not only they have matching outfits but their personalities in terms in the manga make them a perfect match... 8D

    For the yaoi OTP, hmm, haven't thought of it much, but Ruby x Wally is ftw... =D Reason why, by reading the manga, you could say that Ruby has taken interest with Wally... and even offered to help Wally catch a Pokemon... xD;;

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    Cool a new thread has been reborn =D. There's a couple of shippings that I really love and support. They are:

    GoldenRoseshipping - Kenta & Nozomi: I know they never met yet but I still really like this shipping. Not because they look like a cute couple, its because that they remind me of each other. Both of them know how to treat pokemon with respect and kindness. Plus they way they act during a pokemon battle, they kinda use the same stance XD. I love this shipping from bottom of my heart <3
    EnchantedForestshipper – Kenta & Cheryl: I don't know why I started to love this shipping. I think its because that Kenta needs a older woman in his life for once XD. Both of them are very protective and always happy.
    Minamoshipping - May & Kelly: Its the very first Yuri shipping that I fell in love with xD. To me May seemed really happy when she was with Kelly. And the way that Kelly was hugging May was funny.

    I have more shippings that I really love but this are my Top Four Favorite Shippings <3
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    Pearl-shipping forever XP

    I think that Ash and Dawn make a kind of cute couple...Dawn has kind of shown some feelings for him too XD. That and Oak said that pokemon can represent the feelings of their masters. Buneary likes Pikachu so this might mean that Dawn has something for Ash ;P
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    My favourite pokemon shippings are Advanceshipping & Egoshipping. Next to that there are always some minor shippings that I support for a small time and there is my nostalgic love for the classic Pokeshipping.

    Advanceshipping: Yeah, so much to see about this.. There is the cuteness factor, the fact May and Ash look very good together and just fit personally wise. Overmore they have some nice hints and uncountable great fanart and fanfics are made of this couple imo, and last but not least they are simply two of my favourite characters all time.

    Egoshipping: Well this is just about the fun for me, it's a really interesting couple in general and the fanbase is fantastic.

    Pokeshipping: What can I say, it's classic.
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    Shiny new ship thread!

    Favorite ship of the moment is Madscienceshipping (Sebastian/Ein, rawr). They're just similar enough and just different enough to be the two people who, if you put them in a room together, couldn't last five minutes without killing each other or having really hot table sex.
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    Sanjay's post made me giggle. =P

    OTP till the day I die remains Krazyshipping. <3 Why? And I can't just leave off with 'it's cute and canon' even though it is at both of those? =P Meowth's my favorite pokemon, consequentially my favorite character and his interaction with Pikachu is super-super-adorable. Their episodes together are always my favorites because they totally DO get along left to nature and the hints between them are laid on thick. =D And although it's become pretty apparent that Pikachu's definitely a boy, now, and therefore Krazyshipping's not reeeal likely to actually become canon, I still love it to bittybitty pieces. ^____^

    Other loves include Schismshipping, Naiveshipping, Blackiceshipping (yuri OTP), Hieishipping (het OTP) and Howlshipping.

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    *let's see*

    Appealshipping (Dawn/Zoey)
    Apprenticeshipping (Oak/Tracey)
    Artshipping (Tracey/Todd)
    Assistantshipping (Tracey/Joshua)
    Chefshipping (Harley/Brock)
    Contestshipping (May/Drew)
    Cookieshipping (Harley/May)
    Femmeshipping (Harley/Tucker)
    Gracefulshipping (Wallace/Winona)
    LilMedeashipping (Tracey/Marisa[Crystal Onix])
    Pokeshipping (Ash/Misty)
    NeoLeagueshipping (Ash/Morrison)
    Rhapsodeshipping (Harley/Nando)
    Rocketshipping (Jessie/James)
    Tensionshipping (Harley/Drew)

    These are just the ones that I could remember the name for. And yes, I support a LOT of Harley ships!

    Now the top ones are Pokeshipping, Contestshipping, and Femmeshipping. In most of my shipping fics, I just have to add these three. Pokeshipping was the first one I believed in, Contestshipping just seems right, and Femmeshipping was just some random thing I came up with last year and believed in it ever since.
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    Favorite Pokemon Shippings, eh? ;D
    Here's the one's and the reasons why, ne! <3
    For both the anime and manga, 'course!

