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    Heh, what the heck, I'll post mine too.

    Eon Masters Review Shop:

    Alright, I mostly review for content, not for grammar or that sort of thing, but if I see a mistake, I'll most likely bring it to your attention. My content reviews generally consist of giving at least one strong point, then getting into the "nitty gritty details" part. At the very end of my review, I will post a rating based on the system you can find under the heading Rating System.

    I will review: Pokemon fics. Only Pokemon fics, not much else, maybe a few crossovers.
    Pokemon POV's: My favorite genere of all time. Just ask, I'll read.
    Some Shipping: I don't review shipping for it's own sake, if you can't find somebody to review for one of those, you're doing something wrong. If the shipping is a subplot, or is not blatantly displayed in every chapter, I will consider reviewing.
    Journey Fics: I'll review most of these, but if one of them rubs the wrong way, I will say so. Be cautious if you suggest I review one of these.
    Action Fics: Just ask, I'll review.
    Fics about Eevee, its evolutions, or Latios/Latias: Again, Just ask.

    I WILL NOT REVIEW: Contest or Pokeshipping fics. Cannot stand Drew, and IMO Pokeshipping is dead. Anything else (unless I deem it way too wierd) is fine.
    Non-Pokemon fics: I won't review these for the most part, Bleach and Naruto are two that I might be persuaded to review.
    Shipping for its own sake: As previously stated.
    Fics that are poorly written: If your fic looks like a two year old with a speak-n-spell typed it, I will not review, and I will tell you exactly how badly written it is. That just gets under my skin, it shows a lack of effort and care.

    Rating System: I rate with these little guys:

    = Needs serious help. (If I give you a 1, you probably aren't cut out to be an author, or you need to work harder at becoming one.)

    = Needs work, try harder.

    = Not bad, needs refinement.

    = You're doing good, keep up the hard work.

    = Excellent job, and you've got a great story here.

    Finally, if you have a story that I deem deserving...

    = I am offically flabbergasted at your epicness, and will bow down to your godly writing skills. You really have to impress me to get this. Some good past examples of fics that are of this caliber would be Aftermath by chosen_one386, and Blazing Dreams: The Eternal Night, by duncan. Current stories would be Shadow and Light by chosen_one386, and Dark Eons by tracefan on It's an excellent story, and I suggest that everyone read it at least once.

    Please ask me if you're not sure about my criteria. I will at least read everything that is asked of me, unless it defies my criteria or just sucks. I'm not harsh (unless I'm in a really bad mood, so don't be afraid to ask). Also, if you review one of my fics, I will generally review yours in return. Thanks, and request away!

    Current Stories I am Reviewing:
    1. Shadow and Light by chosen_one386
    2. Fighting the Shadows by Hailflameblast
    3. The Future of Bleach by Golde
    4. The Inverted Souls Arc by ~.:Northern Lights:.~
    5. Pokemon: Battle of Battles by ESPNfanatic35
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    Hello, all. A number of months ago, I stopped reviewing fics because of life outside the internet (apart from those I have been reading since the very beginning). But now, I’m back and I’m here to provide reviews and help. Here are some of the conditions…

    - All requests that were given to me in the past are deleted and forgotten.
    - All requests must be provided by PM and provide a link to your fic.
    - It can be of any genre.
    - It can be based on any anime/manga. However, if it’s not pokemon based, give me a summary of that show or visit or and provide a link of the selected anime/manga/web page.
    - No age/rating limit.
    - Unless your fic have no constructive reviews whatsoever, your fic must not exceed the one page thread limit.
    - One-Shots are okay.
    - I have the right to refuse to review your fic for any reason.
    - If I’m reviewing your fic and when you update it with a new chapter, PM me with that update.
    - Please give me time to read and review your fic as I have other responsibilities in life.
    - Have fun writing.

    That is all for now.

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    Lucario7777777's Reviews-Open

    Last updated-December 5, 2011

    What I Prefer
    -mostly G rated, PG and PG-13/14 are okay
    -mostly Any fandom
    -I like multiple fandoms
    -Fandoms I like-Pokemon, One Piece, SSB, Kirby.
    Those are just what I prefer, anything not listed on the ones I won't read I will read.

    What I won't read
    -list of fandoms I won't read-war games, digimon, others will be added later
    -what are the ratings? I guess I will not go above PG-14 or so
    -fanfics with a lot of innapropriate scenes. (Mild scenes with this are okay) [i.e.Violence, Gore, Sex, Homosexuality, etc]
    -anything against the forum rules

    Sorry, I might have forgot some things.

