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The Art of Forbidden Love

Chapter 1

In a vast field, a young lion cub was walking alone through the tall grass. His blue paws hardly made a sound as he moved at a steady pace through the blades. The breeze of the wind brushed gently against his lower black furred half. The sun shined down upon him, making the top half of his light blue coat stand out.

From the grass, he moved onto a large, slanted, moss covered rock to get a better view of the area. The young cub viewed his surroundings. From the air, he saw a friend of his flying happily around with her gray, yellow, blue and red colored wings. His black, yellow star tipped tail curved up when he saw the gray bodied butterfly, who waved at him happily as her long, curved proboscis wound up and down in the air.

Suddenly, without warning, a long pink colored appendage latched onto the Beautifly and pulled her out of the view of the Shinx. He quickly moved his head in the direction he saw his friend travel and was shocked that the Beautifly was caught in the mouth of a light green colored chameleon. He watched in horror as the butterfly disappeared into the gullet of the Kecleon in a few gulps, which disappeared from view only a second after finishing its lunch.

The ears of the Shinx drooped as he was saddened for loosing his friend, one he had since a few days after his birth. Despite being a carnivore himself, he was still finding it hard that his only friend was taken away so tragically from him. A small tear fell from his yellow iris eyes as he started to walk down the slanted rock in sorrow.

The moment he entered the field though, his ears picked up a noise. Focusing upon the cry, it sounded like someone was in pain and was suffering. It also sounded like a call for help. This Shinx knew, at least from tales that his mother told him, that only on rare occasions does a predator make their prey suffer. From one particular tale, he recalled that it was likely that a human was behind such a thing. He made the choice to head towards the distress call and help the one in trouble.

His hunt for the source of help lead him to a vast forest that was rich in foliage. As the Shinx examined his surroundings, he looked up at the tall trees. A part of him believed they were so tall that they touched the clouds. Then again, he knew that the chances of finding a tree that tall were slim due to humans cutting them down.

He was taken back to reality by the cry for help he had heard earlier. Only this time, it sounded like the victim was in greater pain. Knowing that another pokemon’s life could be on the line, he resumed his mission.

Finally, he came upon the source of what he was searching for. Straight ahead, he saw a small sheep with a fine coat of wool. From the pitch of the cry, he figured that it was female. He saw that the skin of the sheep was blue and the ears were partly triangular with yellow and black stripes. The tail was also striped with yellow and black, and she also had a small golden ball at the end of her tail.

He suddenly saw something that seemed a little unusual. A small, thin strand of metal was tied around her right back leg. It was long and the other end of the piece of metal was tied to a stub of wood that was embedded into the ground. The cub approached the little lamb that was still crying in pain. He then bent down and so that he was at her eye level.

“It’s okay, I’m here to help you!” He whispered in a calm and soothing tone.

The voice seemed to calm her down. However, she didn’t look at who was there to save her, for she was in too much pain for that thought to register to her. She was having a hard enough time trying to ignore her pain to keep as still as possible as her rescuer did his work.

He examined what he had concluded to be a rather deadly trap carefully. It seemed that the trap was designed to pierce the leg and cause extreme blood loss. He knew he had to get the leg removed from the trap before she lost too much blood.

He grabbed onto the stub of wood with his teeth and started to pull on it. The wood was embedded into the ground rather well, for he had a hard time pulling it out of its place. However, despite how hard it was, he continued to pull. Bit by bit, it started to come loose. Within the span of a couple of minutes, he was able to pull it out. The end result loosened the metal around the sheep’s leg and leave its victim.

The ewe sighed in relief. She fell to the ground, exhausted from her ordeal. She turned and finally looked upon the one who had saved her. She was completely shocked by what she saw. From her point of view, she saw a handsome looking Shinx.

‘Wait a minute! Where did that idea of him being handsome come from? He’s a Shinx, meaning that he would rather eat me than have an interest in me! Then again, why would he save me?’ She thought to herself.

“You, okay?” The Shinx asked.

“Uh, yeah! Thanks!” She exclaimed. “But why did you save me?”

