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Thread: Fic Reviewers 3

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    Behind you...

    Wink Another Review Catalogue? OK...

    Say, Hey! Let's do this!

    Air Dragon's Review Profile

    What I could review: Any and Everything

    What I would review (preferences):

    - Journeyfics
    - Some good ol' Sci-Fi
    - Some non-Pokemon fics

    What I won't Review:

    - Some rate R fics

    How I do what I do:

    I rate in six fields of fanfiction on the first review, usually with the grading system:

    - GRAMMAR: This is where I hit hardest and fastest.
    - PLOT: Reasonably fresh or week-old stale?
    - CAST: How 'real' are your characters to me? This tie in with description.
    - DESCRIPTION: Settings, characters, creatures, natures, personalities... this is where I let you know how it looks from my point of view. Don't disabuse my sense of imagination, or your overall just might suffer for it.
    - LENGTH: I enjoy tome-like chapters yet short and fulfilling ones work for me too.
    - OVERALL: Here I use the staryu/starmie system:

    1 Staryu = Bleh.
    2 Staryu = Meh. Needs some work...
    3 Staryu = Coming along nicely. It could still use a little work...
    4 Staryu = I'm listening... and liking what I read...
    5 Staryu = 1 Starmie - Epic in the making... keep at it...

    >1 Starmie = Epic made. 'nuff said.

    Fics under Review:

    Hotspot fics

    - Pokemon Revolution: Advent Phoenix by EonMaster One
    - Lurking in the Shadows: Lisa's Ultimate Challenge by DarkPersian 479
    - Pokemon Crusade by Pkmn Breeder Jack
    - The Sevii Island Saga by Manaphyman
    - Starbolts Chronicles by the Ledian_X Team
    - Deeds of Darkness by Haruka of Hoenn
    - Three Ways by Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix

    Fics on Waiting Hiatus

    - Choice and Consequence by purpledrake
    - The Journey by LinksOcarina
    - Pokemon: The Sinnoh Adventure by Shadow Lucario
    - Shattered Pieces by Divinity_123
    - Never in the Wrong Place or the Wrong Time by Griff4815
    - Pokemon Destiny: Kanto Legends by xXPorygonXx
    - Pokemon: Thunder Yellow by Seijiro Mafune
    - Pokemon Johto: The Funne Version by Seijiro Mafune
    - Now and Forever by Arcanine Royale
    - Rocket Frontier by Sweet Pinpuku
    - So In Love by pokeplayer
    - Metamorphosis by Saffire Persian
    - Anamnesis by Saffire Persian
    - What You Wish For by Verity
    - Midian:City of the Damned by Knightblazer

    To Review List. Includes review requests (those in gold)

    - My Name is Fuega by Aqua059
    - Oaken Falls by CHeSHiRe-CaT
    - Death is the Spice of Life by l00k0verthere
    - Pokemon Infinity by poke poke
    - Divine Intervention by Glajummy
    - The Good Left Undone by SaigoKarasu
    - Maggots of Society by Burnt Flower

    Do note that Slots available equals no of added fics i'll be taking on...

    How to request my services:

    - PM
    - PM
    - More PM...

    OK, I'm outta here for now!

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    WhyNot's Reviews What I will read: Almost everything, I like shipping, but not too much. Will Not Read: Non Pokemon..sorry.. stories where Pokemon are the only things alive, and when say ASH is the main character. I dont care if he's in the story, but I do not read it if he or someone else in the animai is, and badly written fics are unacceptible. Notes: I have a flaw. I am too nice, I won't every say anything mean. I do believe in contructive criticizm though. I also have high standards, as I have read some great fics even though I wasnt a reviewer or even a member. I have read all of Pokemon Revolutions by EonMaster1, and (blushes as he cant rember name) By Duncan, Sevii Island Saga by Manaphyman, and (Blushes again) by Air Dragon to name a few great ones. I have read many though so I know what a good fic is. Reviewing: As many as you can throw at me. Summer Vacation means 4 months of sitting and finding things to past the time.*****EDIT:I apologize for the rush Mom said I need to get to sleep. Long day tommorow. One of the few...
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    Not telling. XD


    Phantom Gardevoir's Helping Hand

    Yes, I have decided to lend a helping hand to other fellow fic writers.

    What I Will Generally Read: I'll read Pokemon fics, but to a certain degree. I'll only read fics that have Pokemon themselves in them. No trainer fics, no canon characters, nothing like that. I will absolutely read Fullmetal Alchemist fanfics as well, but no shippings. Same goes with Pokemon.

    What I Refuse to Read: No R-rated or NC-17 stuff, please. Not too much violence, not too much sexual content, not too much swearing.

    In General: Overall, I try to be nice. I don't have the heart to be mean. Unless your fic is really bad, I will tell you. To contact me, please PM. And provide a link to your fanfiction please. I don't feel like playing go fish with your story.

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    Read my post below...
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    Buraddo_Aipom's Page For Reviewing


    About Me
    I just want to take a minute and tell you all about who I am and such. I joined last year on February 1 and have been an active member since. I've always done Fan Fiction since I joined, but only have actually kept writing my current one, The Sapphire Story. Please check it out if you'd like. I am also partially active in the Clubs, General Pokémon Discussion, Face-Offs, and Role Playing Games forums.

    Status - CLOSED
    So don't PM me about reviewing D<

    My Reviews

    When I review Fics, I generally look at things like description, time flow, plot, CD, what happened during the chapter, and I'm very OCD about grammar, so I'll point things out I think are wrong. I don't review grammar as much if I've been reading a Fic and already informed the author about what to change and such. I will review what I liked and also what you did right and wrong. My reviews are almost always positive and constructive, as I think it helps author's listen a bit more ;)

    Fics I Won't Review
    +/ Legendary - I hate it when people have trainers catch/be really good friends with Legendary Pok&#233;mon - yes, DJ: HoH was my favorite Fic ever, but the exception of the main protagonist owning a Legendary was okay because of how well the entire Fic was written. I won't review a Fic based entirely on legendaries, nor will I if they have a main character with something like Raikou or Arceus. Mayfi from DJ: HoH was acceptable :P
    +/ Mystery Dungeon - Get too boring and even though I understand the concept now, I'm just not very enthralled by them.
    +/ Fakemon/Region - Muh, I just don't like having to keep track of a Fic with Pok&#233;mon or cities that will not be in a game or anim&#233;.

