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    Default The Saga of Team Supernova.


    -This story is rated PG 13 for violence.

    -This is a fanfic that I started, and thoroughly developed on the Nsider forums back when it was still active.

    -Having said that I will try to post chapters at a constant rate of perhaps one chapter a week until I catch up with the number of chapters I have so far. So in other words it will take a very, very long time.

    -I might as well say this now, the first few chapters will resemble the story of the game a little, but be assured that it is completely different in the latter chapters.

    -I hope you enjoy the story. Your comments are appreciated.

    Without anything further to say, I give you...

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Saga of Team Supernova!


    It has been told in ancient tales that before the ancestor of almost every Pokemon took her first breath of life, before the continents clashed with the seas in a battle that rocked the world, or before the very universe itself came into existence, there was one Pokemon. Born from an egg amid nothingness, within a void absent of time and space, this Pokemon was conceived. Her name came to be known as the legendary Arceus.

    It is now believed that this Pokemon was the first to ever exist. The legends say that with one thousand arms, Arceus shaped the universe, in the process creating the embodiments of time and space, Dialga and Palkia. Another being was soon to follow. Giratina, the dimensional Pokemon, was born from the chaos of the early universe as it flowed into the torn world. It was with the combined power of these four Pokemon that the universe, as seen in its present form, came into being.

    However, this did not come without a cost. Upon creating the universe, Arceus had spent all of her energy, and needed time to regain her strength. She fell dormant for millions, even billions of years, leaving Palkia, Dialga and Giratina to maintain order. It is thought by some that the energy spent was so great that she would never be able to awake from her seemingly eternal slumber.

    This story, the first story to start all stories, has been passed down from generation to generation, never once being doubted or questioned.

    Now, after the events of the great falling star that threatened the world, something menacing looms over the horizon. The natural disasters, which had finally come to an end, are now returning, wreaking havoc over an already ravaged world. Many questions now surface as the disasters steadily worsen. Why is this happening? How can it be stopped? Can it be stopped?

    There are many questions that need to be answered. But perhaps the biggest question of them all should be, is the world ready to face the answers that are to come, answers that could potentially shake the very foundations of what was once thought of as common knowledge? Only time will tell, and many wonder how much of that there is left…

    List of compiled chapters:

    Prologue: Alone in the Crowd. Before the Beginning.

    Tiny Woods Arc

    Chapter 1: Starting Over Again. Rescue by Mistake!
    Chapter 2: Friend, or Foe? Rival Teams!

    Silent Chasm Arc

    Chapter 3: Disasters Return. Team Supernova Departs!
    Chapter 4: Team Supernova’s First Mission! First Battle… Success?
    Chapter 5: The Missing Sibling. A Look at the Bigger Picture.

    Uproar Forest Arc

    Chapter 6: Special Delivery! Making an Impression!
    Chapter 7: Seeing the Destruction. A Likable Client!
    Chapter 8: Worst Case Scenario! A Desperate Struggle!

    Frosty Forest Arc

    Chapter 9: Dark and Stormy Night. Memories Resurface.
    Chapter 10: Following the Footsteps of Idols. Team Charge-Net Takes Off!
    Chapter 11: Meeting Team Blue. Mix-up in the Mail!
    Chapter 12: Rescue Race! Rival Teams Face Off!
    Chapter 13: A Frigid Battle Goes Wrong! Relief and Regroup.
    Chapter 14: Unexpected Allies! Fighting a Legend!
    Chapter 15: Struggle to Survive! Into the Shadow of a Greater Threat!
    Chapter 16: Best Friend. Dave's Response.

    Mount Blaze Arc

    Chapter 17: A Promise Broken. The Search for a Friend.
    Chapter 18: A Legendary Meeting. Danger on Mount Blaze!
    Chapter 19: A Deep Regret. Hope on the Distant Horizon.
    Chapter 20: Battle of the Birds. A Turn for the Worst.
    Chapter 21: The Tools of Survival. The Pain of Remorse.
    Chapter 22: The Strength of Friendship. Home Sweet... Home?

    Stormy Sea Arc

    Chapter 23: Horror Strikes Home! The Mission out to Sea!
    Chapter 24: Questions Answered. The Punishment.
    Chapter 25: The Search for Team Supreme! The Lord of the Sea!
    Chapter 26: Stormy Times. The Doomed Battle.
    Chapter 27: The Delayed Reunion. A Nightmare Relived.

    Solar Cave Arc

    Chapter 28: Mission Assigned. Saving the World!