He was about to tell her when a voice called out his name, cutting their conversation short. “John! Time to come home!” A feminine voice called out.

John the Shinx sighed in disappointment as he saw the sun setting, meaning it was time for bed. “That’s my mom! I’ve got to go! Are you going to be okay?” He questioned in concern.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine!” She exclaimed.

“Good! See ya tomorrow!” He started to leave.

Only a few feet away though, she called out to him. “Hey, wait!” She said, getting his attention and making him stop. “I’m Amanda. It was nice meeting you, John.”

“It was nice meeting you too! Bye!”

He then took off, leaving Amanda the Mareep to wonder why he saved her.

John continued through the vast tall grass of his homeland until he reached home. It was nothing more than a cave, but it was secluded upon a high ledge on a mountain. It was easy for him to climb up though. In fact, just about any creature in existence could scale it, for there were a pile of rocks next to it that acted like simple stairs to the entrance.

He walked into his den and approached his mother, who was cleaning herself, her pink tongue going across her thick black coat. John did get his looks from his mother, no doubt about it with her being the fully evolved form of a Shinx. The two had a nice resemblance from one another, and aside from size, the only real difference between them was that she had more black fur.

However, there was one other difference, and it wasn’t seen until she opened her eyes and looked at him. Upon her eyes was the same yellow iris that he had, but, instead of the white part that would normally be seen with many different eyes, it was actually blood red. It was no wonder when stared down upon, this creature struck a twinge of fear into the prey’s eyes. Those eyes, along with speed and power, were what made this creature such a successful hunter. This creature was known as a Luxray.

“Hi, honey! Did you have fun today?” His mother asked.

“Not that much, though I did make a new friend today.” The Shinx said in delight.

“Oh, that’s nice! What’d you make friends with this time? A caterpie? A Weedle?”

“No. She was something different.”

“Another girl? My son is becoming a regular lady’s man!” She joked.

He let out a laugh. Most of the friends he had made in his life were female. He was then saddened by the memory of the Beautifly that was eaten right in front of him earlier that day.

His mother noticed his sad face. “You okay, honey?” She queried.

“My friend, Bethany… you know, the Beautifly I’ve known since I was allowed to go outside the den?” His mother nodded at him. “She was eaten by a Kecleon right in front of my eyes today.” He sobbed as a small tear rolled down his eye.

The Luxray bent down and gave him a comforting nuzzling. “I’m so sorry to hear that, my son. Life has been rather cruel to you since your father was killed by humans, huh?”

Hearing this only made him even sadder, if that was possible, seeing as how he was born only a few days before his father had died, so he hardly knew him. Up to this point, no matter what friend he made, they were killed one way or another. Life had really been treating him unfairly. Then a certain word that his mother had said made him perk up.

“Oh yeah, Mom! There’s something important I need to tell you!” He began.

“What is it?” She asked.

“Humans are near the area. I had to save my new friend from a human trap that she got caught in. If I didn’t, she’d probably be dead by now.”

“What? Really, honey?” He nodded at her. “Oh, well thank you for telling me that. Which means you’re going to have to stay closer to me until the threat leaves. Understood?”

“Yes, Mom!” He said with a hint of disappointment.

“So you never told me, who was this new friend that you made?”

“Oh yeah! Well, I think she’s what’s called a Mareep.”

His mother was shocked to hear what the new friend was. In less then a second, her face turned into that of anger.

“Young man, you are not meant to be friends with someone like that!”

Her tone was very dark and her eyes seemed to glow in a mixture of yellow and blood red that made them look horrifying. The little lion cub quivered in fear at the sight of his mother. He knew only one thing when she was like this; he was in big trouble for doing something wrong and would be punished for it.

“As your punishment, for making friends with something you’re supposed to eat, tomorrow, you will return to your new friend. After that, you will kill her and drag her dead body back home. You shall then watch as I feast upon her. From there, I hope you learn just how wrong it was for you to make friends with your food. Understood?”

He nodded in shame. His mom left in silence, not saying a word. He then laid his head down in sorrow. He had a hard time falling asleep that night, for he knew that tomorrow, he would have to kill his new friend or face an even worse punishment.