    For the manga, I would have to say that Jadeshipping (Blue x Yellow AKA shoujo-ai) is my favorite pairing for the manga of Pokemon Special/Pokemon Adventures. I personally do think there is some evidence, but that's just me: the Obsessed Jadeshipper. -nods-
    And also, it's cute, so I guess that counts? But don't worry -- I like other ships too! <3

    Now, for the anime I would have to say Contestshipping or Pokeshipping because they're both very obvious, but mostly I like Contestshipping more. I don't know why, it just appeals to me a lot better than Pokeshipping. O:

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    Copied from the last time. Includes pseudonames.

    1-Alchemistshipping: the ultimate Goldshipping, the one that should work, the one that saves Jasmine from being paired with pretty much everyone who doesn't deserve her, and a few other comments that would make most people beat me up for it. If you can't get the name of it, you need to go back to school.
    2-Buttshipping/CueCheatshipping: Well, let's admit it: Silver's pretty much a girl in the mangá, even if he also is a boy. Thus, since this makes MaskedChildrenshipping/Chousenshipping invalid enough for me, better give her to the second best choice... and since most people are not good enough, it's Gold who she gets.
    3-GemStoneshipping: Because she's my favorite heroine and he's my favorite hero. Now if only this had a better name.
    4-GoldenFreshshipping: For the idiots, that's Gold/Mint (from Pokémon TCG GB2). She steals his clothes, making him wear hers, and then they have some happy times together as he keeps pursuing her to get his clothes back and she just laughes and then it goes on an MA-rated scene. ...what?
    5-Questshipping/Johtoshipping: Canon. Supported.
    6-Goldshipping: Who doesn't like omniships in general? This one is the most awesomest of them all because it has Gold as the focus.
    7-Hoennshipping: Canon, Breezy supports it, they go better together anyway.
    8-Altoshipping: This one has personal reasons. But suffice to say, Latias' transformation abilities+Ash's memories=happy me.
    9-Pearlshipping: Because the animé's making them great characters and Dawn is the best character in ever.
    10-Advanceshipping: I like the fanfics, sue the authors.
    11-PinkFlowershipping: Now we're going in 'unfamiliar/uncharted' territory... I like *Orion*'s ships, meaning this.
    12-PreciousMetalshipping: Gold is a boy, Silver is a girl. Gold crossdresses, Silver dressed up like Blue to get her measures. Plus Silver owes him his life anyway.
    13-InfraRedshipping: Mars+Dawn. I don't have to say a word more.

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    1. Advanceshipping! Aww. The cuteness... Plus they're so alike.
    2. Questshipping - so cute, and so canon.
    3. Pearlshipping & Pokeshipping - I like 'em both, but my favourite Ash ship is still Advance.
    4. Egoshipping - Hey, Gary needs to be happy, too. Plus, I can just imagine them arguing.
    5. Harry Potter x Ginny Weasley - Not Pokemon, I know. But it's up there with Advance.
    6. Hoennshipping - If May doesn't get Ash, at least she won't get Drew.
    7. Brockshipping - because one can't help but feel a bit bad for him.


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    Oh my, my favs...
    1. Neoshipping: I don't know why, it just fits so well and it's cute!
    2. Rocketshipping: C'mon, classic favorite. It's so awesome and hinty!
    3. Jovianshipping: Why? Jupiter and Saturn have very similar bangs [BANGS] and identical eyes. It looks cute, not to mention the ingame mention...
    4. Pokeshipping: YES, a classic oldster. Screw May and Dawn, Misty FTW.
    5. Contestshipping: My mom and I like this because it helped boot May off the show. ;P
    6. Betelgeuseshipping: Ugh much as I hate to love it I do. Cyrus needed SOMEBODY. ;_;
    7. InfraRedshipping: zomg not het. Gotta love it!
    8. GodComplexshipping: you know it's canon. It's so much win.
    9. Carnivalshipping: only reason I like the 6th movie... well, the leech aspects of Jirachi and Groudon being the other reason. It's canony win.
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    1.molestshipping:my favorite one this shipping is cute and crazy!~
    2.advanceshipping:my 2nd best one they just match for each other perfectly see epi the bicker the better
    3.pearlshipping:new one but i like it lol seeing them toguether is adorable!
    4.pokeshipping:it has been clear that they like each other and its very cute
    5.rocketshipping:they have just been made for each other always toguether
    6.altoshipping:very cute lol
    7.bunearyxpikachu one:i love this one is so cute just look how shy buneary gets when she sees pikachu
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    ....Oh gosh, I wouldn't know where to start.

