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Thread: New and improved Battle Royale (R rated. Aamayl and Tyka)

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    Default New and improved Battle Royale (Aamayl and Tyka)

    Rating: R- NC17
    Series: Pokemon/Beyblade/Battle Royale
    Main Pairing: Ash/May and Tyson/Kai
    Summary: Three years after the attempt to kill Nanahara Shuuya failed. Battle royale is back. This time the unfortunate pokemon trainers have to kill eachother off without thier pokemon until one boy and one girl is left. However, there is another twist. There are two other additions to the slaughter; Tyson and Kai.
    Warnings: Includes some spoilers for the battle royale movies. Also pretty violent and some bad language.

    Chapter one

    The room was plain, dark and cold. Ash Ketchum knew nearly everyone in the room. There was Drew, the high-class lad with bright green hair. The brunette May, who had a red bandana on which made her look cool. Misty, the red head with attitude. Gary, who used to be Ash's rival, was also there. Ash felt something on his neck. Some sort of collar wrapped around his neck. When he looked around. Everyone else had a collar exactly the same like his own dark grey collar.

    There were only two people, who he didn't recognise. The two boys in the back of the room, one was wearing a red cap, the other was wearing a white scarf and blue triangles on his face. Ash had no idea who they where, perhaps they were new travellers or something. There was silence, and stares. No one had any idea where they were. The clock showed that it was nearly half one in the morning. Everyone got up, apart from the two unknown boys, who were whispering amongst each other. As they all went near the window.

    Thick white light came shining directly at them. They all stood back away for the light, whilst the two boys paid no attention to them. The door opened. A tall man entered the room with military soldiers following him. The tall man clapped his hands, in order to grab their attention. The tall man wore black shades that hid his eyes. His black leather cloak, added more to his mysterious personality. His blue spiky hair mismatched.

    "Good morning," The man announced. "The name's Mr Simon. Just call me sir." Simon walked around the teens. "We have two beybladers in the mix," Simon stated as he pointed to the two boys that no one else knew. "That's Tyson in the cap, and that's Kai in the scarf." Everybody all stared at Tyson and Kai at once. "Be nice to them," Simon suggested to them all, "they're two of the best beybladers in the world." Mr Simon walked back to the front of the classroom. "Well then, the rest of you are pokemon trainers and coordinators aren't you?" There was silence in the room as they nodded. "I take that as a yes,"

    "Hey," Drew whispered to May. "I hope this isn't what I think it is," Drew paused for a minute and made sure that Simon was chatting away, then said to May, "I hope this isn't like battle royale, where they all kill each other."

    "Hey Drew!" Simon snapped. "No whispering please?"

    "Damn!" Drew thought as he pushed himself away from May. "Now where was I?" Simon asked himself. "Ah, we are all going to fight with gusto. Usually, we all fight until one is left." He announced. "Thanks to Nanahara Shuuya and his gang wild seven, we've changed it to allow one boy and one girl win." Simon paused. "Welcome to the new and improved Battle Royale!"

    "Battle royale?" Ash shouted out. "But Simon, what is Battle Royale? And who is Nanahara Shuuya?" "OK," Simon announced. "Nanahara Shuuya was someone who survived Battle Royale with Noriko Nakagawa. It was the first time we had two winners in Battle Royale. Nanahara Shuuya wanted to avenge his classmates, so he made a group called Wild Seven to bring down the government and to stop battle royale all together. The plan to kill Nanahara Shuuya, three years later failed. Now Battle Royale is back... Drew, what did I say about no whispering?" Simon collected a silver pistol from his pocket. The minute Drew saw the pistol, he began to run. Simon pulled the trigger and the bullet hit his head. Splurts of blood his the floor. Drew's legs swayed to the right and his body dropped to the floor. The pokemon trainers screamed with horror. Tyson widened his eyes, with the only expression to come to mind was 'Woah!' Kai turned over to Drew's dead body, then quicky lost interest and faced Tyson again.

    Boy 8 Drew dead. 20 boys left, 21 girls left.

    "Now that the whispering greenie is out of the way," Simon announced. "I shall explain the rules of Battle Royale. Firstly one simple rule Kill or be killed!" Thier faces dropped with horror. "Yes you all have to kill eachother until there is only one boy and one girl remaining. There are also a few terms and condition that apply."

    "YOU SICK BASTARD!" Misty bellowed standing up.

    "Misty!" Ash whispered. "No, don't end up like Drew."
    "You have no right to do that!" Misty stated angrily. "You can't go round telling people that they have to kill eachother! This game is wrong sick! Enough of this ********."

    "Wow," Tyson whispered to Kai, "That girl's got attitude."

    "You better shut up or else you'll be dead is well." Kai whispered back.

    Mr simon pointed his pistol directly at Misty's collar. "I assume most of you know that you are wearing a collar, yes?" The kids wrapped their fingers around the collars; Tyson did the same to his own, then checked under Kai's scarf to see if he had one. They all had one. "Well if you linger in a danger zone, which change constantly, the collar will cause an alarm and explode. If you try to rip it off it explodes and people are meant to die on a regular basis." Simon announced. "24 hours without a death..."

    Both Tyson and Kai could see where all this was going.

    "...The collar explodes; and no body wins."

    "YOU SICKO!" Misty shrieked as she ran out to grab onto Simon's arm. Simon dodged every attempt of Misty trying to attack him. Simon placed his gun back in his pocket. He replaced it with a remote control. Then he made himself some distance away from the fiery fire-head. A military soldier grabbed Misty and her collar was visible for everyone to see. The laser light from the remote control lit directly at Misty's collar.

