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    Default A Dream or A Future?(AdvanceShipping one-shot)

    -This is my first one-shot, though it can be a spin-off, just look for Trials 2's Episode 13(EFM13). It will possibly be lame, as I don't describe weddings pretty well. Several parts will be obscure, so pleae just review and get the flames ready.
    EDIT: Oops, really, really sorry! Oh, man, how could I forget something like the rating?
    RATING: G, for excess humor

    DISCLAIMER: If I own Pokemon, which I, unfortunately, am not, I'd already would have finished with the Sinnoh arc and begin the Elite Four arc already!

    A Dream or a Future?

    The story is set in Pallet Town's landmark, Professor Oak's lab, at late morning. Preparations are underway, as two souls are about to be united in holy matrimony. A patio is down at the main corral, where the main ceremony will be held. Various white, wedding-themed decorations are being set up around it.

    One of the rooms inside the lab was fashioned to be the bride's dressing room. There, two girls are helping their best friend dress up for her big day. "Oh, look at you," Dawn declared, after helping straightening May's hair. "You're so beautiful. Ash will certainly be dense not to notice that."

    "Thanks, Dawn. I think that will help."

    Misty, meanwhile, is arranging the buoquet that May will be holding in the wedding. "By the way, May, have you already planned on your honeymoon? Where are you two going?"

    "Well, uh-"

    Misty rolled her eyes. "You two haven't decided yet, have you?" May sheepishly shook her head, which made the former sigh deeply. "Well, it's typical of Ash anyway, so don't be hard on yourself, May."

    All three girls exchanged giggles. May stood up, and walked in front of the standing mirror. She twirled around in her feet, inspecting the wedding gown from all sides, before turning back to the mirror, and smiled.

    Then May stooped a little to talk to something behind the mirror's legs. "Hey, don't be shy, Pichu. You can come out."

    Pichu emerged from behind the mirror. Interestingly, the baby Pokemon is wearing a white tuxedo top, complete with a cute black bowtie. Pichu is either shy for wearing something like that, or for seeing its mother dressed up so elegantly.

    May picked Pichu up, and turned to Dawn. The baby, as a sign of its shyness, is covering its eyes with its ears. "There was really no need for you to dress up Pichu, you know."

    Dawn shrugged. "I can't help it. But look at him. He looks like a miniature Ash!"


    At another room, in front of another mirror, is complete dejavu, having occurred twice already in the past. Ash is standing in front of the mirror, wearing his most disliked type of clothes.

    Brock, from behind, placed his hands on both of Ash's shoulders. "Now, now, don't complain. This is, after all, your day. And your mom worked really, REALLY hard for this whole thing."

    "I know, I know," Ash said, and hung his head. "Can't the wedding get started already? I want to-" He saw the mischievous grin on Brock's face. "No, wait, it's not what I meant. What I mean is-"

    "Uh-huh," the older male said, a glint in the corner of his squint. "You just want to get it on with May, huh?"

    "NO! I told you, that's not what I meant! Brock!" Ash, red and flabbergasted, turned around to face his friend.

    Brock held up his hands in defense. "Okay, okay, I was just pulling your leg."

    "Hey, guys, what's up?" Max walked in, followed by Norman. They are wearing matching blue formal clothes. At the sight of the latter, Ash suddenly tensed.

    "Well, looks like you're definitely ready, Ash," Norman said. "Or are you-?"

    "Ye- Yes, I am, Nor- I mean, Mr. Maple, sir!" Ash shouted in a similar fashion to a soldier addressing his commanding officer. This response earned a guffaw and a smirk from Max and Brock, respectively.

    Before Ash could be embarassed any further, there was a commotion. Actually, there are two commotions, both Pokemon-related.

    First, running towards them, tripping most of the wedding choreographers, is Pichu. The baby still is covering its eyes with its ears, blind to everything else. Startled, Ash scooped the baby up just as he passed them.

    "Pichu," Ash said to the baby. "What were you doing running around like that?"

    At the sound of its father's voice, Pichu let go of its ears. It looked up at Ash, and grinned. The latter sweatdropped, then the noise of the second commotion caught their attention.