    It goes without saying I love every Falkner 'ship under the sun. *nod* Haven't found one I would dislike yet. Honorshipping (Morty/Falkner) tops the list, naturally.

    Neglectshipping (Brendan/Misty) rules, because I say so.

    TNTshipping (Tyranitar/Mantine) is my favorite-of-favorites poké/poké 'ship, because it's absolutely bittersweet in the most glorious way.

    Bouldershipping (Brock/Ash) is so lovingly script!canon its hilarious and personally blows the rest of the Ash 'ships out of the water.

    Brocket/Jimshipping's (Brock/James) has disappeared off the map, but I'll still carry a torch! TTvTT I think I liked it even before Palletshipping. Don't quote me on that though.

    Danshokushipping (Wallace/Steven/Brawly/Falkner/Morty) is priceless and timeless and the once-upon-a-time perfect blend of awesomeness....these people with their new fangled Sinnoh folk, missing out on pre-gen classics. *is stuck in the past; what can she say?*

    Janeshipping (Jasmine/Janine) and Gothshipping (Clair/Karen) remain sturdy OTPs, but Gaiashipping (Gardenia/Cheryl).... I bow before the love that this was granted...XD and now no one can accuse me of predominantly only loving technical never-mets anymore.

    I don't read Special, and the only good thing I ever got from it was Hurricaneshipping (Chuck/Hayate). 8D So what if Chuck's married? She can join in.

    .....There are so many more, but ^^;;; better not list them. It's be a painful read.
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    Mine is..

    1)Specialshipping- it's sooo cute and Red and Yellow are made for each other, and it's not that i like paring up a adorable girl to the main character, it just that it's adorable.
    2)Chosenshipping- when i read vol 14 it makes me think why would Blue(the girl) have a adoration for silver.
    3)Franticshipping- it's obvious, plus it's cute!
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    Brock/James is indeed made of win.

    I was watching him clean Ivy's house and out of nowhere thought they would be perfect for each other. That's how most of my ships start. Like Tyson/Wendy. Which still needs a name. >.<

    Also, Sacredshipping: It's one of those ones where you watch the one episode, and then you're hooked on it because they fit together so well. They really do.
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    My favorite shipping, although it's pretty rare, is Ciphershipping. (EinxVenus) from Pokemon Colosseum.

    When I first saw them standing next to eachother, I was thinking "Hey, these two look cute together!" I also think it's cute how during the Under ordeal Venus kept mentioning Ein's name. <3

    Plus, they're the only two admins that interacted in the entire game, so that's got to count for something! XD
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    My overall favorite shipping in Pokemon is Pokeshipping. I like Misty (and Ash), their "history" together and the fact that she at least sometimes have implied that she likes Ash. Second, as a more substitue, is Abilityshipping. I just love those 2 Anabel episodes and the fact that a girl could have a crush on Ash (not counting Macey, she was just "crazy", and Anabel is older than she was and therfore more mature). I also liked they way Anabel and Ash connected, they had fun on a whole other level than Ash usually have with his friends.
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    My favorite shipping I would have to say, Contestshipping or Pokeshipping, I think Contestshipping is a real cute shipping and I like how Drew gives May roses ^^ and I really don't know why I like Pokeshipping actually...

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    I like Hoenshipping, Franticshipping, and especially Gracefulshipping simply because they're all really cute ships. ^_^

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    Pokeshipping(Ash and Misty) I became a fan of this couple in October of 98 and haven't looked back. The reason I support this couple is because of all the obvious hints, and the fact they're perfect for each other.
    Both of them are stubborn, and don't want to admit it.
    I don't really care about romance and love in real life, but this is the only couple that I feel this strongly about/for. I don't like the idea of being married, etc. in life, but with this couple for some reason I very much enjoy the idea of the two getting together.
    If they were together now, I probably wouldn't care as much. I'm glad that 10 years later they aren't officially a couple.

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    My favorite ships are:

    SpecialShipping (RedXYellow)-Because I have seen some hints in the manga, and Yellow tried to save Red before.
    FranticShipping (RubyXSapphire)-It is obvious, also, the idea of a "girly" typ boy and a "wild" girl together seems appealing to me for some reason.

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