    Types of Fics I Review

    +/ OT/Journey Fics - I love seeing what kind of characters authors create and how they "design" them. It's fun reading about what they do throughout their journey and seeing how well they develop. This subject is very vague, so ask me to read your Fic and I'll check it out.
    +/ Anything else is pretty okay, as long as it wasn't in the section above this ;)


    +/ Not my favorite types of things to read, but I'll read them... they may take me a while to review, and I usually read them only if I'm really in the mood.

    Fics I am Reading

    +/ Sevi Islands Saga by Manaphyman
    +/ Shattered Pieces by Divinity_123 (even though it was ended)
    +/ Hoenn League: A Brenden and May Adventure by Breezy

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    Hey ho, I've got an announcement:

    I'm hardly ever on these forums anymore, so I'm withdrawing my status as a reviewer. Thanks.

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    Ankokuryu's Reviewer Profile

    Status: OPEN. As in, BRING IT ON.

    What I'll Review

    High Priority

    - War Fiction
    GRAWR. I'd take a war fic any day of the week. Except for Mondays. I hate Mondays. By war fics, I mean those which focus on the mental and emotional turmoil of the characters who are forced into the midst of war. I implore upon you to not give me an uberage 50 chapter epic on blood, gore and violence which is all action and nothing else.

    - Dark Fiction
    Heh, the world needs more darkness and sin. Keep it tasteful though. I don't mind if it's Elfen Lied level violence, but don't do it without reason. I'd also prefer if it wasn't horror orientated, but more focused on the irony and sin of the world's existence. Wait... the last line sounded so... emo.

    - High Fantasy
    Yeah, I love a good dose of fantastical elements. I would also prefer it if it is a more mature work (i.e. violence/dark themes). By the way, I'm a sucker for Dark Fantasy so feel free to ask me if you're writing one.

    - Journey/OT Fiction
    Well, almost everyone starts off with this. I love a well written journey fic (which, lamentably, is rare), so ask me if you would like me to review yours. However, I will not read through 10 Chapters of your story unless I find it worth my time. If I deem your fic as a waste of my time, I will stop reading it, accompanied by a nice rant of a review on what made me stop reading the fic.

    Other Types I'll Review

    -Science Fiction
    Don't see enough of these on this forum, so I'd actually be interested to see someone pull off a good sci-fi featuring Pokemon.

    - One Shots
    They're nice and short. That's how I like them. PM me and I'll probably pop in for a look.

    - Romance/Shipping Fiction
    But absolutely NO shipping between canon characters. I find fiction with romance as the central plot to be rather boring and bland anyway, so even if I do review it, I probably wont be compelled to read beyond the first chapter.

    - Pokemon POV Fiction
    By this, I mean the ones in which the Pokemon actually retain their animal behaviour. As Pink Parka Girl stated, I am not interested in reading Pokemon POVs where the said Pokemon is a human in a fur coat. (i.e. Mystery Dungeon Fics)

    Things I will not read

    - Non Pokemon Fiction, although I may make an exception for an Original Fic.

    - Fics which require previous knowledge of the Anime or Manga. I don't follow these, and I'm not going to start now.

    - Fics which feature canon characters as the main characters.

    - Pokemon/Human romance. Pokemon are BEASTS. I don't care if it's a Gardevior (which, coincidentally, seems to make up 90% of these relationships), it's still an animal. Frankly, I'm not into bestiality, so no. I wont read these no matter how clean they are.

    - Yaoi/Yuri, Incest, Rape. Ehhhh.... no thanks. =PPP

    - Mystery Dungeon Fics

    - Fics I just can't read. As in, the one's which I have to squint at the screen from 45 degrees to the left to make out the words. Or the ones which has enough grammar mistakes to give you dain bramage.

    How I review

    First off, I'll give the review AS IS. So if I don't like it, you're going to get a nasty rant on why I didn't like it. Don't like it? Tough. What annoys me more than anything else is when someone asks you to review, then you review, and then they flame you saying "OMG ITS MAH FIC SO IM NOT GOING TO CHANGE ANYTHING STFU!!!!!1111one111!". I mean, what's the point of getting a review if you don't accept it, learn from it, and use it to improve?

    That aside, I tend to first pick out parts of your fic which I liked, with comments on why I enjoyed it, and also on how you may be able to further improve. Next is the main part of my review, which is the critique. This can be divided into:
    - Character
    Okay, I'm pretty picky on characters. If they seem flat, rushed, and complete Anime rip offs, I will get annoyed. The same goes for Mary-Sues. This also goes for Pokemon characters as well. Don't make me read about a mindless fighting machine.
    - Plot
    I'm not too big on the plot. Unless it's a complete rip-off of the games or anime, I probably wont comment too much on this. That being said, I would prefer an original plot with some good twists and turns over a more generic, common plot.
    - Description
    I will probably go into some depth concerning description. Actions, emotions, physical features, the lot. If I can't make out what something looks like, then it means you need to improve on this area. To make my point clearer, I will quote certain parts in your fic which I thought was either good or lacking in description.
    - Grammar
    I'm not a as strict on grammar as much as some of the other reviewers here, but I will still pull a line when it gets too noticeable. Most likely, I will point out grammar/spelling mistakes to you as I find them.
    - Point Score/Rating
    I don't do point scores or ratings. Stories aren't tests. You can analyze and give opinions accordingly to what you thought of a certain story, but you can't put a number on it and say that it's the overall quality of the fic. So if you want to get 95% or 5 Pikachus, I suggest you look elsewhere.

    Review Sample

    Currently Reading

    - Three Ways by Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
    - Lost Evolution by elyvorg
    - Stars by Dramatic Melody

    Review Queue

    - Lost Forever by Asuran
    - Pokemon Infinity by poke poke
    - Death is the Spice of Life by l00k0verthere
    - Divine Intervention by Glajummy
    - The Good Left Undone by Saigo Karasu

    Completed Reviews
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    Default Asuran's Reviewing Table

    Asuran's Reviewing Table

    I enjoy writing and reading and decided that I feel like reviewing. If you think you have a good story, feel free to PM me.

