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    Default Our hearts are divided [PG-13]

    Hey to everyone out there that have started to read this! This is my first ever try at writing a fanfic, so I'm a bit nervous, reading through it, I know there's gunna be mistakes but we all have to start somewhere Anyway, please R+R, I am really looking forward to hearing any advice that you experienced writers have to offer. So without furthur ado, here's chapter one!

    The only shipping that occurs in the story is Pokeshipping. A few other shippings may appear, but I'm not entirely sure at the moment. If there is and I haven't mentioned, then it's by accident

    Chapter 1 – An unexpected arrival

    Their hearts pounded as they moved closer and closer together, their warm breath meeting each others in the air, their cheeks bright red the whole time. Their lips met for only a short moment, but to the two teenagers, it felt like an eternity. As they parted, the girl mustered up enough courage to tell the boy what she had wanted to tell him ever since she realized what she felt for him.

    “I love you Ash”

    She could see the grin already growing on his face as she muttered those few words. She could only hope that he felt the same way for her.

    “I love you too Mist”

    Their lips met for a second time, for much longer than they could recall, their minds where set on each other, and nothing else.


    A loud banging could be heard from under her duvet cover, she wanted her dream to go on, but her sisters wouldn't stop banging on the door. As she proceeded to put her head under her pillow, she finally gave in after the shouting began.

    “Misty like, wake up! There's a trainer out here and we're too busy to battle them, so come on already!”

    Misty was frustrated with her sisters, every time a trainer arrived, they where too busy to accept their challenges. She was hoping to get a lie-in today, but she knew that would end badly, and as she expected, a trainer arrived just at the wrong time.

    With a sigh, Misty got out of bed and got dressed in her usual yellow tank top and blue shorts with red suspenders, ignoring the constant thumping on the door until she was ready to shout at her sisters.

    “Misty! Hurry up!”

    “Why can't you just battle them?”

    “Like we said, we're too busy to do it right now”

    Misty sighed, she didn't want to battle more trainers, what she wanted was some time with Ash. She got up and wrenched open the door so fast that it made her sisters jump in surprise.

    “Fine, but you're battling the next trainer”

    “Sure, whatever, just go and deal with it already!”

    Misty collected her Pokemon and headed off towards the arena where, if her sisters had actually bothered to do something right, the trainer would be. She entered the arena and climbed up to her position, thinking that the trainer would be waiting for her on the other side.

    “Mist, why are you up there? Is there going to be a battle?”

    Misty's eyes widened. She recognized that voice perfectly, it was the one voice that she loved the most over any other. The voice that could make her the happiest, or the saddest, girl in the world.


    “Heh, hiya Mist, betcha weren't expecting me” He had that same grin on his face that always made her feel better when she was sad.

    Misty ran back down towards the arenas edge and headed towards Ash to give him a great big hug

    “It's so good to see you Ash! My sisters told me their was a trainer here for me, so I expected it would be a challenger.”

    Ash didn't expect the reaction that he got when Misty saw him, which left him with a slight blush on his cheeks. He didn't mind it though, Misty hugging him gave him a warm sensation that urged her to hug back, but he didn't want to be hit over the head with a mallet.

    “I'm here to visit my best friend, not battle her”

    The urge to hug Misty got unbearable, as he hugged her back, he braced himself for a smack over the head.

    As Ash hugged her back, Misty felt a hopefulness that her dream might come true, but she didn't want to get her hopes up too soon.

    “It's only a hug, maybe if it was a kiss or something...”

    The smack around the head never came, Ash was pleased about that, but he was also confused

    ”Why didn't she hit me over the head with her mallet? If anyone else was here she wouldn't hesitate to do that... Girls are so confusing”

    They broke from their hug, which neither wanted to do, but didn't know what would happen if they kept hugging. Misty thought it might put her in a false state of mind, while ash thought he'd get bashed over the head with a large mallet.

    “Where is everyone else? Last time I heard from you, you had three people traveling with you”

    “Oh, they all went home, I was heading home as well, but I couldn't do that without saying hello to you Mist, it wouldn't be right!”