    "This is how the collars work." He announced as he pressed the button. Beeping noises was heard. Everyone stared at Misty. She grabbed onto her own collar. She implored for help. She ran across to the floor for some help. "Better run away!" Simon shouted out.

    "I wonder what's gonna happen?" Tyson asked to Kai.

    "Well I guess we have to see." Kai answered.

    "Help!" Misty begged. "Somebody, please stop this, stop it now!" She was losing control of her mind. Every person she ran into, pushed her away. Tyson couldn't help but laugh. This must all be a huge joke. Even Kai was looking at Misty, although he had little interest. Ash stood up and slowly walked up to Misty. May took a deep breath, and then ran up along with Ash. Although others were backed against the side of the wall. The collar beeps were getting much faster. Misty was still screaming for help. As she saw Ash and May's face, she reached her hand out.

    "ASH! MAY!"

    "MISTY!" Ash and May shouted out in unison as they reached their arm out, Just about to grab Misty's arm. The minute Ash and May grabbed the tip of Misty's hand. The collar detonated. Misty's head fell backwards as a spray of fresh red blood sprayed in all directions. Ash and May fell to the floor as Misty's body fell on the floor.

    Girl 4 Misty, dead. 20 boys left, 20 girls left.

    Ash and May bursted into tears, morning over both Misty and Drew's quick and tragic deaths. The people around them could feel their sorrow. They placed their heads down in shame; most of the people in the room would be dead next week. They don't want it, but there was no choice. Tyson realised how serious the game truly was. If him and Kai were going to get out of this alive, they would have to think of something. Think of something fast.

    "How tragic," Simon announced whilst stepping over Misty's corpse. "I'm sorry, but that's how the game works. Now let's get down to business." Simon clicked his fingers and trolleys filled with bags came into their view. "Each bag contains a randomly selected weapon, a map, a compass, some rations, a marker pen, and make up, if you a girl. Anyway about the weapons," he paused. "They're not just guns and knives, it could be a pot lid or punching gloves. It's all about the luck of the draw. Also," he continued on. "I'll be giving you updates four times a day, so make sure you listen. Now that that's settled I think we are all ready. When I call your name, you have to hand in all your pokemon, if you have any on you. You can have them back: if you survive. I'll start boy number one: Gary Oak."

    Ash and May looked at Gary, he appeared calm, as he silently walked over to collect his bag and Gary turned in his pokeballs and he left the room without further ado. Ash felt sick to his stomach. How could anyone walk out there without feeling scared?

    "Girl number one, Dawn Pearl."

    Dawn, who had long blue hair and wore a black dress with a short pink skirt. Ran up to the front in fear. She was shaking and crying terribly as she grabbed her bag and slowly turned in her pokemon. She ran away as fast as she could. Kai clenched onto Tyson's hand. Kai's head relaxed on Tyson's shoulder with ease. "We're gonna be together," Kai whispered, "Whatever happens."
    "I agree," Tyson whispered back. "We're going to get though this together. I wouldn't have it any other way." Tyson and Kai held onto each other's hands, as they watched Girl number three, Zoey walk off. She was calling out Dawn's name. "This is some sick joke," Tyson whispered. "What was I thinking joining in."

    "Boy number Four Tyson Granger!"

    "That's you," Kai confirmed. "I know." Tyson replied. He stood up walked over and grabbed his bag. He received his bag, but he felt he was missing something. He had to do something before he went. He dropped his bag and dashed over to Kai and kissed his lips. Tyson ignored the fact that complete strangers were watching them. "I'll wait for you Kai." Tyson whispered to the bluenette. Tyson ran back to collect his bag, and ran like the wind.

    "Girl number four Misty, she's already dead." Simon announced. "Let's not bother with her. Let's go on to boy number five Kai Hiwatari." Kai leapt to his feet. He slowly marched his way over to the front of the room. Every one pushed away from him in fear. They stared at him in fear as Kai looked down on all of them. Kai left a tiny smirk upon all of them. Kai collected his bag, and then was ready to leave as quietly as possible.
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    Chapter two
    "Girl number sixteen, May Maple!" Announced Simon. There was only a few of them left in the hall. The blood trails from Drew and Misty, began to link and spill together. May continued to look down on the two dead bodies, whilst clenching Ash's arm. Her shaking was uncontrolable. Her tears were still running.

    "May," Simon announced. "I've already said your name, come on now. You don't want to end up like Drew and Misty do you?"

    May stood up with a face of disgust. She looked over at Drew's freshly dead body. She silently walked over to Drew. She touched his cold forehead, which had stains of blood. "Goodbye Drew," she whispered as she quickly kissed Drew's lips. Finally she got herself on her feet, her eye contact directly on Ash. "I'll wait for you," she told him.

    Ash took the words in quite well, however, May saw now starting to be the only one he could trust. When he wanted to help Misty, May was there is well. He had no idea why but he felt that he had no ability to trust anyone else. He saw May exit, and he wished he could have gone with her.

    May silently walked in the hallway. It was empty cold and distant. May was imitated by how lined up and still the soldiers were. Thier cold and evil stares. She just wished to run and so she did. After seeing the door, she halted. She said she would wait for Ash and she didn't want to break that promise. This was going to be diffulcult.

    The two beybladers, seemed to look dangerous. If they were the best beybladers in the world, then what are they capable off? They didn't hand anything in. Unless it was already convascated before they arrived. One thing she couldn't understand was why. Why would Tyson just ran and kiss Kai like that? Everything was all wrong. She knew it, friends were about to die and she could be one of them.