    What I Will Review:

    -Original Stories: Basically any original story intrests me. I love reading something entirely created of one person's imagination.
    -One Shots: These are basically hit or miss, but usually hit. I will read any one-shot of any fandom, especially original.
    -Anything Not Below

    What I Will NOT Review:

    -Shipping: Romance is okay. But personally, I would like to see it more with original characters.
    -Anything Over 100,000 Words: I might read it if you ask me, however, a full blown review will take too much time. I have a life too.

    How I Review:
    Grammar: This is first and rightfully so. Grammar is important. Very important. Even mistaking a period (.) for a comma (,) will weigh heavily. Spelling counts as well.
    Plot: The plot is essential to any story. Without it, the only things driving the character are hormones.
    Character Development: One-dimensional characters are no fun to write. Even worse to read.
    Setting: A description of the place and the people within the place is very important. Without it, the reader can't paint a picture in his mind. However, stacking is boring.

    Everything will be rated on a scale out of one hundred. Grammar will count for fifteen points, plot for thirty points, character development for thirty as well, and finally setting coming in at twenty-five points. I find a hundred point scale allows me to be much more accurate with my ratings.

    Pending Reviews:

    Reviewed Stories:
    Lost and Forever
    By: AmazingChi

    After your story has been given a review, please attempt to make it better then PM me. I love to see stories grow and evolve, so I will review it again.

    [NOTE: I reserve the right to refuse any review at any point in the reviewing process.]
    Last edited by Asuran; 24th June 2008 at 9:09 PM.

    [The story is finally out! 6/2/08]

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    Chocolate_Chippies Reviewing Section

    I'll give you a review, but make sure it fits requirements...


    Will Review
    >OT/Journey Fics - I seem to like these the most. Show me your story of someone leaving home to go off on their adventure.
    >One Shots - You know, I'm sure there are quite a few good one-shots out there.
    >Comedy - I like to laugh, so try me. Just make sure you're funny.
    >Original Fiction - You know, make it up yourself, fill my head with interesting things from your imagination...
    >Poems - Poems tend to be overlooked a lot.
    >Stuff not mentioned below

    Generally Will Not Review
    >Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - I've tried these, didn't like 'em
    >Shipping Fics - Don't want to here about why Ash should choose Brock over Misty or stuff like that
    >Fake Pokémon - It gets too hard for me to keep up with all your little fakies
    >Fics about the animé or mangas of Pokémon or other things. - I probably won't get it because I don't keep up with these things

    (Of course if you think yours is that good out of any of these, I may review if I feel it's that good)

    I don't usually look at ratings. Whether it's G or R it won't really effect me.


    What you can do for a review

    PM me. Give me a copy or link to your fic.

    You know, I'll try to review as soon as I can. But if it's been more than a week, try again; I might have forgotten and I'd hate to leave you waiting.

    I reserve the right to stop reading and reviewing if I find your fic intolerable for some reason. This would be an extremely rare event, and even still I'll probably let you know so you don't wait endlessly.


    What I'm Reading/Reviewing (and what you may want to read too)
    Death is the Spice of Life by l00k0verthere
    Pokemon Infinity by poke poke

    PLEASE send me more.
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    EDIT: Guys, it'd be very helpful if you check when was the last time I was active... because during a random unactive spree, I saw several PMs that dated three weeks back and felt bad not reviewing them. Uhm, I get them to you guys when I decide to feel like it. XP

    I posted in the Reviewer's Thread V.2. two years ago. I lied. =P

    what Lit will read

    - Pokemon; Original; and several select fandoms. However, if you want me to read an obscure fandom that I do not know at all and you really, really, really want someone to read it, please give me the summary in the PM (mind you, the fandom's summary), and I'll see what I catch. It's not recommended, but if you're desperate, try me. XP
    - Chaptered fic word count < 10,000 words. Or a one-shot of similar length. The shorter the fic, the more time I have to focus on actually reviewing. XP
    - Genres. Fantasy. Mystery/Suspence. Romance. Comedy. Drama. Action. Adventure. Violence. Gore. Italicized genres mean that I have some experience in it, and you can specifically ask me to review a story just for the specified genre.
    - Romance. Yaoi. Yuri. Het. PG. PG-13. R. Just throw them at me. I'll be fine. XP Although I don't think there's a lot here to worry about...
    - Rating <= R, NC-17. Yeah. After an incident that shouldn't be named, I was exposed to certain things that also shouldn't be named. Generally speaking, I will read R-rated fics. Specifically speaking, I will not want to read about R-rated horror. Just no. Please no. T_T

    what Lit is okay with reading but doesn't really like

    - Fictions >= four chapters. Especially if it's long. So use your judgment?
    - Genres. Dark. Depression. I will read dark fics... just don't expect me to be fully capable of writing a sane review afterwards... They give me a sick feeling in my stomach... I just attack.
    - Pokemon canon-based shippings. Not really. If the character is in Pokemon canon, don't expect me to know them. I'm generally not very interested in the humans of Pokemon.
    - Canon-based fictions. I'm not interested, but if it's a rare deal (i.e. revolving around obscurer characters), then probably.
    - Adventure. If it's an epic, a general OT fic, run of the mill thing, I'll probably not be interested in reading it. However, if you want me to review personality development/character portrayal, by all means go ahead.

    what Lit will run away from

    - Horror... just no. Please. Even if it's tiny horror. I get too paranoid. Spare me. >___<
    - Grammarless Havens. Hey, even I have the right to read writing that normal teens can understand. I’m not talking about high-level vocabulary or perfection. I’m just asking that it makes sense… and that someone who can’t read 133t (like me) can understand it.
    - Long developed fics. If you still want me to review it (for character/plot content, etc), accep that I'll only read like, the first couple of chapters until I'm bored.

    how Lit will review

    After a couple of years of reviewing, I decided that I wasn't made to review "entirely." Basically, I won't review your grammar, syntax, spelling, since I know that I'm not that good at it anyway. Sometimes, I won't even review the entire plot. Just parts of it.

    So, here's how it works.

