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Thread: The Keystone Pops! (524)

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    Quote Originally Posted by KyogreThunder View Post
    I was disappointed Ash didn't even bother to try catching Spiritomb.
    Lol, I'm glad he didn't capture it. Spiritomb seemed genuinely evil, so it wasn't going to work out for Ash's Sinnoh team. It would've killed all of Ash's Pokemon.

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    I liked seeing Satoshi versus Hikari, mostly due to us rarely seeing battles at night. The fact that the sinister Mikaruge was released from the Tower of Sacred Souls was so much fun since we got to see so many wacky antics, such as Musashi dressed up as a priestess, Nyasu's Nyula outfit, and the Rocket-dan falling into a pitfall. I loved the village elder, too.

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