    As May opened the door, the dark cold air returned. She entered to what seemed like an empty playground. May stepped forward and made her way to the ground. In the distance, she saw a a person crawling towards her.

    "MAY!" Cried the voice. May ran faster, to see who it was. As she she got closer she saw a man with long purple hair and a green suit. He was crying for help, with his arm strecthed out. Tears fell on his face like a waterfall.

    "Harley!" May said in shock. Harley just left the buliding before May did, already he was crying his eyes out. May approached Harley more closely, Harley had a knife stuck to his buttocks along with stab wounds . The redness of the blood contrasted on his bright green clothes. "What happened to you?" May asked, whilst the words become stuck in her throat.

    "What am I going to do?" Harley sobbed. "This isn't fair!" He fell to his knees and and implouded on the ground. His screaming had suddenly stopped and the silence returned.

    "Harley!" May picked up half of Harley's body. His eyes were wide open, but had no signs of life at all. May placed Harely peacefully on the ground. Suddenly, she realised that the knife was gone. She turned around and the knife was right in front of her face. May quickly kicked the assailant, then rolled over. She quickly stood up taking her bag with her. "Solidad!" May reconised her. The bloody knife was in her hands and pointing directly at May.

    "Kill or be killed." Solidad whispered, waving her brownish red hair. "Twenty four hours without death means we all die. This has got to be a one woman show!"

    "May!" Shouted the voice of Ash. May twizzled her face over to Ash. Solidad charged into May as May grabbed her arm, where the knife was about to attack her. Ash dashed over and kicked Solidad sideways, whilst trying to avoid attacking May in the process. Sassy Solidad rolled over to the ground as May pushed the knife to Solidad's leg. Ash dragged May on her feet. "Let's go!" Ash told May as he clenched May's hand. Boy 17, Ash Ketchum and Girl 16, May Maple scurried out of the playground to the field as fast as they could leaving girl 9, Solidad injured on the floor.

    Solidad was still knocked out on the floor. She began to roll around the floor like a monkey. Solidad pulled the knife out of her leg and tossed it carelessly. The pain from her leg and the pressure from the game, caused her to scream. She screeched as if she was being raped.

    "WHAT AM I DOING?" She cried helplessly. She found herself on wet green grass. She lost the ability to walk, or even think properly. Solidad crawled her way to the knife, that she used to kill Hareley. Still loudly sobbing in the process.

    Boy four, Tyson emurged from the bushes. Walking quite casually. "Hey there lady!" Solidad screeched and looked up in fear. Tyson spotted the knife which was next to his foot. He picked it up holding it on the handle. "Is this yours?" He asked sincerly. Solidad finally stood up and started getting her hands out, she dashed dodgey. Tyson became clueless to the situation. He had to think quickly. Tyson knew himself, that he was a fast runner. Tyson thinking as quick as could walked quickly, Solidad fell over then grabbed Tyson's leg. Tyson fell on his knees on top of her whilst accidently stabbing her in breast.

    Tyson froze for a split second. Had he killed her? Was he a murderer? Has he just played the game? Had he just claimed a life? Not yet, as Solidad fiercly bit into Tyson's arm. Tyson gritted his teeth. "You ****ing *****," he muttered pulling the knife towards him, then stabbing her deeply and directly into the heart. The stabbing jaw was realised, as Soledad's face hit the floor.

    Boy 16, Harley
    Girl nine, Solidad, dead.
    19 boys left, 19 girls left

    Tyson stood up placing his hands on his bite mark, which was still hurting and stinging after the attack. "What a *****!" Tyson muttered to himself. Tyson looked behind him. There was someone hiding under the bush. As soon as he saw the white scarf drop the floor, he knew straight away, it was Kai.

    "That was a very interesting scene Tyson," Kai commented whilst making his way over to Tyson and the dead girl. "Who'd of thought it? The beyblade champion has just murdered a girl."

    "Self defence Kai," Tyson replied. "You would have done the same!"
    "She would have been dead ages ago," Kai stated, "at least she wouldn't have bite me and drew blood out!"

    "Well there's one good thing." Tyson admitted.
    "I get to be on top tonight" Tyson exclaimed whilst jumping onto Kai. "You said the first one of us to kill gets to be on top!"
    "Whatever," Kai shrugged, "Now we better get out of here before someone comes and kills us."
    "What weapon have you got?" Tyson asked Kai.
    "I got a colt python," Kai replied, showing his weapon from out of his pocket then placing it back in his pocket, "What about you?"
    "I don't know," He replied walking into the forest casually. "I can check now!" Tyson burried his hands into his bag. He could feel the shape of a bat. "I think I got a bat." Tyson replied.
    "Good thing you've got that knife in your hands." Said Kai in vain. "Now we better find somewhere to hide quickly!" And so, both of them, found somewhere to hide.
    The sky was a pale blue, the air was cold and slightly frosty. Girl one, Dawn Pearl and girl numer three Zoey, walked carefully on the high green mountains. They were both reaching for the cliffs, to see the sea. Dawn scurried onto Zoey's back when she heard screaming from far over near the trees. Dawn trembled onto Zoey and Zoey wrapped her arms around her.

    "Did you enjoy what I did to you today Dawn?" Zoey asked Dawn. Dawn nodded. "Good," Zoey smiled. "I had to claim your virginity before we died."

    "This is scary!" Dawn screeched. She started to shake violently. Even though Zoey was still wrapping her arm around her. "It's not fair!" She squealed, "Killing, till one boy and one girl is alive! It's cruel!" Dawn had burst into tears and dropped her legs on the floor. "They're all our friends, whom we've met on our journeys, apart from those two weird guys in the back of the room."