    There are several kinds of reviews you can request; and although you can request all at any time, the "overall" reviews would... take longer.

    character development/personality portrayal- Simply put, I'll talk more about the characters, dedicating a section to each of the major characters that the story entails. I'll offer some (hopefully) helpful tips (if I see that you might need it), comment on specific character actions. If anything else catches my eye, then I'll add it near the end.

    storyline/plot development- In this, I'll discuss the part of the plot, focusing more on the plot than the characters. Some stabs in the dark at the plot, and if I feel that some of the plot is lacking, I'll enlighten you. The same goes for anything else that I feel worth mentioning. If you feel like you need help with a certain genre, simply type up the genre name right next this so I can focus on that as well.

    combination- Just the combination of the two. I'll review both the characters/storyline, etc.

    description- Now that I've come back, I think I have a stronger grasp on description. Although I will add something about description if you request for any of the other kinds of reviews, request this review so I could go more indepth and point out things that you could've done more effectively.

    overall- Everything. Effectiveness in your presentation. Plot, characterization, personalities, plot, originality. Just my overall impression of the story. However, I won't review like this a lot. And even then, I can choose whether or not to, depending on the load of work.

    So basically, when you're asking me to review something, simply PM me what kind of review you want, the title and link to the story, and any other additional comments. Normally, I would review once and not review ever again (I won't "follow" you; if you want me to review the same story again, you must PM me). If you have caught my attention, I may review again without your prompt. And my attention is hardly caught.

    I can handle about two or so review requests a week, depending on the length. If I'm busy, I'm busy- no review requests during this time. XD I have the right to deny requests; there are some fics of which I just don't feel like reviewing at that point. Don't be sad. Just PM me again at another time. If I haven't reviewed for about two weeks, PM again. XP

    I guess, this is the end? =D PM away.
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    What the heck, I'll put myself up for grabs. I don't have anything else to do this summer.

    STATUS: Closed currently.

    Things I'm interested in/High Priority:
    -OT Fics that aren't strictly journey ones.
    -Fics where the main character isn't a goody-two-shoes hero type.
    -Dark stuff, apocalyptic-type stuff, etc...just don't have random killing of everything for no reason, or too much needless angst.
    -Humor, as long as it's not at the expense of characters and plot.
    -Things that really delve into IN-GAME canon characters/mechanics.
    -Sci-fi fics. Rare, but usually interesting.
    -Most anything with a good dose of originality.

    Things I'll read:
    -Pokemon war fics.
    -Journey fics, but PLEASE make sure they've got some originality...
    -Original stories. If it's fantasy, though, I won't read it if it's a clone of LOTR or some other series.
    -Zelda fics.
    -Certain other fandoms, but I probably won't read it if I don't know it.
    -Most one-shots.
    -Poke-mythology, but try to make it interesting/original.

    Things I will not read, period:
    -Pokemon POV fics, especially where there are no humans.
    -Fics where romance is the main plot.
    -Fandoms that I don't know.
    -Anything that requires knowledge of canon outside of the main games (i.e. Every actual RPG; Blue, Silver, Emerald, etc.) I have next to no knowledge of the anime; I haven't watched it in 7-8 years. Manga is even worse.
    -Things that have Mary-Sues, walls of text, overly bad spelling/grammar, very cliche plots, or one-dimensional characters.
    -Fics that are fairly long already. 5-10 chapters is about the limit, depending on the length of each chapter.
    -Poetry. Sorry, I have no interest in poetry and I wouldn't know how to critique it.

    Reviews:I will be honest.
    -I won't harp on spelling or grammar, so long as it doesn't distract me. If I have many other objections, though, I'll have a tendency to nitpick with grammar.
    -I dislike cliches. If your characters and plot are good, and there's not too many cliches, I'll be okay. This mainly goes for journey fics, the most commonly cliched genre.
    -I'm big on characters. If your characters aren't good, like real people, I won't like your story.
    -Plot is fairly flexible; so long as there is a clear plot and it's original, I'll be good.
    -Don't flame me or whine about what I say.
    -I'll rate it 0-10, generally. Sometimes I just won't rate, though.

    I'll try to review you as soon as possible, just don't pester me with PMs, as I may have things to do. Also, I reserve the right to stop reviewing at any time, though I'll do my best to notify you. All I promise you is that I review your fic once. If I like it enough, I'll keep reviewing.
    I appreciate it (though it is by no means required) if you review my fic as well once I've reviewed yours.

    Review Slots:
    The Good Left Undone- by SaigoKarasu
    2.Divine Intervention- by Glajummy

    Don't expect the review too soon if you're still on here and I'm closed. Sorry!

    Don't request if the slots are filled.

    The Abomination- by IceKing
    Pokemon Infinity- by poke poke

    If you've read everything, feel free to PM me with a link!
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    In your ear, talking it off.


    Well, here goes nothing.

    Status: Open!

    ~Pokémon or non-Pokémon, it doesn't matter to me.
    ~I'll read anything rated up to PG-13, and rarely - rarely - R. I'm good with things like swearing, drinking, smoking, character death, and maybe some suggestive content, but nothing too graphic.
    ~Be it Action/Adventure, Comedy, Tragedy, Sci-Fi, Romance, whatever, I'll read it. But please, no Horror. It's just....sick.
    ~I'm good with Shipping, as long as it makes sense (i.e. I will read a JimmyxMarina story or even a MewxMewtwo story, but I won't read an AshxPikachu story). But please, for the sake of everything you hold dear, NO HOMOSEXUAL PAIRINGS!!! It's disgusting! And I'd also prefer it if you didn't send me AdvanceShipping stories. I'm good with Poké- or PearlShipping, but not Advance. Don't ask why.
    ~I can deal with crossovers, as long as I know what both franchises are. For example, if you crossed Dragon Ball Z with Avatar: The Last Airbender, I would have absolutely no clue what you were talking about.
    ~Shorter stories can be read faster, and thus receive reviews more quickly. Don't get me wrong though, I'm fine reading longer stories, as long as you can wait for a review.

