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    Heh, what the heck, I'll post mine too.

    Eon Masters Review Shop:

    Alright, I mostly review for content, not for grammar or that sort of thing, but if I see a mistake, I'll most likely bring it to your attention. My content reviews generally consist of giving at least one strong point, then getting into the "nitty gritty details" part. At the very end of my review, I will post a rating based on the system you can find under the heading Rating System.

    I will review: Pokemon fics. Only Pokemon fics, not much else, maybe a few crossovers.
    Pokemon POV's: My favorite genere of all time. Just ask, I'll read.
    Some Shipping: I don't review shipping for it's own sake, if you can't find somebody to review for one of those, you're doing something wrong. If the shipping is a subplot, or is not blatantly displayed in every chapter, I will consider reviewing.
    Journey Fics: I'll review most of these, but if one of them rubs the wrong way, I will say so. Be cautious if you suggest I review one of these.
    Action Fics: Just ask, I'll review.
    Fics about Eevee, its evolutions, or Latios/Latias: Again, Just ask.

    I WILL NOT REVIEW: Contest or Pokeshipping fics. Cannot stand Drew, and IMO Pokeshipping is dead. Anything else (unless I deem it way too wierd) is fine.
    Non-Pokemon fics: I won't review these for the most part, Bleach and Naruto are two that I might be persuaded to review.
    Shipping for its own sake: As previously stated.
    Fics that are poorly written: If your fic looks like a two year old with a speak-n-spell typed it, I will not review, and I will tell you exactly how badly written it is. That just gets under my skin, it shows a lack of effort and care.

    Rating System: I rate with these little guys:

    = Needs serious help. (If I give you a 1, you probably aren't cut out to be an author, or you need to work harder at becoming one.)

    = Needs work, try harder.

    = Not bad, needs refinement.

    = You're doing good, keep up the hard work.

    = Excellent job, and you've got a great story here.

    Finally, if you have a story that I deem deserving...

    = I am offically flabbergasted at your epicness, and will bow down to your godly writing skills. You really have to impress me to get this. Some good past examples of fics that are of this caliber would be Aftermath by chosen_one386, and Blazing Dreams: The Eternal Night, by duncan. Current stories would be Shadow and Light by chosen_one386, and Dark Eons by tracefan on It's an excellent story, and I suggest that everyone read it at least once.

    Please ask me if you're not sure about my criteria. I will at least read everything that is asked of me, unless it defies my criteria or just sucks. I'm not harsh (unless I'm in a really bad mood, so don't be afraid to ask). Also, if you review one of my fics, I will generally review yours in return. Thanks, and request away!

    Current Stories I am Reviewing:
    1. Shadow and Light by chosen_one386
    2. Fighting the Shadows by Hailflameblast
    3. The Future of Bleach by Golde
    4. The Inverted Souls Arc by ~.:Northern Lights:.~
    5. Pokemon: Battle of Battles by ESPNfanatic35
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