    "Nothing to worry about," Zoey replied kissing Dawn on the cheek. "I mean, we don't have to kill each other. We can always try to escape."
    "I know but either way, we'll end up dead anyway."
    "Don't give up yet!" Zoey demanded. "It's not over till it's over!" Zoey kissed her again, "come on Dawn," Zoey whispered holding out her hand, "Let's go near the cliff."
    "OK," whimpered Dawn as she wope away most of her tears and taking Zoey's hand. The girls walked playfully near the egde of the cliff. They both sat down with thier legs up to thier chest. "The night sky is beautiful isn't it Zoey?"
    "Yeah," Zoey agreed, "It is. Just like us." Dawn giggled and finally started to cheer up. "If we were die," Zoey pointed out, "at least we could be together."

    "One thing I know for sure," Dawn announced holding her bag, "I will never play this game!" She screeched and threw her bag carelessly behind her, whilst kicking Zoey's bag over to her bag. Dawn began endlessly throwing feet on the grass. The young girl threw her body on the floor and waved her arms about. "WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT?" Dawn implored.

    Zoey noticed a guy from the shadows. The red head could see his cap and bat in his hand. Zoey hulicinated. She imagined evil eyes and a shining bat about to murder them and they would die in half an hour. She flicked over to the distraught Dawn. "We can't do anything." Zoey whispered in Dawn's ear.

    Zoey grabbed onto Dawn's waist. She held Dawn tightly onto her. Dawn had her arms digging into Zoey for the final comfort and to be with he rlover and friend before she disapeared. Zoey dragged herself and Dawn to the egde of the cliff and whilst Zoey jumped off, taking Dawn with her belowed loudly. "I LOVE YOU DAWN!" The screaming stopped at the time they hit a sudden loud and sharp splash.

    Girl one, Dawn,
    Girl three Zoey dead.
    19 boys left, 17 girls left

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    Default ?!

    You SICKO!!! You're gonna kill everyone of them!

    *runs as simon pionts gun* *kills Simon* *mourns over deaths*

    Other than that, good fic!
    New pic coming soon.

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    JB239874, I know, I can be a sicko. ^_^' Anyway thanks for taking your time to read and review my story. I won't kill of everyone of them, it's not a good way to end. Maybe they'll be a few survivors.

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    A few survivors? Oh good, I never really liked Misty or Drew.

    somehow I'm happy that they died early XD

    Is Shinji/Paul going to be in here or have I missed it?

    This is the start of a brand new journey...

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    Kawaii Serebii,
    Yes Paul/Shinji will make an appearance in the fic. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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    Chapter three

    Tyson wasn't going to attack them. He was simple running away from what he's done. Tyson had just become a murderer. Being honest, he thought that Kai would have murdered at least one person before he murdered someone. The shock of his own actions caused himself struggling to keep his sanity alive. Thank god for Kai, he thought to himself.

    Thinking it over carefully, Tyson knew that he would have died; if he hadn't of killed Soledad. The murder was a self-defence. If he or Kai died in the game apart, then the whole strategy will collapse.

    Tyson turned around viciously, he had only just noticed that his boyfriend, Kai hadn't catched up with him. This would have been the third and fourth person to die since the game started, and the death toll was only going to rise. However, all that could come to mind for Tyson was where was Kai.

    His heart was starting to beat faster. He buried his face in his hands, whilst his heartbeat thumped harder and all the thoughts of his surroundings had vanished into think air as his thoughts had invaded him.

    He remembered his most intense battle ever. Grass pushed away from the roots of the ground. The crowds, that surrounded Kai and Tyson started to back off in fear. The scenario was dangerous; the experience nearly killed them both. The flashback then fast forwarded to the vicious battle and returned to the scene of a young woman lying dead in between the battlefield. Her clothes were torn apart and blood leaked from her blood soaked clothes. Her body looked as if she had fallen into an eternal sleep. Fool, why did she stop the battle?

    Tyson forced himself to return to his senses. He crawled to the dead girl's bag pack whilst his own bag dragged by his arm. He took out a Katana blade, finely protected in a wooden case. Tyson slid the item into his own bag along with the bat. He was disappointed with the second bag. The weapon was a coat hanger, the thought made him laugh. The thought of someone being killed by a coat hanger made him laugh manically. He tossed the coat hanger away, since it was useless. He instead picked up all the food and drink from both bags and placed them into his own bag. Once satisfied with what he stole, he got himself up and decided to look for Kai.

    Meanwhile, not so far away, Boy 12, Brock was following Kai suspiciously. The bluenette tried to ignore him. Kai tried in all different directions to stop the coloured boy from following him. Kai found himself near the side of the beach, where the sea flowed in and out peacefully. Kai viciously stared at Brock hoping the glare was enough to make him run.

    "You're rather quiet!" Brock spat, jeering at Kai. Kai remained silent whilst thinking about a plan to escape from Brock. The way Brock walked around had intimidated him. At the same time it angered Kai. Kai ignored him and decided the sea looked far more interesting than Brock's words. "You and Tyson are Simon's agents aren't you?" Brock asked his voice was louder and sharper. "You two aren't really gay, it's an act! An act for sympathy so you’d look cool, you two make me sick!” Brock roared loudly, Kai had decided not to pay attention to Brock’s anger just now. Instead he’d wait till he was about to attack. “ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?" Brock screamed out pulled Kai backward with his white scarf.