    The Review:
    ~I focus on every aspect of the story: plot, characters, character development, description, spelling, grammar, you name it. I'll let the grammar bit go if you're using it as a joke, like "All your base are belong to us."
    ~I rate stories on a scale of 1 to 10. If you really, really impress me, you might receive an 11. But that's a big "might". I never, ever give a story a rating below 1.
    ~I'll point out things I:
    ~~Really liked
    Not necessarily in that order, though I'll try to put what I loved last on the list.
    ~I will attempt to review your story in a civilized manner. For example, I'll never say things like "OMG TAHT [censored]ING SUX U ST00P1D N00B!!1!one!!" My review should look more like this:
    ~~"You have great ideas, but your final product is riddled with flaws in the way of description and grammar. You keep switching between past and present tenses, which tends to confuse people. Also, you failed to use punctuation on several occasions, even forgetting to use quotation marks at one point.
    ~~"In the description department, you've failed to even hint at what your characters look like, so I'm left sitting here picturing Daniel Radcliffe and Gates McFadden, when for all I know your characters could look completely different.
    ~~"On the plus side, the plot is fairly original, and character development seems to be your focus. I like that. Your villain truly is awesome. He reminds me of Darth Maul, just getting the job done without monologuing.
    ~~"All-in-all, on a scale of 1 to 10, this is a 4, simply because you have to translate the poor grammar in order to understand the plot. But once the code is deciphered, the story is a fairly enjoyable read. Just proofread this and correct the grammar, and this story may be worthy of an 8."
    ~If you dislike my review, then fine, ask someone else to review your work. My review is final, and I'm not going to change it just because you want me to. I want some results here, people!

    Currently reviewing:

    Elite Six Hector

    Quote Originally Posted by Tahu, Toa Mata of Fire
    Where wisdom and valor fail, all that remains is faith. And it can overcome all.

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    Smile Ninterror the Reviewer

    Hello I'm Ninterror X, Trainer/Reviewer

    -I will only read these types of Fanfictions: Pokemon, Kirby, Mario, Starfox, Sonic and Megaman. all others will have to be requested from People if they want me to read it


    -If it's humor, make sure the jokes are funny yet sticks with the plot fairly well.
    if it's action, Make sure the battles are Worth watching
    if it's romance, Make sure the couples makes sense. and make sure theirs a plot that challenges that couple in some way or another

    -If a fan made character is made in one of the Fics I mention, make sure the character(s) Don't look or act the same as any other character (but it's ok if theirs only about say, 1-3 similarity's, so the character can relate to the others)

    -I Want a Decent story that goes along with these Fics
    Don't just slap stuff together, hoping it will stick.

    -Crossovers are fine as long as their well executed.

    Character- Make sure the character has a personality that can make people relate too. I hate characters that are emotionless robots that can't stick out from a crowd. also make sure they have at least one involution with the plot.
    I hate throw in characters just for ****'s and giggles. and please make sure their designed well.

    Plot- Now heres the Meat of my reviews, Make sure the plot moves smoothly through out the whole fanfiction. which means their should not be Too many plot holes that cause confusion in the story. also, Try to make the plot worth watching, I won't watch something that was ripped off from something else (however, if it's a story I've heard before, make sure it has twists to it to keep it interesting.) if your try to make one plot then change it for something
    else, try not to cause a cluster f*ck with the main story as it will make the reader say "wtf?" and drop reading

    Grammer/spelling- I will check to make sure the story has been Checked for typos and grammer mistakes. Now if I find one or two typos from the whole thing, that's ok. but If I find a typo every time I read, then the score will drop. Same can be said for Grammer, if you abuse common words, The score will drop. if the story has good vocabulary and word placement, The score will be left alone. If the character(s) has a accent of some kind that makes them talk a little different, or if they misspell or Mess up grammer as a joke. Then ill let it slide

    If you want a request for a specific Fiction, PM ME
    If it's the fictions I mentioned. then Just give me a link and/or title of the fic
    If it's something else, Give me information of what that frachise is in a nutshell so I understand the Charcters and story better


    I Rate these Fics with
    heres the chart for ranking:

    Current Fic
    Pokemon crusade
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    Under Construction

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    Currently accepting up to THREE 'fics.

    I'm a bit rusty in the review department, but I would like to get back into the practice. Therefore, I thought I'd offer to do a few reviews instead of waiting for something interesting to come up. I'm afraid that I'm a little picky about what I read, but I hope that I won't exclude too many people with my guidelines. If you make a request for a review on a story that violates one or more of these, it will be ignored without explanation. The guidelines, in general order of importance:

    0. Pok&#233;mon fanfics only.

    1. No romance. I'm afraid I'm just not interested in reading romance between characters of any nature and at any level of rating. It's okay to have characters in romantic relationships provided that their relationships are not the primary focus of the story, but if the story could be classed as being in the genre of romance, I'm afraid I'm just not interested.

    2. No anime characters or their relations/offspring. I dislike the pok&#233;mon anime and am not interested in reading any 'fics centering around its characters. Pok&#233;mon Special characters are okay (although most canon 'fics I see tend to revolve around shipping, so I encourage you to remember rule #1), and minor anime characters that only show up for a chapter or two for some reason, while questionable, are also okay. However, if the 'fic is something along the lines of "Ash Ketchum's *insert relative* starts his/her pok&#233;mon journey" or "Tina Sunshine begins her pok&#233;mon journey and teams up with Gary Oak along the way" then again, I'm afraid I'm not interested.

    3. I'll review 'fics of any rating that is considered legal on this site. However, I will scrutinize M-rated 'fics more closely than those of other ratings and may turn requests for reviews on them down even if they follow the other guidelines listed here.

    4. I will review 'fics of any length under 20 chapters. However, the longer your 'fic is, the less detailed the review I give you is likely to be.

    5. I'm not a terribly fast reviewer--it takes a while for me to read a 'fic, first of all, and writing a detailed reply is time-consuming. Please do not badger me about how long it's taking to get a review; if you don't bother me, I'll get it done, but if you do, I might stop out of spite. I won't be reviewing each chapter individually under most circumstances--just giving an overall view of the story as I see it. Also, I will NOT continue reviewing your chapterfic after you request the first time unless I'm extremely impressed by it. You may request another review on your fanfic after the first, but I won't be following your progress chapter-by-chapter or anything.

    6. I'm a serious reviewer, and some might consider my reviews "harsh." Here's a sampling of some of my more recent reviews (looking at the post dates, you can see just what I mean by being out of practice!) so you can see what they look like. I've given a url to the 'fic thread with the number of the post with my review, so if you want you can read the 'fic and then compare it to the review. These are all 'fics that I would consider above-average at least and ones that I enjoyed, so they should give you an idea of what I like, what a mild review from me looks like, and hopefully something enjoyable to read if you choose to read the 'fic:

    "Anamnesis" by Saffire Persian (#13)
    "Unheard" by Pink Parka Girl (#9)
    Inheritors by Irin (#2)

    So, it's assumed that by requesting here you understand what you're getting yourself into. Therefore, replies complaining about the style of review received will not be treated kindly.

