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Pokemon Schedule this week on YTV



M-Sandshrews Locker
T-Dawns Early Night
W-Tag! We're it
T-Glory Blaze
F-Smells Like Team Spirit


M-A gruff act to follow
T-Wild in the streets
W-O'er the Rampardos we watched
T-Twice smitten, once shy
F-Munity in the Bounty



Dawn of a new era


The grass type is always greener

i bet the 8am episodes will go straight back to "Following a maiden voyage" by next monday
Or, maybe it'll be the Saturday block that they're attempting to finish. That wouldn't surprise me actually. Pretty soon, D/P will feel like BF... oh goody. Seeing as the US already has at least 3 DPBD episodes aired, then we could be in that case where we end up only being 3 episodes behind each time a new one airs.
However, it would make more sense to air them on the weekends. Yes, it means it could take us until fall to get them, but at least we'll be getting them. Not really such a problem actually.

It's amazing that we're pretty on par with the U.S. at this point. I never thought that would actually happen.

Finally, YTV has bothered with this show. Took them long enough.