    Kai threw his arm and shot his fist into Brock's face. Brock fell back onto the floor as his head landed on rocks, which caused his head to hurt. Brock yelled in pain as he got back to his feet. Brock shuddered looking at Kai's fierce appearance. Brock decided the wise idea would be to run away from Kai. Kai already had his Colt Python aimed to his chest. Brock faced his back at Kai and decided to run.

    Kai decided to chase him. He had the guts to say that Tyson and him were faking their love. Claiming what they had in their strong relationship was all a lie and an act for the sympathy and support; how dare he say that, the thought made him sick with anger? Kai's blood began to boil as he began chasing Brock running so fast he was the wind.

    Brock was running up by the hill, screaming whilst hearing the trigger from Kai's weapon. Brock rushed up and climbed onto the higher and stepper hills. His fast and panicking movements made him go fast faster and easier. As soon as Brock was able to run again he started jogging quite near the edge of the cliffs. Kai was still trying to shoot to kill Brock for what he referred to him and his relationship.

    Kai knew that his accuracy was excellent, but why wasn't Brock being harmed from the shots. Kai realised that Brock was wearing a bullet-proof vest and decided it wouldn't be worth wasting any more bullets on him; he would save them for a more worthy enemy. Kai found himself fortunate, to see Tyson waving his arms at him. Kai smiled to himself, then quickly tried to catch up with Brock, he was about two feet from him as the three of them got closer Brock ended up bashing into Tyson onto the floor. Tyson then rolled Brock onto the floor and ceased him in a headlock.

    "This guy's gone nuts!" Tyson panted.
    "I know," Kai replied, "make his head face me." He requested, "I wanna kill him!" Tyson wheeled Brock's face over to where Kai can see it. "Now you two stay right were you are..." Kai aimed his colt python to the top of Brock's hair. Kai held an evil grin. Tyson couldn't help but smile with Kai, something about Kai's grin made him look sexy and far more attractive. Kai pulled the trigger without any remorse or even care about the fate of the coloured lad. He said that he was fake love, without even knowing their character.

    Boy 12, Brock dead
    18 boys left. 17 girls left

    "Kai, I think that was a bit mean." Tyson pointed out honestly. Whilst tossing Brock to the side and standing up carrying his bag.
    "This is a two men show!" Kai announced. "The guy got what he deserved for saying that we were fake. Anyway he's got a bulletproof vest. The reason why I didn't kick his *** ages ago."
    "How come we didn't get a bullet proof vest?" Tyson asked in jealously.
    "Cause that was his weapon," Kai replied marching to Brock's body. Tyson handed over the sharp knife over to Kai. With the knife, Kai tore apart Brock's Jacket and shirt only to prove he was right, he did have a bulletproof vest. After ripping off the rest of Brock’s clothes, Kai removed the bulletproof vest from the fresh corpse and carried it in his own bag. “Poor *******,” Kai muttered. “Like I said, this is a two men show; you and me, Tyson do you understand?”

    “I do,” Tyson nodded grabbing onto Kai. “Cause I feel the same way!”
    “Good.” Kai smirked wrapping his arms around Tyson. “We better get out of here before we end on someone’s slaughter list.” Kai realised that Tyson’s bad looked a lot heavier than usual and saw something besides the bat. “What have you got in your bag Tyson?” Kai asked suspiciously.
    “Same as you!”
    “Oh really,” Kai replied raising an eyebrow. “Don’t tell me you’ve added more to your killing spree.”
    “Huh! No!” Tyson shouted. “Zoey took Dawn with her and they jumped off the cliff.” Tyson told Kai, “I just took their weapons and food, since they wouldn’t need it. I stole that black dude’s food is well!”
    “How did you know the girl’s names?”
    “Dawn was the first girl out,” Tyson answered, “Zoey was out before me.”
    “You’ve finally started paying attention for once.” Kai praised sarcastically.
    “I do pay attention!” Tyson replied. "You know Kai..." he said changing the subject rather quickly. "This is supposed to be a game of death." Tyson pointed out. "Some people get scared, crazy, some become killing machines and I don't feel scared at all. Maybe if I was in battle royale with my friends, then maybe I would be scared. It's weird." Tyson stared at Kai. "Don't you think it's weird?"

    "Not really," Kai replied. "We don't know anybody, so it feels quite easy to slaughter them without any remorse. Since we don't know them, we don't feel as sympathetic as others would be. You’re the only person I’m attached to. So weather we live or die, I really don't even care anymore as long as we die together. So it's best not to make friends with anyone on here. We've gotta stick together and beat this game."

    "I hate how they made it only one boy and one girl to live." Tyson pointed out. "I mean, how made that stupid rule. Why couldn't they have two survivors?"
    "Cause the person who made that new rule is a Idiot." Kai confirmed. "We need to find somewhere quiet, I'm getting tired."
    "Me too," Tyson yawned leaning onto Kai's shoulder. “I’m exhausted.”

    “I can tell,” Kai replied stroking his cheek. So boys 4 and five quietly walked down the hill and aiming for the cave near the beach. The area where Kai lead Brock to his final minutes of his life still remained tragic. Tyson’s eyes became weary, dry and tired he began leaning on Kai as his legs become lazy and too weak to walk. His eyes were already closed and he was in no mood to open them. It didn’t take long for Kai to notice this either. There wasn’t anything he could really do about it either. Kai grabbed Tyson by the foot and carried him in his arms. It would have been better than for Tyson to faint on the spot.

    Kai heard whispers in the tiny hut near the beach; he decided that it would be far too dangerous to enter so instead he carried Tyson over to the small cave. It wouldn’t have been as comfortable as a small hut, but it would do until the sun rose.