    In the corral, next to the patio, was where the dining area was set. Right in the center of it is the buffet table. Big mistake. Ash's Snorlax is quickly advancing towards the food, held up, with great difficulty, by Feraligatr, Sceptile and Charizard.

    Charizard(You big lug, I know how you feel, but we must wait until the end of the wedding!)

    Sceptile(It's not like the Boss is going to starve you or anything...)

    Snorlax(I can't help it. All that food. And the cake... I think there's some chocolate side cake as well...)

    Feraligatr(Okay, okay, but please wait for the wedding. This is Ash's big day, and we mustn't ruin it just for some- Some- CHOCOLATE CAKE?!)

    The Big Jaw, upon hearing about his favorite sweet, suddenly released Snorlax, turned on his heels, and now he, too, is heading towards the buffet! His mouth is watering like a Waterfall again. Charizard and Sceptile blinked. Charizard(Oh, no, not YOU, too!)

    Reacting instinctively, Sceptile slammed his hand to the ground. Moments later, vines sprang out of them, binding the two hungry Pokemon. The Forest and Flame Pokemon stared at each other, shook hands, then slumped with their backs to each other.

    At this moment, Ash has caught up with them. "Oh, man, what happened?"

    Snorlax and Feraligatr, immobilized thanks to Sceptile's Frenzy Plant, luckily weren't able to cause any more trouble. The Frenzy Plant tired Sceptile for a bit, though, so he has to retire to his Pokeball for a while. Holding Sceptile's Pokeball, Ash started to head back to the party, but he felt a sudden tap on his shoulder. He turned around, but no one's there. He then looked downwards, and saw May's Bulbasaur, realising it was her that tapped him.

    Ash bent down. "What is it?" Bulbasaur smiled, and withdrawed her vines back into her bulb. A second later, her vine sprang out again, holding out a flower. Ash smiled, and took the flower. "Thanks, Bulbasaur," he said. Bulbasaur smiled, and sprinted away. He promptly placed the flower on his morning dress as a corsage.

    When he returned to Brock and Max, the two are laughing among themselves. "What? What's so funny, you guys?" he asked. "I could use a little laugh."

    Brock was hiding his grin, as he said, "The funny thing is, Ash, YOU."

    "Yeah," Max agreed. "You and Pichu. You look like exact doubles, wearing the same clothes." The two burst into laughter, leaving Ash embarassed and offended. Pichu, however, seems to like the idea, and is now trying its best to mimic Ash's facial expression, much to the latter's embarassment. He marched off, leaving the two doubled over in laughter.


    There was a knock on the door. Misty opened it a little, preventing Ash to enter. "Now what do you want?" the redhead asked the groom-to-be. "You know it's prohibited for the groom to see his bride before their wedding."

    "I know, I know. I just want to-" Ash began, and slid Pichu through the door's crack with his foot "-give Pichu back to May. He's causing trouble, again." Ash closed the door himself before Pichu can slide back out.

    Inside the room, surrounded by the girls, Pichu covered its eyes with its ears again. May shook her head as she scooped Pichu up in her arms. "Oh, Pichu, what have you been doing?" she asked the baby absentmindedly.

    Just then an idea sprang into Dawn's head. "Hm, May, I was wondering if I could borrow Pichu for a while."

    Both Misty and May turned to face her. "Huh? Why, Dawn?" the latter asked.

    Dawn didn't answer, and instead took the baby off May's hands. Then, she said in a wink, "You'll see..." And the scheming female rushed out of the room, taking Pichu with her.


    And so it begins. The patio is filled with important guests, as well as family and friends of the bride and groom. Surrounding the perimeter of the area are Pokemon, mostly of which are Ash's.

    On the altar, right next to the priest, is Ash. Being nervous, he kept fidgeting around, much to the chagrin of best men Brock and Tracey. "Calm down, Ash," the latter told him.

    "I can't help it! What if May changes her mind? What if he took her away-" A fleeting image of Drew carrying May off in a hot-air balloon, laughing maniacally at him, crossed Ash's mind. "Brrrrr..."

    "Where in the world did you get that idea?" Tracey asked quizzically. He raised an eyebrow at Brock.

