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Thread: Peaceful Love, and Paradise [Advanceshipping One-shot]

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    Default Peaceful Love, and Paradise [Advanceshipping One-shot]

    Um... Hi forumites of Serebii! I've been reading some fanfics in this forums for quite awhile and decided to join in and try out my fanfic~ And since I just loved the pairing of Ash and May, I decided to write one about it! Hope it is of acceptable quality. Advanced thanks for people reading and reviewing!

    Peaceful Love, and Paradise.
    (Advanceshipping One-shot)

    Ash and May strolled leisurely up the gentle slope on the edge south of Pallet Town. It had been decades since they met. Age is catching up on them.

    At the age of 86 and 82, they had already retired from Pokemon training and battling, having accomplishments few would achieve. Ash was a champion of leagues over regions, while May obtained contest ribbons for eight consecutive annual Grand Festivals, where contests are held.

    Now, they were already in their seventies, enjoying trouble-free lives of their own, together. The town was peaceful for the past few years. Nothing has changed, not even the intimate love the couple shared throughout these decades.

    Ash and May reached the peak of the hill, where one could see Route 21, a large body of water leading up to Cinnabar Island, direct south of Pallet. It was a wonderful sight to behold upon the horizon during the evening sunset. The couple loved this spot. They would talk about their past, each memorable moments they had together.

    “Been years since we met, huh?” Ash started a conversation with May, smiling with a wrinkled face.

    “Yeah… I can still remember what happened to my bike.” May joked.

    A slow conversation started between the two. They had never got bored of going through the same topic everyday. Before, the two had liked each other secretly, but one being too dense about love, never did admit it to the other, until their Pokemon found out about it and cooked up a plan and brought the two teens to confess.

    As the couple’s conversation came to an end, they sat quietly on the clean, soft grass on the hill. Butterfrees were seen picking pollen from flowers, while a bunch of Ratatas ran around playfully around. Flocks of Wingulls and Pellipers flew above the water, and schools of Remoraids swam freely under.

    Ash and May watched quietly as the sun sets, slowly behind the waters. May laid her head on Ash’s chest, while the latter move his arm over to May’s shoulder, whispering “I love you”’s. Though old, they had kept the romantic relationship they had.

    As the golden sun was out of view, the crimson sky turned dark, and the moon and stars became visible. A slight breeze blew past the couple, and night fell.

    Realizing that it was night time, Ash and May headed back for home to prepare for dinner. As they reached the house, the fragrance of food came out from their kitchen. It was their Pokemon, their friends who had kept them company through their old age after retirement. They had prepared a sumptuous meal for the two elderly.

    Other than their love remain unchanged through these years, so have their appetite. The two could have two to three large bowls of rice per meal, and still have room for dessert.

    After the feast, they headed back to their room for a good night’s sleep. They made their bed and snuggled warmly under the blankets.

    “Goodnight Ash.” May whispered and pecked Ash on the forehead.

    “G’night May, I love you.” Ash smiled and returned the kiss May gave.

    The couple fell asleep on the bed, together. Ash started dreaming about his childhood, his late-mother, and his journeys and adventures he had with May.

    “I… love… you, May.” Ash mumbled in his sleep.

    The next morning, a familiar call from a Dodrio woke May from her sleep. She sat up on the bed sleepily and yawned, and nudged Ash to wake up.

    As she touched Ash, there was no response. His skin felt cold, and there was no snoring from him. May knew what was wrong, but she stayed calm. Even though Ash felt cold, the warm smile on his face was all May needed. As she thought over once again, the moments she and Ash shared, she smiled, and a drop of tear trickled down her cheek.

    “Goodnight Ash, rest well.” May smiled and placed a warm kiss on Ash’s cheek.

    If death were to keep us apart, our love shall be what link us back together, forever.

    So that's it. If it wouldn't trouble you, can I get help for the rating of the fic? Eg. PG13. Cos I'm quite confused about it. Thanks again!

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    Wow, that was unique. I don't think that I've ever seen anything like that done before. Ever.

    My Advanceshipping Fanfic on Serbii HERE

    and now I vanish...

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    Thanks Xaotl for reading and replying!

    I would take that as a compliment? If so, thanks again! ^o^Y

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