    End of chapter three

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    Chapter four
    1:30 AM
    Ash was hiding under the table with May next to him. Neither of them could sleep, the gunshots and screams kept them awake and alarmed. They’ve been whispering since they entered the hut. May grabbed onto Ash’s waist tight enough to hut. Ash looked at May strangely not knowing how to react. The friend he respected the most had died. Trusting now became an awkward thing to do. There were butterflies in his stomach. He was in fear of someone blowing up their hideout or someone barging in killing them in the process. Ash trusted May very much and would be willing to protect her. However, the fact that May kissed Drew’s corpse had troubled him.

    “We can survive this right?” May asked leaning her head on Ash’s shoulder.
    “Of course we can!” Ash replied sharply. “At least we can,” Ash thought to himself. “Well I’m going to check my weapon,” Ash went into his bag and to much of his surprise, his weapon was a silver metal boomerang. “A boomerang huh?” Ash asked himself, “I would have loved to have had a gun.” Ash felt May hug him tighter around his waist and felt her body shaking. Ash became startled; needless to say that May was distraught. “Why don’t we check your weapon May?”

    May remained silent and appeared lifeless and stunned. Ash went into May’s bag anyway, taking out a sickle. The blade was circular whilst the handle was straight. “I think this is a sickle,” Ash said turning the sickle backwards and forwards then placing it back into the bag. “Our weapons sure are lame,” Ash had complained, “we should be able to find a better weapon hopefully. ”

    “Maybe,” May whispered it had been the second time she spoke since running from Soledad. “What do you think of those gay kids?”
    “I don’t know,” Ash replied, “I don’t know much about them but they seem pretty dangerous. We should steer clear from them if possible. Especially the Indian one.”
    “How do know if he’s Indian?” May asked.
    “He’s got stripes on his face!” Ash replied. “I wonder what kind of tribe he’s in? He’s obviously gay from his scarf. As for the pony tailed one,” Ash continued, “He seems like a nice guy, but mental. What where their names again?”
    “Tyson was he one in the cap and Kai was the one with the scarf.” May answered in a slightly unsure way. "Maybe if we could be like them," May thought out aloud. "They both appear brave, dangerous and ready to go out there!"
    "Please don't tell me you're a fan girl?" Ash complained.
    "No not really," May replied, "But there's nothing wrong with fan girls or gay people. Please don't tell me your homophobic?"
    "No," Ash snapped, "Of course I'm not!"
    "Calm down." May told him, "I'm sure they're pretty nice guys."
    "I wasn't saying that they're mean," Ash reassured May whilst moving his legs into sitting position. "I'm just saying we should be more cautious of them. We don't know them and we know everyone else here. We can all get up together and beat this game and kick that Simon's butt!"
    May slightly giggled at him. "You haven't changed one bit."

    Meanwhile, boy number 2, Tracey had finished marching in an empty road. He sat near the green grass viewing the bright blue sky. His back rested on tough stinging bushes. Tracey needed more time to mourn over the loss of Misty. Misty was one of Tracey's best friends; he remembered the times where he travelled with Ash and Misty. All the good memories and still trying to keep them alive, was a hard thing to do. Instead of killing he would wait to die. Treasure those who were close to him, value all he had left.

    Tracey grabbed a hold of his tracking devise. It seemed that there was one person walking up. He was hoping it was one of his friends. He stood up carefully whist walking towards the boy walking in front of him. Footsteps got louder and the faces became clearer. Tracey saw a young man with shiny purple hair dressed in casual black clothes with blue stripes. The young man appeared to be carrying his bag, but he had no weapon in his hand. Instead, it was a bright torch with shined directly into Tracey's face. He was nearly blinded by the torch. When the young man made the torch face the floor, he glared at Tracey.

    "You're name is Paul right?"
    Paul nodded whilst giving Tracey a filthy look. Paul then suddenly held a spear tightly in his first and firmly up to his chest. "Yes," Paul spat back looking anything but pleased with his Tracey's presence. "You would be Tracey?" Tracey nodded back with no clue what to say to him. “Why are you quiet?” Paul asked curiously.
    “I don’t know,” Tracey replied as he watched Paul step closer as his piercing eye contact had intimidated him.
    ”What’s that in your hand?” Paul sneered looking at Tracey’s shaking arms like a program.
    “I think it’s a tracking device!” Exclaimed Tracey. “My weapon!”
    “A very interesting weapon.” Paul announced sarcastically. “However, my weapon is much better than yours!” Paul started to smirk whilst pointing his spear directly to Tracey’s forehead. “The spear is useful,” Paul murmured to himself, “it’s not as useful as a gun, but it will do.” Paul stepped more towards his victim, as if Tracey was pathetic and weak. Tracey was aware that Paul was just about to murder him. Tracey was practically running backwards as fast as he could, although his fear slowed him down.

    “PLEASE DON’T DO IT!” Tracey screeched falling to the ground. “DON’T KILL ME! WHAT HAVE I EVER DONE TO YOU?” He was practically pulling onto Paul’s trousers, which only made the begging more useless. Paul sighed as he stabbed Tracey’s back bang into the middle. Blood pouring around his back and staining his green shirt like a strange pattern. Paul heard Tracey’s final screams before knocking his whole body onto the ground and then his spear aimed at his heart. The blood was fresh, raw and red, the pool of blood slowly formed underneath Tracey’s newly dead body. Paul felt no remorse at the present time. Instead, he collected the tracking device and simply walked off.

