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Wow been awhile since I been here since Ytv has been giving me everything I've been wanting so yeah :P

But yes the new episodes keep on coming and I'm loving it. I noticed two errors on the Episode Team Shocker one was on the appeal board thing Jessie Appears before Kennys picture (or the other way around) then whey you zoom in for the last person there switched around. I was like wow weird I even rewinded to see if I was seeing things and I wasn't

Fan Fact: The Girl Autum from Tanks for The Memories use to play the girl Kiki in Mew Mew Power an Anime show that use to play on Ytv (yes its weird how I no this stuff :P)
I saw that the first time too. When the last picture appeared under Jessie's picture I was like "K...1 more spot for Dawn." Then suddenly, theres 8.