    How I Review
    I rate it on a scale of 1-10, and say what I liked and disliked. Then I show all of the things I think should be changed. I will point out spelling mistakes, as they really bother me.

    If you wish for me to review your fic
    please list the title, the rating[G, PG, PG-13,etc.], the fandoms it has, any content warnings on it, and a link in a PM/VM.

    Fanfics I am reviewing currently/Will review soon maria-by Ejunknown

    Fanfics to review[in queue to be reviewed after a space is opened up in the above area]
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    Status: Open, taking a total of three fics to start out.

    Reviewing Style:
    Hello there, SPPf! I'm opening a reviewer profile so I might get pointed in the right direction for something to read. Truth be told, I'm a typically transient member of the Pokémon fandom, popping up now and then in writing communities everywhere. As a result, I've read a lot of fanfiction in the ten years I've been with the fandom, so I'd like to think I'm a decently experienced reviewer. (As of late, however, I've been mostly beta-reading, so I'm afraid I don't have any samples of my work on hand.)

    I'm usually an extremely detailed and honest reviewer, one who's inclined to single out as many errors in grammar and spelling as possible because I believe all parts of a fanfic affect how the reader sees it. I will also single out points of improvement (and points that are well done) in plot and characterization and go into great detail about both. Most importantly, I will always try to tell you exactly how I feel about your fic. Don't be intimidated if I point out a lot, and I apologize in advance if I seem a little harsh. A lot of detail usually means I think you might be able to learn from what I have to say, and I will never actually personally insult you.

    On the same track of "I will never actually personally insult you," I usually only skim reviews you've already gotten. Hence, if someone said something already and if you've already responded to it, don't take it personally if I somehow missed it. You're completely free to tell me civilly that you're thinking about it.

    Meanwhile, for longer fics (as in, for any fic sent to me that's over ten chapters), I usually just offer a shortened review that briefly goes over what I thought of each chapter. These types of reviews usually cover what I think are the most important points but unfortunately, not everything.

    Moreover, I tend to review slowly due to real life/my own projects, so I apologize in advance if I don't get to you right away.

    Lastly, I always encourage communication. Not satisfied with my review? Confused or want more information? I'm always happy to receive a PM or VM in response so long as it's civil, and I'd be more than happy to help if you need it.


    Will Read
    1. Fanfics in my preferred fandoms. (Check here for a full list.)
    2. Original fiction
    3. Any genre. However, as a warning, romance is not usually my cup of tea, although I will still review it. Meanwhile, science fiction makes me fangirl.
    4. A fic that's fifteen chapters or less when you send it to me unless I've already reviewed part of it.

    Will Not Read
    1. Fanfics not in my preferred fandoms.
    2. Stories that haven't been proofread first. As in, please at least give your story a once-over with a spell check before you post it. This will save me a lot of grief. Walls of text will be rejected outright; my eyes literally cannot focus on the lines. (This may or may not be due to me being hungover during my ideal reviewing times.)
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    Hello, I'm also reviewing stories also

    What do I review:
    Fanfics; yes, even crossovers, I find them fun to review
    Orginal Stories (In most genra)

    I will not review:
    Romantic stories, you must find somebody else review that for you
    Non-English, even though I speak Japanese, I'm not fluent enough to read a typical Japanese newspaper yet.
    R-rated sex stories

    Rating system:
    Characters = 10 points
    Plot = 10 points
    Creativty = 10 points
    Writing Style = 10 points
    Grammer and Spelling = 10 points
    Overall effect = 50 points

    You can get a total of 100 points, half from characters, plot, creativty, writing style, and grammer and spelling and the other from the overall effect (AKA: How much I liked the story); the higher of points the better. I will also give a review about your story and make any suggestions what to do to improve. I will also help you to correct grammer and spelling mistakes.

    Your story must be at least 3000 words or more. It doesn't need to be completed.

    I'm on this forum usually on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Please send your stories before that time and please give me at least a week to review.
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    Currently not reviewing until further notice.

    I'm willing to review fanfics, as well.

    I will read anything, but I will only review a few chapters at a time.

    My criticism style is slightly more destructive than constructive, but please do no take offense to any of the criticisms I may make. I suppose I'll go for a point system, as well. I base my criticism on:

    -Audience Interest [30 pts]
    -Plot [25 pts]
    -Setting/Characterization [15 pts]
    -Style (Rhetoric included) [15 pts]
    -Theme/Purpose of Story [10 pts]
    -Correct Spelling, Grammar, Usage, Punctuation [5 pts]

    I am currently reading:
    -The Ripple Effect
    -Pokemon LX: The Sinnoh Journey
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    In an attempt to get more reviews and to bring myself back into the fanfiction realm, I will recreate on of these:

    Manaphyman's Reviews: Status- OPEN

    If you want me to review, drop me a VM or PM with the link. I do ask though, if I'm going to review yours, that you review mine.