    Around five minutes after killing Tracey, Paul halted near a pier. He looked on the pier and saw a high jagged cliff. He then looked down to see Zoey and Dawn wrapped in eachother arms, their skin was pale white. The sea waves washed away some of the blood on their clothes. Paul coldly stared at the two corpses wrapped up all cosy together. He gritted his teeth; he couldn’t believe how stupid the pair of them were. He made a promise to himself, never to die like that. He was going to fight this game and win it.

    “Did you hear that?” May shrieked.
    “Yeah,” Ash said, “The screaming sounded like Tracey. I hope he isn’t dead.”
    “Why don’t we check?” May asked as she about to scurry out of the little hut. She was halted by Ash as he dragged her with force to his chest. May looked at Ash in a state of shock. Tracey was his friend; it wasn’t like him to simply leave his friends to die. The look in his eyes, made him appear that he actually wanted something much more of May. “What’s wrong with you Ash?”
    “Nothing’s wrong with me,” Ash replied hastily, “I’d like to save Tracey but it’s too dangerous, and I wanna be the male survivor here. If we relax here and let everyone else slaughter eachother, we’ll be alive without any harm.” May knew that Ash wasn’t thinking straight. What Ash has said, was much easier said then done. May simply wanted to drop the subject.

    Boy 2, Tracey, dead
    17 boys left. 17 girls left.

    Meanwhile, inside the building, where a busy office worked, Simon was being sociable with Giovanni, the leader of team rocket and Lieutenant Anjo, whom had served the army for a long time and knew exactly how the Battle Royale plan worked and why it as there. Lieutenant Anjo knew that Battle Royale existed because the adults wear feared by the youth. The youth mocked the elders and employment was appalling as well as school attendance. So Battle Royale was put together. A random class was selected to kill each other until one remained. The three men seemed pretty interesting in the screens in front of them. The screens informed them who was alive, who was dead and where there were. One block of the screen had changed colour. The picture of Tracey had turned thick red and ceased to flash.

    “Boy number 2 has been eliminated!” Anjo announced.
    Simon hopped on the sofa as he heard the news. He was sitting next to a man in an orange suit. The man sitting next to Simon looked like someone from a high class. Simon stared directly into the screen; Thirty-four trainers were still remaining. “So any news on the beybladers?”
    ”They’re currently resting the cave right now!” Giovanni told him. “They both seem to be doing quite well. Boy number four has eliminated girl number nine, whilst boy number five has eliminated boy number 12.”
    “One of those dudes is the beyblade champion after all.” Simon pointed out pouring a glass of vodka for Giovanni. “There’ll be blood, sweat and tears with those two around,” Simon confirmed, “I’ll promise you that”
    “You speak as if you know these boys quite well.” Giovanni smiled holding his glass of vodka in his hand whilst smartening his collar with the other. “Have you ever seen them before?”
    “Indeed I have,” he replied, “I know both of them quite well in real life, you can say that I am just simply spying on them. ”
    “Then you can tell me all about them,” Giovanni requested, “I’m interested in them.”
    End of chapter

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    Battle Royale Chapter five

    6AM Report
    Loud music was enough to awaken Ash and May from their sleep. May walked out from the hut and Ash had quickly followed her. May huffed; she was hoping that this Battle Royale was all a dream. The reality was cruel, and the bloody game was real. “What’s wrong May?” Ash asked her.
    “I was just hoping this was a nightmare,” May confessed. “I feel gutted that this game is real. ” May wiped away a tear that had been falling from her eyes. Ash tapped May’s shoulder and took her hand.
    “Come on May,” Ash smiled with weary eyes, “Let’s move somewhere else.”

    “It’s 6AM!” the voice of Simon had raged through the island’s microphones. “Time to wake up! Now don’t be lazy!” He called through his microphone. “Let’s go through the dead people; in order of their deaths ”

    “Here we go,” May whispered nervously. Ash managed to hear her.

    “Boy 16, Harvey, Girl 9, Soledad, Girl one, Dawn along with Girl three, Zoey. Boy 12, Brock and finally Boy 2, Tracey. This makes a total of six deaths.”

    “NO!” Ash snapped as he violently dropped to his knees and arms to the floor. “Why?” He whimpered, “Misty…. Dawn…. Brock … Tracey…. they’re all dead.” May looked down on Ash and joined him, to mourn. She too, had lost so many good friends already. Drew was the reason why she thrived harder for her goals and she had high respect for Harley and Soledad. The fear had got to Soledad, which was maybe the reason why she killed Harley. Even though Misty died before the game started, at least she died for standing up for injustice. Vengeance leaked into May’s head. She had to avenge them, as they needed to be avenged. May had an idea, if Battle Royale failed by enabling more than one boy and girl surviving, then murder Simon in the process, it could work.

    “Ash,” May whispered burring her face into Ash’s hair. “We gotta avenge them.”

    “Get your maps ready!” Simon continued through the microphone. “ Here are the danger zones, from nine o’clock A6 and B9 and at midday C2 and E9!” There was a long pause in Simon’s voice. “It’s hard watching your friends die like this, I know. Just keep fighting. Next update midday today.”

    Ash slowly stood up and he started looking very ****** off. “You’re right May!” He whispered. “We gotta avenge them, we’ve gotta survive!” They both looked at the map, as May marked the danger zones on both her and Ash’s map. May was aware that they were currently into a future danger zone; they were in Zone A6.
    “We better make our move soon,” May pointed out to Ash, wrapping her arm around him. “This is going to be the next danger zone.”

