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    Diddy’s most wondrous house of review is CLOSED again - because I realised I can't stay open

    Well this seems like it will be a lot of fun. A friend of mine is actually a reviewer at a metal forum, people send him demo CD’s and such and he gives out reviews, it’s a pretty big place as well, and trust me, he knows his metal.

    Anyway. (When I do review, expect me to go off on irrelevant tangents that will in some way link to the story. You will know when I’ve brought the thought train back on track when I use that word.)

    Anyway. I’ve noticed a lot of people before me (I’m on the second page so I’m not expecting much.) having wide-open ‘Will review’ sections. So I’ve decided to carve a niche of which stuff I really enjoy reading, and will keep it at that.

    So lets have it.

    Will review.

    -Original Fiction. I stress this the most. I want to read your original fiction. I find it extremely fascinating and want to expand my palette. Doesn’t belong in the pokemon section, doesn’t belong in the mass of alternate manga/universes. Characters, plots, places of your own design to which no one else can claim copyrights. I will review.

    -OT fics, Journey fics, whatever you call ‘em, as long as it has a kid/teen/adult going from home around any continent, previously existing or made up, collecting badges and such. I will review. The more irregular the plot the better.

    -One shots of varying description. The ones I generally like are philosophical rants about anything, further looks in to how a certain race of pokemon exist (loners, pack animals. Do they have some form of leadership? Etc.) And kooky little insights into the life of people (As long as it’s not too unbelievable e.g. Brad Pitt splitting up with Mrs. Jolie to move in with Pat Butcher from Eastenders.) For a good example see ‘Seeds’ a collaboration between Kiyohome and Saber. Posted about a week before the date of April 2nd. These, I will review.

    -Comedy fics of varying descriptions. For these I will accept quite a lot, but if it doesn’t make me laugh. Beware, You will be told.

    Will not review

    -Anything badly written. Spelling is awful; punctuation is out of the window etc. Just refer yourself to the ‘Advice for Aspiring Authors’ thread. Read and Learn people.

    -No walls of text. Paragraphs. Are. Essential.

    -No one page on MS word chapters (a prologue is okay however)

    -Shipping fics. Any shipping fics (for example AshxMisty AshxMay BrockxAsh whatever it is), I’ve only ever read one good one and I will make no attempt to top it. I don’t want to be flamed for saying that your idea of a pairing is shoddy at best.

    -Fics about alternate mangas than pokemon. I know nothing about these and will not understand anything about it. I find most of them disturbing anyway. Fics about characters from the pokemon anime (Barring characters from the games, Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Lass Haley etc.) and any fics where OC's are the main characters, will also not be reviewed as I have never watched anything past the Johto episodes and found it annoying nearing the end.

    -Any other types of fic that have not been expressively mentioned in the ‘will review’ section.

    I know what good writing is, having read countless books, fiction mainly. Ranging from kids stuff (Roald Dahl, Harry Potter etc,) to older stuff (Atlas Shrugged, Tom Clancy etc.) You can trust my opinion and I will not falter in telling you that your work needs a lot of serious work. But I will say where you need improvement, what you should add to make it longer etc. (not plot stuff but ideas for side events, explain how they got from this place to over there, could you add any interesting conversations etc.)

    And it would be fun to have something to do on the forums other than randomly review fics in the thread if I can be bothered, or correct somebody on a trivial fact in the miscellaneous section.

    I do reserve the right to stop reading and reviewing your fics if the content becomes too weird. (Odd sexual pairings, really crap cliché events) or if I become to bored with your fic that I find it intolerable to continuing reviewing it. (Please note this would be quite a rare event)

    Send me a PM with either a link to or a copy of your fic and I will make it a fairly high priority to read and review. Please do note that sending back a review will take some time. (Perhaps only a few hours, days or even weeks, if other stuff comes up.)

    Currently Reviewing:

    Nothing - Which is how it should be, seeing as I'm closed

    Hopefully someone will relieve my boredom, send me something.
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