    Types of Fanfiction that I Will Review-Original Trainer
    OT and Journey are my two favorites. Its pretty much guaranteed that I will read this if you ask.
    -One Shots

    Types of Fanfiction that I won't Read
    -Anything with the Anime Characters
    -Pokemon-centric fics
    -Mystery Dungeon
    -Non-Pokemon Fics
    -Parody Fics
    -Horror (Some exceptions)
    -Fakemon/Fake Region (I am flexible to fake-region, but there has to be some damn good description.)

    When will you review?

    I'm busy as hell right now, but if you ask me, I will get a review to you within two weeks, unless otherwise stated. Please dont pester me, gentle reminders are nice.

    Are you going to read just this chapter or all of it?

    If its at least half good, I'll probably still read it. It has to be either God-awful or you have to have insulted me for the review process to end.

    What is the limit on chapters that you will review/I can ask?

    Provided you are only 15 chapters into your fic, I will read it. Anywhere from Chapter 1 until 15 is within my range to start, but if you do have that many chapters, I will need a while to catch up. I would like to start at the beginning, but nothing frustrates me more if you ask me to review, post the first chapter and then call it quits. I will review your story until the end, no matter how many chapters it takes.

    How I review:
    I'm pretty chill. I'm optomistic and I give compliments, but I will tell you exactly what needs to be fixed. I focus mainly on plot and description; if you need a grammar-nazi reviewer, don't ask me.

    Currently Reading:
    -The Sapphire Story- Burrado_Aipom
    -Shattered Phoneix

    (To avoid a last year/2008 incident, I am only reviewing THREE main fics at a time. Once they fill up, I'm closed.)
    Last edited by Manaphyman; 22nd June 2010 at 7:42 PM.

    Latest Chapter- 5: Don't Pressure Us

    Chapter 6: Up All Night Current Status- First Draft in Progress.
        Spoiler:- Review Policy and Image Credit:

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    Thank you for linking me to this thread JX Valentine and for your advice. And thank you ESPNFanatic35 for starting that thread so now I can hopefully start to try and write fan fic more seriously.

    I have recently started writing some pokemon fan fic. They aren't very long and they didn't turn out as much as I'd liked them too so I'm thinking of re-writing The Secret Of Shinford City.

    I should start reviewing other fics. I like to read many different types of pokemon fan fiction. I will review one chapter at a time or if its completed, I'll review when I finish reading the last chapter. I also like Mario fan fic, usually BowserxPeach ones and those what switch the good/evil roles round.

    My favourite types of fics
    Pokemon POVs
    Team Rocket/Galactic
    Original stories

    Fics I don't like
    Journey/Adventure (They are too long-winded and are sometimes over 60 chapters long and I, personally, find these boring)
    Game-centric fics (ones with TMs, etc)
    Fakemon (I don't mind fake regions like my Clough Region but as long as they have real pokemon)

    One other thing, may I advertise some of my future fic ideas in this thread.
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    I'll give this a shot.

    As a former flamer on, I'm not going to give you a kind review if you didn't write a good fic. If I enjoy the fic, I'll say that I enjoyed it. If I didn't, I'll tell you exactly what I thought was wrong. Basically, I only give out praise to people who deserve it (a.k.a., the people who know exactly what good grammar, an original plotline, and brilliant characters mean).

    I have a job, so I probably can't review whenever you want me to. Now, if it's three weeks and I still haven't replied, you have every right to poke me with a sharp stick. People who decide to poke me with a sharp stick every day will get a PM saying that I will not read their fic.

    I have a decent knowledge of grammar, if not good. I will know when your character is a Mary-Sue or a Gary-Stu. I will know if the plotline is unoriginal. If you want me to review your fic, be prepared for an honest assessment (maybe even a harsh review).

    Like I've stated before, I don't have much time on my hands to write a full review, so I'll probably only take three fics at a time. I may take more if I find myself with an abnormal amount of free time.

    I will read the following:

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (I've played through the storyline of the first one, and I've read about the second one.)

    Horror (I love a good dark fic more than anything else in the world.)

    Original fics (I just hope that the writer follows the laws of writing.)

    Redwall (I love Redwall as well.)