    Ash sighed heavily, the expression on his face was bitter, distraught and distress. “They say revenge is sweet.” Ash whispered bitterly. “We’ll make our revenge short and sweet. So anyway let’s move on.” Ash dragged May with his hand. “Get your weapon ready,” he advised May, in a serious tone. “Anyone can come and kill us!”
    ”If you want me to!” May replied in a slightly scared tone. She released her shiny sharp sickle from the bag, and placed it into her hand.
    “You seem scared,” Ash announced to her, “Is it me?”
    “No,” May replied. “It’s got nothing to do with you.”
    “That’s good,” Ash smiled faintly. A sudden sound of fire rushed into their ears. Ash’s feet dropped to the floor without warning. May screeched as she jumped down with him.

    May opened her eyes. She tapped Ash’s back violently. “You ok Ash?”
    “Yeah,” Ash replied. “I’m absolutely fine, just the bullet sound shocked me!” May gave a huge breath of pure relief. She thought that Ash was harmed. Ash crawled on his knees. “Help me get up.” May grabbed onto Ash’s arms and pulled him up. Ash ended up falling onto May’s chest. May became fixed into Ash, something about him, gave her an urge to look after him.

    They both crept up on the hill. As they did, someone charged at May like a flash of light. She was fortunate enough to have dodged the attacker with Ash besides her. Once getting a quick glance, she realised the attacker was male, wearing a posh green costume. His mask concealed his face, though his light brown hair was visible. Ash had a quick guess who the assailant was; the guy’s name was Kenny, one of Dawn’s friends.

    “KENNY!” Ash called. “Is that you?”
    “Yes!” Kenny snapped back. “Dawn’s dead isn’t she? Who killed her? WHO KILLED HER? WAS IT ON OF YOU!” Kenny roared to the top of his voice. Yelling in anger. The anger freaked May out.

    “NO IT WASN’T!” May screamed back. “I’ve been with Ash all this time!”
    “Really?” Kenny asked. “So you two murdered Dawn together.”
    “That’s not true!” Ash replied. “Our weapon’s aren’t even that good.”
    “Liars,” Kenny muttered. “I heard Zoey’s screaming voice. That lesbian *****! I loved Dawn and she stole her away from me.”
    “I know you’re upset over Dawn…” Ash announced, trying to calm Kenny down. “I miss her too. She had a great personality and she’s a great friend.” Eventually, Kenny bursted into tears like a bomb that had just exploded without any warning. They were people just like them. Others who mourned over the death of their friends and wished they could come back.
    “Didn’t you hear Zoey’s last words?” Kenny whispered. “Zoey screamed I love you Dawn. I wish those were my last words, because I love you Dawn.”

    May and Ash spotted a tall young woman emerge from the trees behind him. Holding a crossbow in her hand and aiming at Kenny. “Kenny Behind you!” May told Kenny. However, it was too late. The arrow sparked from the crossbow and directly aimed to his head. Kenny’s face appeared dazed and lost. A drip of blood poured from his mouth. For some reason he was happy. He fell horizontally to the floor at peace. No more suffering and no more pain for him. Meanwhile the fear lived on for the vulnerable Ash and May.

    The tall woman giggled endlessly. “I’ve just killed someone!” She smiled unjustified. “Hey Ash,” The female assassin smiled. “It’s me Molly Hale.”
    “I know it’s you Molly,” Ash replied. “But why did you kill him?”
    “It’s kill or be killed.” Molly reminded them.” Only one boy and girl can survive” she giggled. “I was hoping to help to survive with you.” She aimed her crossbow at May with a look of envy. “This means goodbye to this other girl.”

    “NO!” May shouted as she tightly shut her eyes and ran behind Ash.

    Molly screamed loudly and she fell on the floor, wailing in agony. “Why?” Molly cried. “Why did it have to be this way?” Ash and May turned around to see a young man above them, holding a colt python in his hand. His face remained fierce and dangerous. May noticed it was one of the beybladers. The one with the blue stripes and the white scarf, also the one who Ash thought was Indian.

    They both watched Kai walk over to the screaming and crying Molly. Ash and May heard Molly scream out apologies and her begging for forgiveness. Kai simply pointed the gun at her face. Molly was in so much pain, she couldn’t move. She was defenceless and helpless. The trigger had been pulled. Both Ash and May froze to the spot and watched Molly die. Kai looked down on the dead girl and just as he was about to walk away he looked over at Ash and May. He had the eyes of a murderer. However, he decided to walk away from them.

    “Why?” May asked Kai, trying to engage a conversation with him. “Why did you do it? It’s not fair.”

    Kai stopped walking. The male bluenette faced her with an aggressive face. “Life isn’t fair,” Kai snapped as his scarf flew around his head, “get over it.” Kai pushed his scarf forwards to cover his jaw and he took steps away from them.

    “Not a good enough excuse!” May exclaimed. “How can I get over it? MY FRIENDS ARE DYING!”
    “May!” Ash mumbled holding on to her shoulder. In his mind he was praying for her not to end up like Misty, Dawn and Brock.
    “FINE WALK AWAY FROM US!” May snapped at Kai angrily. “YOU EVIL COLD HEARTED KILLER!”
    “I’m doing society a favour by getting rid of idiots like you!” Kai replied harshly.

    “Kai,” A deep voice broke out, disturbing the debate. “There you are!” Kai, Ash and May all turned their faces on the teen walking down. The other beyblader, Tyson was dashing over to Kai.

    “YOU EVIL *******!” Ash snapped staring at Kai, starting to become annoyed. He felt his blood boil and erupt violently. He felt the redness of his face show anger and hatred. If only he had the weapon. Ash started looking at Tyson. “How can you love someone so evil?”

    “He’s not really evil,” Tyson announced wrapping his arms around the bluenette as well as his face against his cheek. “He’s a softie really!”
    End of chapter five

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