Oh no, not another trilogy! ;-;

The previous one was rather old and outdated so I received permission from Dragonfree to give this nice idea another new start.

Here's how this works: You'll post with your fic preferences and someone will PM you if they have a fic they'd like you to read.

A few rules/suggestions to help make the thread run smoother:
1. PM whoever you'd like to review your fic - This thread is for the reviewers to post, not the writers.
2. Update your posts - If you don't want to review any more fics you'll still get requests if you don't edit saying you're not accepting anymore.
3. State your preferences - There are many genres/types/styles/etcs of fic so try to be specific otherwise you'll get requests from everything.
4. Mention your reviewing style - It's varies as much as fics do and it'll help someone decide if they want you as a reviewer or not.
5. Be patient (for writer, not reviewers) - Just because someone is reading your fic doesn't mean it'll be right away. Many people have busy lives and they'll review when they have time. Reading a chapter of a fic is more time consuming then checking a few threads so don't bug someone if they've been on here but not to your story.

I think that suffices for now. If anyone thinks of more rules/suggestions, feel free to mention it.