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    Default The Legend of Zelda Fanclub V.3

    Well, I was given the go-ahead by Zero X, the previous owner of the club, to remake this. So, here it is.

    The Legend of Zelda Fanclub V.3!

    This is basically the club for The Legend of Zelda games, one of Nintendo's most popular game series. Feel free to discuss anything about these games.

    Member List

    Owner- ~CourageWisdomPower~
    Co-owners- Silverdragonlaura, -Xu-, Zero_X, Hakuryuu
    #1- Chamochan
    #2- Slick The Vaporeon
    #3- Pikawho?
    #4- Legend Hunter
    #5- fuzzyqwilfish
    #6- BioTrainer
    #7- Blobit
    #8- Achmoud
    #9- Darkness Blade
    #10- The Shadow Trainer
    #11- Paddster56
    #12- Masteroftime
    #13- Leki
    #14- Copygoo
    #15- Pichu-kun is here
    #16- MinunTheFighter54
    #17- BlazikenBurner
    #18- Regiman
    #19- tjintje_7
    #20- TatorTot
    #21- Wifi Kid11
    #22- HorseLover
    #23- Pokenick_97
    #24- Skater Trainer
    #25- leaderfraser
    #26- Masato
    #27- Matchre
    #28- mp23494

    Club Rules-

    1- Follow the main rules of SPPF
    2- Please refrain from using foul language.
    3- Don't bash anyone's opinions.
    4- Please post at a maximum about 3 pictures per post if you want to post pictures.
    5- Try not to be fangirlish/fanboyish over your favorite character, unless it's kept to a minimum. ^_^;
    6- You are allowed to discuss shippings, but don't go overboard.
    7- Put spoilers for games such as PH in spoiler tags, please.
    8- Have fun!

    Also, I'd prefer if me or a co-owner approves you before you can join. That way it's a lot less hectic. Basically, you can just post and ask to be approved. Along with that, you have to answer these questions.

    What Zelda games do you own?

    Why do you like the series?

    Who's your favorite character in the series?

    What's your favorite game in the series?

    And that's about it. If you do decide to join, have fun!
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    ~I am a proud fan of the Legend of Zelda, the greatest game series ever created.~

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