    Modern Warfare, BioShock, Assassin's Creed, or Dead Space (although I don't expect to see one of those fics pop up here.)

    Pokemon fics without the main characters in the games or show (let's see what a person can do without having too much of a drawing board. I'll make exceptions to Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD.)

    Adventure/Action (since I'm a speed reader, I think I can catch up quickly enough.)

    Some romance (so long as it isn't too lovey-dovey, I'm fine with it.)

    Drama (I'm a fan of heart-pounding fics myself.)


    Here are the fics that I will not read under any circumstances whatsoever:

    Any anime other than Pokemon and every manga fic, including Pokemon (I don't watch those shows, I never will, and if I don't understand them, I can't give an honest and unbiased review.)

    Any book that I haven't mentioned (for the same reasons as the anime. Either I've never read them, or I just don't care.)

    Any shipping (seriously; romance isn't a fun topic to begin with, in my honest opinion. Why would I want to read something that's entirely based upon love?)

    The Warriors series (It's another book series, but this one deserves a special mention. I flamed fics in that category on FFN for almost two years. Out of ten-thousand or so "fics", there were less than thirty that were decent. Thirty!)

    Any fic with main characters in canon (I've not seen the anime in quite some time, and I don't care about any of the main characters.)

    Fakemon (unless everything is done incredibly well and the fic is recommended by three people, I'd have to refuse.)

    Horrible fics that look like they were written by five-year-olds (it's not cool to write a fic like that, especially if you're older than five.)

    Otherwise, feel free to give me a PM or a VM.


    Current fics reviewed/reviewing:

    1. Mesprit's Tears, by Unicorn.

    2. My Guardian Angel, by Phantom Kat.

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    ESPNfanatic35 Reviews: Status - Open

    Just shoot me a PM if you would like a review.

    How I review:

    I'll be honest if there's something I find in your fic I find that needs work but overall I will be chill. I'll do my best to find grammar mistakes but I won't be too picky. I will mostly look at characterization and overall plot. Mainly what I look for when I read is memorable characters and to simply be entertained.

    What I will read:

    My preferred fandom is Pokemon
    Action/Adventure (My favorite genre)
    Canon-Based Stories
    Original Stories

    What I won't read:

    Romance (It can have romance in it, just not a story that centers around a romance.)
    Any anime fandom besides Pokemon (Pokemon is the only anime I know very well.)
    Anything too raunchy.

    That's about it. I can take on three fics at once but no more than that.


    New Chapter: Chapter 4- Unova

    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Creature of Storms
    Also check out my completed crossover of Pokemon and Pirates by clicking the title!

    "Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God."
    Ephesians 6:17

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    Hey there. I'm just a reviewer stopping in to offer my services. Here's some information:

    Background: I'm a perfectionist; I wrote two complete novels before the age of thirteen, one which spanned 150 pages (normal margins; Times New Romans; font size 12; 86,000 words). I won the Royal Canadian Legion English Proficiency Award of 2006 when I graduated from elementary school; I also won the Oustanding Achievement in English Excellence Award. As for grades, I'm a gifted student in languages who acts like a sponge with literature information. My marks in every subject, other than mathematics and physical education, average 80-95% without studying. Languages and writing is my passion, and I plan to make a career out of it.

    Strengths&Weaknesses: Grammar, spelling, and context are big things for me. I can spot fragments and the misuse of a semi-colon instantly. I'm also a walking dictionary so generally, the misuse or the uncommon use of a word will be caught immediately. I'm a pretty rounded individual; when it comes to literature, I have reached a level where faults are rare and are committed 99% of the time by inattention. As well, I understand the concept of personal style in writing and I try not to impede on another's creativity.

    I'm an official Beta Reader on PC.

    Examples of Work:

    Well, I lost the soft copy of my two novels when I reformatted my computer and my iPod. I am writing a fanfic, however, and I'll share that with you. It's Pokemon, but it's not an "Original Trainer"-type thing. It's pretty much a novel with a bit of a Pokemon theme set in a fictional medieval age. Remember: fictional, not historical.

    You can find the story here.

    For a list of all my reviews, click here.

    Now, for the fun part.

    What I'll Review:

    - Fantasy Novels
    - Science Fiction Novels
    - Fiction Novels
    - Fanfiction (Books/Games/Shows, etc.)
    - Essays

    Text Languages I'll Review:

    - English
    - French

    What I Won't Review:

    - Vulgar Novels
    - Anti-God/Religion Novels
    - Non-Fiction Novels

    If you need a review done, VM me here at Serebii.

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