    “Really? You couldn't go home without coming to see me?” A small blush appeared on her cheeks

    “Who else would I want to visit?” A small blush appeared on his cheeks also, but neither of them noticed the other one blushing as they where too busy trying to hide their own.

    There was an awkward silence for a few moments that was broken by an angelic voice, Ash didn't know what he was thinking or why he was thinking it, but he knew it had something to do with Misty, something that made him feel warm and happy.

    “Do you have any plans other than saying hello to your best friend” As Misty looked at Ash with her puppy dog eyes, he knew he had to think of something, and fast.

    “How bout I treat you to lunch?”

    “That sounds like a good idea, but are you sure you'll be able to afford it with your appetite?” Misty prodded his stomach mockingly

    “Yeah, I saved up my money when I was away, Brock made food for us almost every day, so I didn't need to sped much”

    “Let's go then!” Misty grabbed his arm and ran out of gym, heading for the nearest restaurant, dragging Ash behind as she went.

    “Waa! Misty, not so fast!”

    “Not so fast? I haven't eaten yet so I'm starving and I know that if we get there soon, we can get the 'all you can eat' offer!”

    “Can you at least slow down enough for me to walk alongside you? Please?”

    Misty knew that she would never be able to refuse him when he was so polite. It didn't happen very often, but she loved it when it did.

    “Fine, but we have to hurry, the offer ends for today really soon” As she slowed down enough for Ash to catch up, she couldn't help but glance at him, and once she did that, she couldn't help glancing back again and again.

    Ash wasn't really focused on the food, the fact that Misty agreed to slow down for him was really kind of her, he didn't know what he said that made her do that, but he felt glad that he could walk beside her. He didn't even realize that she had kept her arm wrapped around his.


    So here it is. My first chapter is finished, round of applause for the newbie! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it. Although it does look a bit short to what I see from the people who inspired me to start writing. I'll make sure to read every word you put and I'll be taking notes for my second chapter, which I have already written but hope to re-write it to better suit the characters, the scenen, to make it more of a reasonable size and basically to make sure it isn't as bad as it is atm lol. Thanks for your time and reviews!

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    Please indicate all shippings that occur in this fic at the top of your first post. Thank you.
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    For anyone reading this, and I hope there are some. I have a little Christmas present for you... Chapter 2!

    Chapter 2 – Bon Appétit

    As the two teenagers where happily walking towards the restaurant, arm in arm, they didn't realize that the other kept glancing at them, they where too busy trying to make themselves look as if they weren't doing it.

    Ash had no idea why he was doing this, it just felt like he should, Misty knew that if he was looking when she glanced over, she would be able to see those chocolate brown eyes that she adored so much, but what would his reaction be? As they neared the restaurant, Misty got more and more excited, she knew the 'all you can eat' deal was over, so maybe they could have a romantic lunch instead.

    “This is Ash we're talking about... There's no chance of that happening”

    Ash had only eaten one breakfast, but for some strange reason, he wasn't hungry.

    “I'm only going to have a small lunch, I'm not that hungry”

    Misty looked shocked at the words 'I'm not that hungry' coming out of Ash's mouth. She never saw him eat very little, he was always wolfing down food like there was no tomorrow.

    “Okay, I'm not that hungry either” Giving Ash a happy smile.

    Ash kept getting this feeling, he'd felt it before when Misty left, and times when he was reminded of her, but they always made him sad. This time it was completely different. He had the exact same feeling, but this time, he was happy.

    As they entered through the elegant glass doors and waited to be taken to a table, they looked around and were amazed at the place. The place looked brand new, yet it hadn't been changed since it was first built. The two came back to their senses as a waiter approached them.

    “May I help you?” He had a very posh voice, with a look that told the two teenagers he didn't like them.

    “We'd like a table please” As if that wasn't obvious. Ash didn't get why waiters could be so stupid at times.

    “Does the young couple require a table for two or would they prefer a larger table?” He was using a slightly mocking tone, the boy was obviously very dim and needed everything spelled out for him.

    At the mention of them being a couple, both Misty and Ash blushed

    “We're not a couple” Mist had only murmured this, making it impossible for Ash or the waiter to hear her.