    7. I reserve the right to deny any request for any reason I see fit, although if it's not due to one of the reasons listed here, I'll tell you why.

    Currently waiting to be reviewed:


    Completed Reviews:

    1. Taxonomy of the Heart by Maze
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    I am #Chimecho#. A name which i still like, but the Pokemon isn't necessarily my favorite. My real name Truth. I have been on this forum for about two going on three years. I had been hooked to many different parts, such as the battling, and breeding. But now, i started getting into FanFic. Which i hope to begin to write one soon to get writing practice down.

    For now, i would enjoy reviewing and viewing others works.

    What Will I read?

    I will Read/Review
    ~Anything with a good plot
    ~New Journeys
    ~Pokemon Related and or almost anything Else.

    I refuse to Read/Review
    ~If it is not interesting to me right away
    ~Ill tell you if i wont review it after reading it

    How I Would Review

    ~Most importantly, I will look at what you are trying to accomplish with your writing, and look at your style. Then, accordingly, I will adjust the way I review to with the different combination's of these two.
    -Basically, this is all about biased. I will forget about the other types of writing, and other peoples works, and only focus on you and your work. For everyone writes differently, so everything should be reviewed slightly differently.
    -We should only better ourselves to surpass ourselves, and not others.

    ~I nit pick a little only if it sounds odd to me.
    -Which I will ask for clarification. You might have done it on purpose.
    ~I look at development of plot
    ~I look at character developing
    ~I look at descriptions
    ~I will mainly ask for your clarification on things. You are the writer and author. If anything you have done does not make sense to me, i will ask about it.
    ~I am not harsh. Your the writer, what do i know?
    ~I do my best to point on strengths and weaknesses. So you can either work on your weaknesses, or build up your strengths. Whichever may be your philosophy
    ~I am looking to better myself in writing. So I hope to see some good stuff, and then take my experience here into the "Real" world.


    I will grade on a scale of 1-5 (That is only if you request I grade it. Otherwise, it really is unnecessary.)
    = 1 point. Each one added is another point. Max=5
    = 6 points. Signifying a masterpiece.

    Thank you for considering me
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    Hello y'all^_^ im a former beta reader (its been about a year since i last beta read due to being a very busy person) but im back up at it again.

    simply PM if u need me to review. im not a mean person i wont tell you to piss off or anything like that.

    my favored genre is- fantasy/romance/action/adventure. if its this genre i will most likely review it hands down. a pokemon inlove with a human isnt a bad thing in my books (i find it kinda cute ya know) well back on track

    My style of reviewing

    - i can be brutally honest with you but in a good way. (good or bad) i aint rude... im fairly kind actually.

    -i got lots of time on my hands so bring it on

    -ill give you a number 1-10 simply the higher number you get... the more i liked it if that makes sense

    -if u get a 1 or even a zero :S it had alot of mistakes spelling,etc. i didn't like it at all. and don't worry if u get a 1 or zero from me i wont flame ya heck its only me eh. everyone has different opinion.

    -if its 2,3,or 4. i enjoyed your fic somewhat but not all of it. it had a fairly large amount of mistakes.

    -if you get a 5,6,or7. minor amount of mistakes. but dang it was pretty good keep it up

    -achieve an 8 or 9 . you have impressed me. a very good fic and i encourage you to continue writing because you got talent.

    - but then again if u get an 10!!! you officially just blew my mind and kudos to you ^_^ for writing a masterpiece.

    you have my support if you get over 5 out of 10. i will gladly work with you in future.

    i will NOT review your fic if it includes any of the following

    -Yaoi or yaio however you spell it. me being a guy and reading something that has homosexuals in it is simply just a No go. (no offense)

    -Characters from the anime Ash,Brock,May etc (so basically have your own characters. i find it cool to have your own characters making your own characters requires alot creativity. and having creativity is just awesome.)

    - extreme gore,blood,bad language, +18 rating etc

    -if its not in the Pokemon universe

    -if it has crossovers of any sort (Ex. Naruto meets a pokemon) i don't really like that stuff.

    thats about it

    oh yeah i almost if its in the horror genre i wont read it Period. a death or two is acceptable ...just not to much

    My god!! it took me long to post lol i got side tracked in my music. and its a long post too!

    well bye y'all ^_^ good luck with writing

    Oh yeah forgot to mention im currently FREE yay!! ^_^
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    Hey everyone out there

    I'll review enything as long as it is well written. That means it has to have good description, the grammer should be okay and the Chapters shouldn't be to short.

    I LOVE to read Contestshipping Journeys. They are my absolute favorite.

    I often review nicely, but I can also be brutaly honest, if the fic really sucks.

    If anyone wants me to correct them in spelling or grammer, forget it. I'm not from an english speaking country so I will hardly ever be able to find a lot of mistakes.

    There is one thing I will not review and that are fics where somebody wants to take revenge on somebody because this somebody has been rapping somebody else (I hope it's not too confusing).

    My scale goes from 1-10. It will be hard to see make it to a ten since this means the fic is good enough to published as a book. And believe me, I know what I'm talking about since I already have published a book.

    One means, that the fic really sucks. And a one will also be rarely seen, because I often review nicely. You really have to try your best to become a one.

    I will review honestly. If it is a fic that isn't my type, it still has a chance of getting a nine or maybe even a ten if it is well written.

    Well that's it I guess. As I said, just pm me if you want me to review your fic.

    I'm currently reading:
    Never in the wrong time or place
    Metroid Dread
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    My very first fanfic: Journey to Almo (Chapter 4 up)
    -A New region
    -New friends
    -New enemies
    -New Pokemon
    and a brand new adventure

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    Exclamation Bring on the 'fics.

    Hi, all. I'll review anything, whether it's 'well-written' or whether you're a newbie author- as long as it follows my guidelines, of course.

    PM me or leave me a message on my profile, and leave a link to the 'fic you want me to review, please.

