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The Merciless Pepper of Quetzlzacatenango

Once eaten, your Pokemon will go into a full bodied hallucination where they seem to be set on fire, who knows maybe they'll be a guidance coyote or turtle i their but who knows, but once they snap out of it, Fire Shield will be their new move (can only be used on one Pokemon).

When eaten by your Pokémon The Merciless Pepper of Quetzlzacatenango will teach it the move "Fire Shield" - Fire shield creates a shield of burning fire around your Pokémon which will protect it from one elemental or physical attack. Once hit, the shield will disappear. If an opponent Pokémon makes physical contact with the Fire Shield, there is a 10% chance of it being inflicted with the condition "Burn". One use only per battle.
Category: Tough
Effect: Can avoid being startled by others.
Appeal Points: <3 <3
Jam Points: -
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[size=1]From me on this spookiest of Halloweens, you shall receive a choice between any one of the following special edition Halloween Pouches.

Spooky Pouch containing:
x1 Ghost Ball
x1 TM Shadow Force
x1 Holographic Dark Gengar Trading Card

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On Halloween, there's two options a person has. To stay in the light and protect oneself. Or to join the darkness and wreak havoc! Here are two items that represent such things. Choose one and ONLY ONE. If you are seen taking both, you will get neither.

Light Barrier
Hold Item
Fling Effect: Fling becomes a Normal type defensive move with 0 power, but the user gains Reflect, Light Screen, and Safeguard affects on their side of the field. It lasts roughly twice as long as if it were normally performed.
Hold Effect: Holder cannot be critically hit.
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On this Halloween, you will receive the following off me:

1 x Black Persian Plushie. This Persian plushie, when given to a pokémon, will glow a bright yellow before turning to black dust. Your pokémon will then breathe it in and learn the move Shadow Claw. The plushie does not remain after using it.
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From me, everyone that posts shall recieve one

Pumpkin Cupcake which raises the level of a Pokemon by 2.

Have a scary (and hopefully sweet) Halloween everyone.
Well, better pick this stuff up. Picking up :

The Merciless Pepper of Quetzlzacatenango, a spooky pouch with a ghost ball, TM Shadow Force, and the gengar card, as well as a Black Persian Plushie, Light Barrier, and the cupcake I guess gets the honours of being smeared over emotone, Aeris, for it to gain two levels.