    Ash was surprised that Misty hadn't said anything to that, he suspected she would shout at the waiter for calling them a couple. He thought he should end the awkward moment and get the table for them before anyone started to stare.

    “Just... Just a table for two please.” Ash was nervous and was trying to control himself to stop blushing, with great difficulty.

    Ash had surprised Misty again. He didn't say that they weren't a couple, and he didn't order a larger table, it was as if he wanted to be close to her.

    “Please follow me to your table” As the waiter walked off, the two quickly followed.

    “Why didn't Ash argue with the waiter about us not being a couple? Unless he means for us to be a couple.. Maybe, but maybe not... I hope he wants us to be a couple.”

    Ash did the best he could to figure out why neither of them argued to th waiter about not being a couple, again he made up some excuse that in his mind, was good enough.

    “we didn't argue back because... We didn't want to get kicked out of the restaurant. Yeah, that's it! We didn't want to get kicked out of the restaurant.”

    “Here is your table sir and madame, I will be back to take your order in a moment.”

    As the two sat down, the waiter gave them a menu each, Ash looked through the whole thing and wanted to taste everything they had, but that would be too expensive, and he wasn't that hungry. He'd have to stick to just one course.

    “What are you having Ash?” Ash put his menu down and looked over the table at Misty shyly, hoping that he didn't blush.

    “I'm having the steak. What are you having?”

    As Ash looked up to Misty when asking her that question, he couldn't help blushing. Misty had let her hair down, he liked this a lot, but it rarely ever happened. He was looking into her aqua blue eyes and could feel that strange feeling again.

    “All the portions look so big...”

    She was looking back into his chocolate brown eyes, she could see that he was blushing as she started to blush herself.

    “We could always share a meal...”

    “That sounds like a good idea”

    “Is steak okay with you?”


    Their eyes didn't leave each others as the waiter approached with a pen and paper, ready to take their order.

    “Is the couple ready to order?”

    “We'll have the steak”

    Their eyes where still locked, both of the teenagers had wide grins on their faces

    “Would that be just one for you both?”

    “Yes. Just the one please”

    “Your food will be with you in a few minutes” As the waiter walked away the two finally lost eye contact with each other and started laughing for no reason.

    As they waited for the food to arrive, the two seemed to get closer and closer, until they where seemingly right next to each other.

    “Misty, what did you think of me when you first saw me?”

    Misty wasn't expecting a question like that. She might as well tell the truth, knowing that Ash would probably do just the same and it didn't seem right to lie to him when he was being so kind.

    “To be honest Ash, I thought you where just a stupid kid that didn't care about your pokemon”

    “I do so care about my pokemon! Pikachu didn't like me at the time and I got worried when the spearow attacked... So... What do you think of me now?”

    “I think you're a kind and sweet young man That does care about pokemon, and his friends and I wish I never had to leave because the adventures were so fun... What about you?”

    “I thought you where a scrawny, annoying girl that followed me around just so you could keep asking me to repay you for your bike... Now I think you're a beautiful young woman that I wished you had never left to go back to your gym”

    “That's so sweet Ash” Misty was hiding the fact that the first thing he said was hurtful, she would hit him over the head for that later.

    The waiter arrived with the plate of food and was confused at where Misty was her chair had seemingly moved from one side of the table to the other. He decided to ignore the fact. The couple probably just wanted to be near each other.

    “Here you are sir and madame, I hope you enjoy the meal”

    The waiter gave them a small bow and walked off to serve the rest of the people dining at the restaurant.

    “Lets get stuck in then, I'll cut it down the middle so the we can each have half”

    As Ash cut the steak, he got the positioning of the knife wrong and cut the steak into two unequally sized pieces.

    “Okay, here you go”

    Ash turned the plate round so that Misty had the larger piece.

    “After all, I'm not that hungry.” Ash smiled towards Misty and waited to see her reaction.

    With a big grin on her face, Misty took the large piece and they began to eat.

    There's chapter 2 for whoever is reading the fic, if anyone is at all... Hopefully it wasn't as boring as my inconsiderate friend who was supposed to help me make it better said it was (and then didn't help me!). I'll be making a PM list, so just ask to be on it and it'll be done. Merry Christmas everyone and have a Happy New Year!

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