    : What I Prefer :

    I'm fond of journey/OT 'fics which fit into the action, adventure, suspense or horror categories.

    : What I Will Review :

    ~Journey 'Fic / OT

    ~Pokemon POV

    ~Pretty much anything not under the Will Not Read category.

    : What I Will Not Read :

    ~Non-Pokemon 'fics

    ~'Fics starring the anime characters, or which require specific knowledge of the anime series / movies

    ~Very romance-centric / shipping 'fics

    ~Anything that requires having played any games besides RBY-GSC-RSE-DPP, or PMD1

    ~Crossovers or AU's.

    ~I'm reluctant to read anything featuring Ash's [or whomever's] son / daughter / evil twin / whatever, but if you wish...

    : How I Review :

    I'm nit-picky with grammar. I'm decent at finding when something reads awkward, whether it be dialogue or otherwise, and fixing it. I will question things that aren't logical to me. I'll point out what I think are your strengths and weaknesses. I'm not rude... I think.

    Examples of my reviewing style: 1 2

    You can see how I write through the link in my sig. *POINTS*

    : To Review :

    1. The Journey, by LinksOcarina

    I am currently ~closed~, due to lack of computer ! FFF it's been closed for months, but I was unable to change this 'til now. My bad.
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    { Click above to see my art thread. }

    I also write.
    { Song of the Small }

    A study of the journey 'fic.

    'I should like to lie at your feet and die in your arms.'

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    I've been looking for stuff to read.


    I really like:
    -Original works: A unique twist on anything usually catches my attention.
    -AU: I primarily write this, so I know what it takes to pull it off well.
    -Fantasy: I love magic.
    -Sci-fi lite: Heavy Sci-fi loses me more often then not.
    Mostly looking for Pokemon fics, but I might take on another genre if I know it.

    I'll read:
    -some romance: I like a little to liven things up, but if it's primarily romance, it'll lose my interest
    -fics for Pokemon games I haven't played: I'll state this and judge the story based on itself. This kinda counts for anime and manga, as I haven't seen either of them.
    -things not in the 'don't read' category: I'm pretty open-minded.

    I don't read:
    -R rated stories: Too many people do 'R' ratings just for the shock value.
    -fics that are specifically done for shipping: goes with the 'too much romance isn't to my tastes'

    How I review

    I focus on plot, characterization, and dialogue. If any of these are off, I like the fic less. I tend to compare and make connections with other things; this could give you a different view on what you're doing. I'll let decent grammer pass, but bad grammer can make me lose interest and stop reading.

    I start with something good, then get picky. I feel you ought to know what's going right as well as what's going wrong. Also, expect some 'why is this or that?' I like to make sure that you're thinking and writing.

    Also, please note that I generally shadow threads quietly, so I may not reply to every update. But if you ask for a review, I will reply at least once. All I ask in exchange is an open mind to critiques.

    Fics to Review:
    Pokedex OS- Still trying to capture every single Pokemon out there in words: 648/718 Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh complete!

    Fluer Noir- A story of a black flower, a shameful history, and magic.

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    Default DUX's review station

    I'm happy to review many things, but first and foremost I will say NO R18 (or whatever you want to call it) fics, OK? I'm underage, and my fragile juvenile mind can't take it.

    That said, I pride myself on my ability as a reviewer for almost anything else. I will read shipping fics, journey fics, darkfics, new authors, experienced authors and crossovers (sometimes); I love reading fics with OCs, though I'll do canon if it's good. I review fairly critically, and I don't show favoritism. If I start reading, and find myself unable to continue, be it because of spelling, grammar, syntax, Mary Sue/Gary Stuism or whatever, I will stop and tell you. I don't uber-nitpick, I just tell you what I liked and didn't like, straight up. I'm knowledgable concerning game mech as well, so I can help you avoid embarrassing mistakes, like having Crunch be super effective on a Lucario. I know a guy who did that ^_^;

    So, as I say, I'm free now! Just PM me!
    It's short for Misheard Whisper. I'm just stuck this way till the next name change thread.

    Chapter 5 is out!

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    Real life issues are currently preventing me from !

    Soo... I'll give this a shot then. My experiences with reviewing lie with TV shows only (more specifically anime), so this'll be a good way to expand my horizons (and offer critique, of course!).

    I don't have any specific preferences as of now, just blast away at me with anything you've got! If you ask me to review any fic of short novel length (20 000+) or longer, I will only make a review if your first chapter compels me to read on. If not, I will decline, and I won't offer a review (as how the first chapter played out might easily be so much different from the most recent one that critique won't be required). If you're starting out a fic however, I'll always give a review of that first chapter, and follow up on later ones if it's good enough.

    - I don't like ship fics much, so unless the first one or two chapters gives an aura of interestingness and lays a foundation which can make the ship believable or intriguing, I'll probably not read on.

    My reviewing style is pretty much an examination of plot, characters, writing style (text flow, adjective use, and general readability), and grammar (I'll confine myself to the most basic flaws however). For first chapters of chaptered fics it's more grammar and style though, maybe a bit on the character(s). I don't have a particular way when it comes to how much I sugarcoat things / how harsh I am; that depends solely on my mood.
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    Sir Growlie's Reviews

    I enjoy reading, and I enjoy reviewing an author's literary works. Spanish is my primary language, though I've learned english from school and tutors so I've gotten quite good at speaking the English language. If you want me to review your fan fic, then please PM me with a link to your story. Now, here are the rules I go by.

    What I'll review:

    • Original Works: A unique twist on a Pokemon Journey will catch my attention.
    • Romance Stories: I enjoy reading a good love story, especially the dramatic ones.
    • Tragedy/Drama: Other people's pain is my enjoyment *evil laugh*. Just kidding, but I will review these as long as they are not too gory.
    • Pokemon Works: I love Pokemon. I am not good with other animes/Non-Pokemon fics, but I might review them if I feel like it.

    How I review:

    • I am very nitpicky when it comes to grammar. I will proofread your story, and show you all the grammar and spelling mistakes that you made. I feel that it helps the author for the next time they proofread their story. This is a main part of my reviews.
    • I will also examine your characters, writing style, and plot.
    • Here is an example of one of my reviews.