    "What are you looking at me for? I didn't put that idea in his head, okay!" the disgruntled breeder responded.

    Trying to get over his nervousness, Ash surveyed the crowd. On the front row, at the left side of the aisle, sat his mother Delia, Professors Oak, Elm and Rowan, and Gary. Behind them sat Prima, Agatha and Lance, Ash's fellow Kanto Elites, and PLA chairman Goodshow. the rest are some of the friends Ash and co. made in his journeys.

    On the front row, of the right side are Max, Caroline(cradling Julie), and Professor Birch. Behind them are also members of the various Elite Four, most prominently Drake and Bertha.

    Taking his eyes off the human half, Ash gazed at the Pokemon half, around them. The prominent ones here are his Trio. Charizard, and Pikachu, hanging on his shoulders, both gave him a thumbs-up and goofy grins. Sceptile, insisting to be outside his Pokeball, could be seen above them all, on the top branch of a tree, so he can get a better view of the event. Feraligatr, Torterra and Torkoal are all seen wiping their noses with a large hankie each, making loud honking noises. Swellow, Meganium and Typhlosion are just rolling their eyes at them, with the latter slapping his forehead in embarassment.

    Some of the Tauros, Muk and Primeape are seen whistling and catcalling. The Tauros, however, are strangely making a Moo sound... Gengar, who had a hand in helping with the decorations, was the only silent one, standing in the shade of the tree where Sceptile is. He's still a bit scared by sunlight.

    Ash heaved a huge sigh, then stared at his mother in the front row. She smiled at him, and Ash heaved another huge sigh. 'I can't let her down. She put her heart into all this...'

    Suddenly, the sound of bells signalled the arrival of May. Ash quickly shifted his eyes at the other end of the aisle where she would make her entrance. Then again...

    Torterra(Ooops, sorry... I couldn't help it.)

    It seems that the Continent Pokemon couldn't resist touching the drums, as he's standing right next to the bandstand. In his attempt to play, he accidentally turned on the music. The Pokemon stared at him. Torterra(Hey, I said I was sorry, okay?)

    Ash's nervousness returned, after realising it was just a false alarm. Then, the band members took their place at the stand. Wedding music began to play, and this time it's for real.

    The groom-to-be returned his gaze towards the aisle. What he saw made his heart skip a beat, in the good way. Escorted by her father Norman, Ash felt like he saw the most beautiful thing in the world: May, all dressed up elegantly, carrying a bouquet on the left hand, and linking her right arm with her father's. Even though her face was obscured by a veil, Ash could still clearly see the beauty of the girl he loves.

    Because of this, Ash was completely awestruck. Brock waved a hand in front of his face, then said, "Heh, I knew he would be zoned out. You owe me a hundred Pokedollars, Trace."

    The watcher just sweatdropped, but before he could say anything, the preacher cleared his throat. "Young man, no gambling in front of the altar." Tracey was saved from embarassment, and Brock was comically ashamed.

    At the altar, Norman passed May over to Ash, giving him a nod, snapping him out of his trance. The latter quickly understood that it meant that the bride's father trusts him now. Ash and May then took each other's hands, and faced the preacher.

    "We are gathered here today-" And so on, and so forth, I never did know how a preacher sermons at a wedding. Except, of course, for the-

    "Ash Ketchum, do you take May Maple as your wife, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?"

    The young man swallowed before saying, "I do." He gripped May's hand tighter, and the latter reciprocated the gesture.

    "May Maple, do you take Ash Ketchum as your husband, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?"

    "I do."

    "Is there anyone who objects to bringing these two together? May they speak now, or forever hold their peace." No one spoke, of course.
    What do you think? "Very well. May the ringbeared please present the rings."

    Ash and May stared at each other. "Uh, I forgot about the ringbearer!" Ash muttered to May.

    "Who is our ringbearer?"

    May's bridesmaid Misty turned to fellow bridesmaid Dawn. "Who is the ringbearer?"

    "Don't worry," Dawn replied. "I arranged it all with Brock. It's all good." On cue, something small began running down the aisle, carrying the pillow with the rings.

    Ash and May turned around to see Pichu beneath the magenta pillow, slipping and stumbling along the way. He rolled to a stop right next to the altar, grinning. Ash sweatdropped as he bent down to pick Pichu up, and taking the rings off the baby's hands.