    Special Chapter(s)

    Special Feature: The Christmas Mission!


    Alone in the Crowd. Before the Beginning.

    Yet again he found himself at new home, heading towards a new school, in a new neighborhood. He'd have to start life over all over again. He'd have to try to make new friends, and try to get to be a part of the community.

    Tristan thought this as he walked off to his first day at his sixth, no, seventh school. He would have to start things off on the right foot this time. Not like the other times where he had gotten into a fight and made enemies with his classmates.

    It was a cool Wednesday morning, nothing out of the ordinary. The deep blue sky looked as it always did, with some wispy cirrus clouds streaked high across it. As he looked, he wondered what the day would hold in store for him. Perhaps he would have a normal day? What he wouldn't give to have just an ordinary school day, the type that every other student dreaded and took for granted. He never got enough of those.


    Hours later, the bell rang to signal the end of the first half of the day, and the beginning of the lunch break. No one had spoken to him yet so far, however, this didn't surprise Tristan. He was a little above average height for a 16 year-old. People were probably nervous to approach him. It was going to take time to get to know people, though he couldn't say he wasn't reluctant to do so. He wouldn't want to make new friends just to have to say goodbye to them all over again, half a year later. Perhaps he was the one who was nervous.

    Because he joined the school so late in the year, the locker that was assigned to him was at the far end of the hallway. As Tristan walked down the semi-crowded hall, he could see small groups of people sitting on the floor, eating their lunches and talking amongst themselves. Some were ranting, some were laughing. Tristan wished he was a part of it, but for now he would just need to wait.

    As he neared his locker he heard a voice call him from behind. "Hey you!" the voice shouted. "You're that new kid, aren't you!"

    "Yeah? What of it?" replied Tristan, turning around to who had spoken. The person was fairly tall, but rather round. It was also very clear that he was also much older than Tristan, in his senior years at this school. He wore a yellow and red sports jersey underneath a black hoodie, and a black baseball cap that was turned to the side, which covered his very short brown hair. Apparently, this outfit was supposed to make him look cool.

    "So you are the new kid huh?" he asked again. "Well, let me be the first to tell you how things work around here. Any money or stuff you got, you give to me. Ya hear?"

    All Tristan could do was stare. Was he serious? He hadn't even been through the first day and someone was picking a fight.

    "Don't think that cuz this is your first day that I'll let you off easy," he continued. "Gimme everything you got." He indicated to Tristan's pockets and backpack. "Start with the money, and make it quick!" He then held out an open hand, as if he actually expected Tristan to give him anything.

    "Nice to meet you, too," Tristan answered, shaking the bully's hand.

    The bully immediately pulled his hand back, "Don't mess with me! Hand it over, now!"

    "I don't think so," Tristan answered becoming increasingly annoyed. He really didn't have anything of value on him today anyway, but it was people like this that really got on his nerves.

    "Do you want me to beat you up?"

    "Sorry, not interested," Tristan said sharply.

    The bully took two quick glances on either side of him to make sure nobody was looking, then whispered as he drew one arm back, "Looks like I'll need to teach you a lesson!" On the last word he swung his arm towards Tristan, his hand clenched in a fist.

    Without a word Tristan sidestepped just before the punch hit. Moving with the punch, he grabbed for the bully's wrist, then suddenly he stepped towards the bully twisting his arm the other way. The bully was swept off of his feet and landed flat on his back with a loud thud. A few of the people in the hallway gave a startled scream, while most of the others just turned their heads to see the commotion. The hall was mostly silent now as people tried to listen to what was unfolding.

    "There! Serves you right!" Tristan shouted.

    The bully scrambled to his feet, face red with anger, or was it like that because of the way he hit the floor? Either way, he had the attention of all the students in the hall now, and doing anything else would be stupid.

    "You'll regret that!" the bully growled under his breath. He looked around him once more before turning to flee.

    "Yeah, right," Tristan called after him, "you idiots are all the same." As he became aware of his surroundings, he noticed a tall shaded figure leaning against the wall on the side of the hall staring at him. Her body was unnaturally skinny. He could tell this even when she was wearing a heavy jacket with the hood covering her face. There was something about her, but Tristan couldn't place what exactly this was.

    "And what are you staring at?" he demanded.

    The figure jumped in surprise and uttered a few strange words. It didn't even sound like English, just gibberish. A moment later, she also left.

    Tristan gave a great sigh "Already, things are off to a bad start."