As for his new friend, Amanda the Mareep, she was walking through the forest that she called home. Anywhere within the forest was her home. She was hardly a predator that was a real danger within her home, so she could sleep pretty much anywhere. She kept on walking, wanting to get as far away from where she had met her newest friend as possible. She wasn’t trying to avoid him; on the contrary, she would want to see him again. The only thing she was trying to get away from was the place where she nearly met death.

Her leg that was previously bleeding had started to heal. She could walk on it just fine and would be fully healed within a few days. The wound wasn’t life threatening, but it did still sting a little.

She soon arrived at the main patch of grass that she slept at. The small patch was embedded into a round shape and dried up from months of weight being put onto it, which was perfectly crafted to support her. She walked up to it and laid down into the makeshift bed. She then let out a yawn to indicate her tiredness and started to dose off.

As she started to get to sleep though, she was suddenly startled awake by a noise coming from the bushes. Fear started to register into her mind as she began to look around for the source of the noise. The bushes started to shake even more, which caused the Mareep to get even more scared. The shaking of the bushes continued to increase and Amanda started to think that there was a predator behind the shrubbery that was poised on making her its next meal.

Suddenly, something pounced upon her. Feeling the sudden weight caused Amanda to close her eyes, thinking her life was over. She then heard snickering, which turned into a full-blown laugh. She opened her eyes and saw a tiny light green creature that had a leaf on top of its head rolling around in a fit of hysterics.

It all came to her that it was nothing more than a trick. “Megan?” She yelled in surprise to the small Chikorita that was still laughing. “You nearly scared me to death! I thought you were a predator that was about to eat me!”

“I’m – I’m sorry, Amanda!” Megan apologized while still laughing. “I really didn’t mean to scare you, just to have a little fun!” She sighed, getting herself back in control. “I just couldn’t help laughing at your reaction. Your face was priceless!” By the sound of her voice, she was trying to hold back another laugh.

Amanda returned the laugh. “Yeah, I guess it was a little funny.” She said with a smile on her face.

Megan then noticed her friend’s wounded leg. “What happened to your leg?” She then ran up closer to her to examine it.

The young ewe bowed her head. “Oh! I got caught in a human trap today.” She confessed.

“What? Are you okay?” She asked with concern. “I heard those things can be deadly.”

“Yeah, I’m fine! However, I would’ve been dead if someone hadn’t saved me.”

“Really? Another pokemon saved your life?” She asked, sounding a little eager to hear about her friend’s hero.

“Yeah, but that’s the weird part.”

“Why would it be weird for someone to save your life?” She questioned.

Amanda tried to figure out a way to tell Megan, but the expression said everything.

“Wait! Let me guess… it’s a pokemon that normally wouldn’t help your species, right?” She asked.

Amanda only nodded.

“Was it what is usually one of your most deadly predators?” Megan continued to question her.

“A Shinx.” She replied.

Megan was rather shocked by the answer. “Maybe he just doesn’t know he’s meant to be your enemy.” She suggested. “I think that once he finds out the truth, you just won’t see him again.”

“But that’s just the thing. I actually want to see him again.”

“Why is that?”

“I’m not sure, but for some reason, I’m not sure how to put it, but I feel attracted to him.”

“What? You’re developing a crush?” She asked in shock. “How cute is he?”

Amanda was feeling uncomfortable discussing this. However, she knew that Megan wouldn’t stop asking if she didn’t get an answer. “I actually think he’s rather handsome.”

Megan gave her friend a silent sigh. “Love at first sight. I hope this new relationship goes well for you.”

Amanda bowed her head. “I hope so too.”

“Oh, and if things do work out, would you mind introducing me to him? I really want to know who my friends are with after all.”

“Great!” The little Chikorita then let out a yawn. “Well, all this excitement has worn me out! Good night, Amanda!”

“Good night, Megan!” She said to her as her friend walked off to another part of the forest to sleep.

Amanda then went to sleep, dreaming of her newfound friend.

---End Chapter 1---

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