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    Default contestshipping:Drew kisses May

    yay!contestshipping!DOESNT ANYONE KNOW MAY BLONGS TO DREW!gosh....

    It was a bright sunny day.Ash was training his sceptile.Max was looking and doing research on a pack of houndoom,keeping a safe distance from them.Brock was busy cooking some food.May was in the tent,writing her in her diary:

    Dear diary,
    I'm starting to get the feeling Ash has a crush on me.Every night,I hear his saying MAY!MAY!COME HERE!I WANNA KISS YA or something like that.Crazy,right?I know.But anyone can tell I have a crush on Drew.Unfortunately,I dont think he likes me.
    May Maple
    She closed her diary.Then she went and watched Ash train.When Ash saw her,he turned around and tried to get his sceptile to train better,to impress her.
    Then they ate and they were on their way to the next pokemon contest.
    Then May saw an unexpected visitor.Drew.When Drew saw her,he blushed and hid a rose behind his back.
    ok,this is the key:
    =May talking
    =Drew talking
    =Max talking
    =Ash talking
    =Brock talking
    now continuing:
    "Hey Drew!"
    "Well well well,look who decided to come along.Ash's girlfriend"
    "He's not my boyfriend.I dont even like him"
    Then May clasped her hands over her mouth.SHe just realized she made a mistake,because Ash started to get teary eyed.
    "you dont?"
    "I'm sorry Ash.But I dont.I like someone else."
    Ash started to cry softly.But he tipped his head so no one can see and cried.
    Soon the contest was starting.Drew didnt enter because he already had the ribbon.Ash was outside training his pokemon.But he didnt train as much becuase his head was filled with May's words.
    May had won the contest.Then they were on their way.
    "its time."said Drew to himself.
    He quickly ran to May.
    May looked behind her and saw Drew running up to her.
    "May,I need to tell you something"
    "what is it?"
    Drew grabbed her arm and dragged her to the nearest tree.
    "I got a confession to make"
    "what Drew?"
    He bent closer to her and kissed her on the lips.May and Drew both blushed.
    May didnt seem the least bit surprised.
    "I was in love with you May."
    "Me too"
    "I guess I better be going now"
    "see ya"
    They both walked away,blushing.When they got to their campsite,May wrote in her diary:
    Dear diary,
    OMG you wont believe this,but I got that kiss from Drew.It was a lovely kiss.And he confessed love for my.So now he is my boyfriend.
    *the end
    comment what you think
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    Default you don't use smilies to indicate someone's talking. >.< It is also too short and there's no rating.
    Please revise, make it more professional, and read the rules. Thx

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