    Currently Reviewing:

    When I review your fic, I'll usually stay as positive as possible and be very encouraging. Though, if you don't listen to my corrections and ignore my review, then I will refuse to review your stories again. And please remember that I am a busy person, and I will work as fast as i can to finish your review, as long as you're patient.

    I can review up to five fics at a time, and I have the choice to drop your fic if I feel like it, but that probably won't happen. If you would like me to review your story, then please PM me.
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    XxM!styxX's Reviews

    I love reading what I like to read. Short and simple! If I don't like it, it's probably because you rushed something too much, but I'm not very hardcore "omg this sucks" kinda person. I'm generally nice with my reviews. I am picky about certain grammatical errors tho :[]

    What I'll review:

    Original Pokemon stories: it really depends but I generally avoid them. I have to have heard about it alot and gotten recommendations to read it. Then, I might. But not really.

    Shippy stories: But ONLY ones that ship the ship that I like. If it's Advancedshipping, Pearlshipping, Orangeshipping or ANY kind that separates Ash from Misty or May from Drew, my ****** radar starts up. By now you can guess the ships I love to review.

    Romance: yes ships I like but ALSO they have to have a good reason to be written. they can't just be like "Ash was sititng on the couch and Misty sat down and said "i love you" and they kissed the end" because those really suck. No offense I love fics with twists!!

    In-Character: I like fics that have Ash/Misty or May/Drew getting together for a good reason or realistically. I don't like how alot of fics sort of make the characters out to what they aren't. Hence why, when I read the first chapter, I analyze how the characters act and compare it to the anime.

    Looooooong fics: I love fics that go on and on and on and don't end for a while. Chapter-wise as well as words-per-chapter wise. The longer the better. The more detailed the better.

    What I won't review:

    Original Pokemon stories: like before, I don't read them unless they've been highly recommended and I have yet to be recommended one so it's on my no-no list.

    Fics with ships I don't like: once again, no Advancedshipping, Pearlshipping or Orangeshipping ect for me!!

    PokemonxPokemon ships: they scare me :x

    Fics without shipping: I dunno I just don't see a reason for me to read it if it doesn't have a lovely somehow romantic but realistic ending. That's what fics (to me) are for

    Blood/Gory: I don't like things that are too brutal, hence why I had a hard time reading Breaking Dawn from the Twilight series.

    Fics with no reason: I don't like fics that are just random!! it's sort of annoying.

    How I review:

    I usually don't review a fic if I don't like it. :/ sorry. If I like the fic but I see some errors (whether they be grammatical, character-wise, or era-wise) I'll review and show corrections. I love beta-ing

    Currently [Re-]Reviewing:

    Fate and Destiny of Friends - WaterSpirit

    Travelling Together - Haruka_San

    Let me know if you want me to review your fic, just make sure it doesn't fall under the category of what i don't like! PMs are always welcome
    (n.): Because we don't forget 5five
    seasons, 4four cameos, 3three supporters,
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    BlueMew7's Reviews

    I am a very experienced writer (at least that's what my friends think) so I will crack down on you about the tiniest things. I am not that big of a grammer nazi, but I notice every little detail about grammer. In fact, I notice every little detail about everything in a story write down to the punctuation. I was on another forum like this that was based on writing stories. Let me tell you, these people were pros. So after that being said, I am not easily impressed. So you (the writer) will have to work with all you got. When I am finished with reading a completed fic, I will rate your story from 1-10 in different categories. Those categories will be averaged and you will receive your final score when they are averaged together. Now, my guildlines may seem harsh and mean, but don't think that you can't approach me. You can VM me or PM me if you want a review and I will be more than happy to review your story, but only as long as your story fits my required guildlines.

    What I will review

    • Romance, but nothing that is just romance. There must be another key element.
    • Action/Adventure
    • Complete Original stories
    • Pokemon Fics
    • Naruto Fics
    • Tragedy
    • Horror (Intensity does not matter)

    What I won't review

    • Fics that are just about Romance and nothing else.
    • Unoriginal fics. Seeing these kind of fics just shows me that you are uncreative.
    • Mystery Fics. Basically just anything that involves solving a mystery.
    • Anything with bad writing. So you better be sure that your writing is top notch.
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    (This is my reminder to find a new signature)

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    My dad always used to tell me, 'God is in the detail', and I have always gone by it. I know how to crack and tumble on every single minor detail; I'm a Psychological profiler, it's what I'm paid for. When I review, I'll usually quote a paragraph, word or phrase and say my thoughts. Wether it was really rubbish, or wether I really liked it. If it wasn't that good, I'll say what was wrong with it, and then, in another quote box, I'll do my own improved version, which will be updated with what I think would be a better version of the original.

    I'll do that for every paragraph, and do the same thing for every paragraph I see. Then, at the end, I'll give a general overview, and say wether I think it's good as a Fic/ series, and if I think it'll really turn into a good story.

    What I WILL review:
    - Murder Mystery; can't get enough of them
    - Adventure; I like a really god fic about an adventurous individual, or an adventurous group
    - Action; a good, solid, action-packed fic, can't argue with that
    - Supernatural/Horror; in my opinion, the best type of story, just a bit better than murder mystery. I really love a good death, so if you'd like me to review, you'll get nothing but praise for it! Unless, of course, the story on a whole is really rubbish, grammatically and structurally speaking.
    - Not strictly romance, but I don't mind something that has Romance as a sideline.

    What I WILL NOT review:
    - plain romantic fics, with nothing else
    - insanely long fics (individual chapters); I wont review chapter that take so long to get through, I mean, there's such a thing as 'too short', but there's also such a thing as 'too long'. Now, don't get me wrong, I like reading long stories, but reviews are just too long, and I have to copy/paste the entire thing, so I can sign in because it's taken so long to review that my time has expired.
    - non-pokemon fics, excusing Doctor Who-related fics.
    In short, I'll review anything, except insanely long fics, and boring just-romances

    I've had very many years of experience in taking notes of the little and big details, due to my job, so I'm very much capable of getting the job done. ^_^
    Last edited by lugia*master; 28th July 2009 at 6:42 PM.
    The eye of the storm, centre of the all rage;
    How come to thee, the endless die'd light...

    P.S. Yami Ryu, if you're reading this, I'd just like to tell you that you have the same birthday as The Queen! ;D

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