    He handed the baby to May, who put Pichu in her right hand.She then extended her other hand towards Ash, so he can place her ring there. After reciting his vows, it is Ash's turn to extend his left hand so May can place his ring.

    After the gestures, the preacher clapped his hands. "With the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

    Ash and May turned to each other.The former removed May's veil, and slowly approached her face for a kiss. Pichu, in between, covered its eyes with its ears again.

    The Pokemon resumed their catcalls, to encourage their trainer. Charizard(I am so proud!) He turned to Feraligatr. Charizard(May I borrow your hankie?)

    The Big Jaw started giving out his hankie. Charizard was about to take it, until he saw it was extra wet. Charizard(Uh, never mind.)

    Ash and May broke off from their kiss, and turned to face the crowd. The entire audience is on their feet, clapping the newlyweds.


    It was late in the afternoon. The S. S. Neptune leaves Vermilion City Harbor. On it are newlyweds Ash and May Ketchum, on their way to a honeymoon in the Sevii Islands. The couple are seen waving goodbye to their friends Brock, Dawn, Misty and Max.

    Only after Vermilion City vanished in the horizon did Ash turn to May. "Finally, a week of togetherness, not disturbed by anyone or anymon. What do you want to do first?"

    May smiled. "You said it yourself that you're the captain for this trip. So you should be the one planning on what we do."

    "Huh. Okay, then," he said with a mischievous look, suddeny grabbing her around the waist, "how about we check out our cabin?"

    May playfuly pushed her husband away. "Why, Ash, I never new you to be deviish..."

    Ash just grinned, and began pulling May towards their cabin. As he went to grab their suitcase, the inside of the bag looked like something's trying to break out. Startled, Ash opened the bag, and out popped Pichu! "GAK! What are you doing here?"

    Pichu didn't aswer, and instead jumped into May's arms. At first the girl was startled, but then she asked Pichu, "You didn't want to be left behind, do you?" The baby responded by cuddling in May's arms, to which she smiled. "I guess we can't help it, Ash, we have to take him with us."

    Ash sighed and shook his head, smiling as well. "Oh, well." 'Huh, I wonder if anyone knew that Pichu came with us?'


    It was mass hysteria at Professor Oak's lab. Want to guess why? The Pokemon, charged by Ash and May to take care of Pichu while they're gone, have just discovered the hyperactive baby missing!

    Pikachu(What do we do what do we do?!)

    Bulbasaur(Calm down, I'm sure Pichu is just around here somewhere...)

    Swelow(But what if we don't find him. What if Ash fnds out? Worse, what if May finds out?)

    Horror flooded through everyone's faces. (AAAAAGGGGHHHHHH! It's the end of the world!)

    Bulbasaur(We've got to find him, QUICK!)

    The Pokemon scrambled to different parts of the corral. Feraligatr, suddenly sounding businessman-like, approached the rest of the trio. Feraligatr(Leo, you search high. Raph, you search low.) Charizard and Sceptile, having those respective nicknames, nodded, obviously afraid of incurring May's wrath just like everyone else. Feraligatr(While I'll search in... The pantry...)

    The other two blanched, and turned on the Big Jaw. Charizard(And we thought you were being serious back there!)

    Only two Pokemon are calm and collected compared to the over-all group. Pidgeot(Think we should tell them?)

    Gengar just shrugged. Gengar(Eh, they'll figure it out sooner or later.)


    'Why do I get the feeing that something wrong just happened?' Ash thought to himself. He dismissed it, however, seeing how happy May and Pichu were.

    Suddenly, they heard a gasp from the other passengers. Ash and May turned around, and saw two large flying-type Pokemon, passing the Neptune from both sides. They are the Legendary Pokemon Ho-oh and Lugia!

    The two Pokemon gave a sigle glance each at Ash and May, then, without a word, they departed to the west, towards the sunset. Ash and May watched this spectacle with vigor and feeling of content, Pichu waving at the Pokemon even though they didn't notice it.

    And so, there you have it. My very first one-shot. Hope it's AdvanceShippy enough for you critics out there.
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