    The rest of the day went a little better. Though he did have to stay after school in detention because a bystander who had watched the fight had reported him to a teacher. He did manage to earn himself some more attention because of his little display. Apparently this bully had been bothering a lot of people, and Tristan was the only one who actually had the guts to do something about it.

    But this wasn't any way to be making friends. Sure, people admired him for what he did, but he also made an enemy in the process. It looked like this school would be no different than the others he'd gone to.

    On the thought of friends, he wondered how close he should let people get to him. He reflected this as he walked home. His parents moved so much on business that it was extremely hard to make friends anymore. By now he'd become used to being alone. The fact that he had come to terms with this disgusted him greatly. He couldn't even say he knew his parents very well. Ever since he could remember his parents had never been there for him. They had always left in the early hours of the morning and come home late at night, leaving a babysitter to look after him in his early years. They never had any time for him. And when they were home they never paid much attention to him anyway. It was almost as if they had forgotten about him altogether.

    It wasn't just the fact that his parents moved that made him reluctant to make friends, though. No. When he thought about it, this factor couldn't even compare to the main reason. He had a best friend once. The only person he could ever call a true friend. They had done everything together. It was even almost as if he was the brother that he never had they were so close.

    Dave was his name. His real name was David, but the only name he ever answered to was Dave. One day, in fact, it was exactly three years ago today, Dave had suddenly disappeared without a trace. Nobody knew where he had gone. A body was never found. And in an instant the most important person in Tristan's life was gone. Stolen from him in some cruel twist of fate.

    Reminiscing about his time with Dave, he looked up to the sky. "Oh Dave…" he uttered to himself. "Where did you go?" He felt as if it wasn't only hard to make friends, but it was as if he was never meant to have friends. Maybe they would disappear like Dave did. The thought was too depressing.

    There was a bridge up ahead of him now, which spanned high above a wide canal. This would be the bridge he would cross every day to get to and from school. In the red sunlight, all the buildings beyond had an orange glow to them. And on the bridge, blocking his way stood three figures.

    As he drew near, one of them stepped forward. Tristan recognized this one. It was the bully from earlier.

    "Oh, you again," Tristan said once he had gotten to them.

    "You didn't actually think you'd get away with what happened at lunch did'ya?" the bully asked. He looked confident again this time, not like when fled in shame.

    Tristan sighed. He knew this would come back to bite him.

    "So. This is the guy who made a fool of you?" one of his friends asked. This one wore another hoodie, his hood worn up over a cap.

    "Hmph… think you're all that, eh punk?" asked the other. This one had spiky black hair and several piercings on various places on his face.

    "I'd say it's time to finish what we started," the first bully said, looking between his friends before turning back to Tristan. With that three approached him.

    "Three on one?" Tristan asked. "That's not how the fight started."

    "Like I care!" the bully shouted. By now Tristan was surrounded, there was no getting out of this now. The first bully stepped forward, winding up with another punch. The second he thrust it forward Tristan stepped to the side, grabbing his arm in the process. He then stepped back to back with the bully, elbowing him right in the spine. The bully stumbled forward, but not before Tristan could turn around and give him a side thrust kick just as one of his friends was running up to help him. The result was both of them crashing into each other, both giving startled and painful grunts.

    Tristan turned to the spiky haired bully, who was already charging at him. He swung his arm around in a haymaker, but Tristan grabbed it, and pulled the bully onto his back. With one strong motion he thrust his hips upwards, sending the bully flying past him to land awkwardly on the pavement.

    Now he had to deal with the other two again. He turned around only to see a yellow and red blur before he felt a piercing pain in his gut. He looked directly in the face of the bully, then, followed the bully's arm down. There was something in his hand. A knife! He'd been stabbed! There was already a growing stain of red as where the blade entered his body.

    "S**t!" The first bully cursed, yanking out his knife. Tristan bent over in pain, putting his hand over his wound to try to stop the blood. "Let's get out of here!"

    With this the three bullies fled, leaving Tristan on the empty bridge. By now the sun had set, and there was nobody else who could see him.

    "No," he said to himself, as he stumbled forward. "No, please no!"

    He looked down again. His hands were covered in blood and the red stain on his was much larger. This was not happening! Disoriented, he stumbled forward. Now his vision was going. He crashed into, then over something. It was the guardrail to the bridge. The next thing he knew, he was falling. Seconds stretched out into minutes. His vision became darker and darker. The water was coming ever closer to him until...

    … he blacked out…

    To be continued…
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