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Thread: What's Past has past. [Advanceshipping One-Shot PG-13]

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    Default What's Past has past. [Advanceshipping One-Shot PG-13]

    Owell, hello again ^_^! I've been working on another shipping one-shot the past few days, since it's the school holidays now, I'd make the best use of it @.@" . Anyways, hope you enjoy it!

    P.S. I just found out I love to have people passing away in ships, but trust me, I don't hate Ash ._.

    P.P.S. I just found out that my plot was QUITE familiar to Xaotl's one-shot "Thoughts" at Gee ._. . Sorry Xaotl, hope you don't mind T.T

    What's Past has past.
    Advanceshipping one-shot, PG-13

    The whole forest of Viridian was quiet, as in mourning for him. A slight breeze blew past, rustling the leaves on the maple trees around the group.

    All of a sudden, she felt empty, and loneliness. Even with friends around her, trying to console her, she felt nothing. As May’s heart continued shredding into a thousand pieces, her eyes swell up. Unable to hold it any longer, a drip of tear fell down her cheek, and continued into what looked like a stream.




    It was the only sound heard through the entire forest. The regrets she felt in her heart were too heavy, so heavy even her legs were struggling to stand. Eventually, they submitted, and she knelt down with both knees landing at the same time.

    The sharp rocks of the forest floor cut into her skin, but she couldn’t feel the pain; nothing now can hurt her more than knowing the fact that the boy she had admired most, the boy she had loved, is gone.

    She held up the envelope he had left for her. She clutched it to her chest, and burst into tears. Thoughts of the moments they spent together raced past her mind, which came to a stop at the last time they saw each other.

    “I hate you!” She shouted in front of a curious crowd who was watching the argument between him and her.

    “But…” The boy tried to explain, but in a fit of anger, she ran off.

    “I didn’t… didn’t mean to… do that…” She sobbed.

    That was not how she wanted to have the final conversation with him, but she did. Now, it was all over. The boy was dead, and she could not even apologize.

    She hated herself for leaving Hoenn, and even more that she left Hoenn just to avoid him that time.

    “I’m so… stupid… I wanted to say ‘sorry’… but you didn’t give me the chance to… why do you have to leave…” She said.

    Pikachu, a Pokemon once belonging to Ash, but later given to Max, jumped off the latter’s head, and proceeded to console the girl.

    “Pikapi…” Pikachu whispered, while standing beside the girl.

    May picked the Yellow Mouse up and hugged him.

    “Sorry… sorry…” Was all she managed to force out of her mouth.

    Pikachu positioned itself under May’s arm, and remembered the last words with his trainer.

    At Verdanturf Hospital...

    The room was empty and eerily quiet. Ash was lying on the hospital bed, while Pikachu accompanied him.

    Ash patted Pikachu’s yellow fur.

    “Pikachu… I don't think... I could... fight this illness back... much longer... please… take care of… May… when I’m… gone…” Ash instructed his most trusted Pokemon with every last breath of his.

    “Pika pika” Pikachu looked up to his trainer and promised.

    Slowly, the patting became slower, and came to an end. The Pokemon felt his trainer’s palm turn cold; the machine beside him was beeping, showing no sign of heartbeat.

    “Chaaa…” Pikachu cooed as he curled up and tucked himself as close to him as possible, and accompanied his trainer until the doctors and nurses rushed in.

    May was still unable to cease the flow of tears.

    Her shirt was drenched with tears. Another gentle breeze blew by. May felt cold. The cold had not come from the contact the wind made with her shirt. It came when reality struck. It was cold, and harsh.

    Using every last ounce of her strength, May opened the already crumpled envelope she was holding on to. There was a letter in it, and a picture.

    Trying to look through the blurred vision caused by her tears, she read the letter. The first part contained instruction to deliver the letter to May if anyone had found it. Following next was the start of the letter to May Maple, of Petalburg City.

    “Hello May!” The style of writing seemed to try to lighten up the mood, but to no avail.

    “How have you been? By the time you’ve read this letter, I may be well gone. But no worries! I’ll be by your side, watching over you from above. Rest assured that I’m fine.”

    May paused for a moment. The swelling of her tear-filled eyes were affecting her vision. Trying to stay calm, she continued reading the last part.

    “May… if you somehow come across this letter, I just want to tell you how sorry I am for quarrelling with you… I’ve thought over this and realized that I shouldn’t keep it from you. I wish I could apologize to you personally, but this body of mine isn’t helping. And another thing that I wanted to tell you face to face, but I don’t think I’d be able to cross over to Kanto now in this state. May, I…”

    Reading the next few words, May cried out. Eight letters, three words, and it struck her hard.

    “I love you.”

    Their bonds had tightened much since their traveling together. The boy was too dense to understand anything about romance, thus causing her to believe his showing of affection towards her was just normal love siblings had for each other.

    May, we traveled through Hoenn for months, I believe, and even Kanto for my Battle Frontier challenges. And those months are long enough for me to know you well. I had always liked the way you groom your Pokemon, the way you feed them. Your determined spirit in Contests. It may be just coincidence we met, or we were destined to. I don't know if it's coincidence or not, but one thing for sure, I know how I feel, May, and I love you."

    She read on, along with thoughts flashing through her mind.

    “Anyways, hope you’re doing well. Promise me that usual, lovely smile of yours everyday! Take care now…

    From Ash and to the girl he loved lots.”

    “Ash… I-I promise… I love you too, and will always do…” May whispered.

    Four years later…

    “And the winner of this year’s Grand Festival is May Maple of Petalburg!” The commentator of the grand event shouted through his microphone.

    The crowd cheered and chanted May’s name.

    A light breeze past by the young girl’s face, refreshing her spirits. The sun shone brightly, lightening the hearts of many. She smiled.

    “Thank you, Ash. Thank you…” May said with a soft voice, and proceeded to receive her prize.

    You’re not here to share the joy with me, but I’ll stay happy. For the only reason is the assurance you gave me that if I’m happy, you’ll be happy.
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    I Don't mind at all.

    I know what yopu mean by having to have someone die. I seem to have done that a few times in my fics, reading it isn't as fun as writing it tough. And writing a tragic fic isn't fun to start off with. So this really got me down

    You havn't really filled in what happened, Ash died from an unknown cause, and while Mays in Knato, Ash is in Hoenn? which is kinda the other way round. as He is native to Kanto, and May to Hoenn.

    But I hope to see more of your fics soon, just hope that it isn't all as sad as this one.
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    Thanks for the review and comments Xaotl! I've filled in the details I've missed out.

    & thanks too, for the understanding

    Yea, I don't think I'm quite able to continue more of tragic fics, reading them's already a difficult task, and now it's writing one.

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