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    Hello y'all^_^ im a former beta reader (its been about a year since i last beta read due to being a very busy person) but im back up at it again.

    simply PM if u need me to review. im not a mean person i wont tell you to piss off or anything like that.

    my favored genre is- fantasy/romance/action/adventure. if its this genre i will most likely review it hands down. a pokemon inlove with a human isnt a bad thing in my books (i find it kinda cute ya know) well back on track

    My style of reviewing

    - i can be brutally honest with you but in a good way. (good or bad) i aint rude... im fairly kind actually.

    -i got lots of time on my hands so bring it on

    -ill give you a number 1-10 simply the higher number you get... the more i liked it if that makes sense

    -if u get a 1 or even a zero :S it had alot of mistakes spelling,etc. i didn't like it at all. and don't worry if u get a 1 or zero from me i wont flame ya heck its only me eh. everyone has different opinion.

    -if its 2,3,or 4. i enjoyed your fic somewhat but not all of it. it had a fairly large amount of mistakes.

    -if you get a 5,6,or7. minor amount of mistakes. but dang it was pretty good keep it up

    -achieve an 8 or 9 . you have impressed me. a very good fic and i encourage you to continue writing because you got talent.

    - but then again if u get an 10!!! you officially just blew my mind and kudos to you ^_^ for writing a masterpiece.

    you have my support if you get over 5 out of 10. i will gladly work with you in future.

    i will NOT review your fic if it includes any of the following

    -Yaoi or yaio however you spell it. me being a guy and reading something that has homosexuals in it is simply just a No go. (no offense)

    -Characters from the anime Ash,Brock,May etc (so basically have your own characters. i find it cool to have your own characters making your own characters requires alot creativity. and having creativity is just awesome.)

    - extreme gore,blood,bad language, +18 rating etc

    -if its not in the Pokemon universe

    -if it has crossovers of any sort (Ex. Naruto meets a pokemon) i don't really like that stuff.

    thats about it

    oh yeah i almost if its in the horror genre i wont read it Period. a death or two is acceptable ...just not to much

    My god!! it took me long to post lol i got side tracked in my music. and its a long post too!

    well bye y'all ^_^ good luck with writing

    Oh yeah forgot to mention im currently FREE yay!! ^_^
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