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Thread: Nintendo Wii Shop Channel Holiday Wish Tree Thread

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    Default Nintendo Wii Shop Channel Holiday Wish Tree Thread

    I can't believe that I don't see any topics involving this on the topic list in Nintendo discussion, so I'm starting it... Is it acceptable? Or is it SPAM???


    What is your holiday wish in terms of Wii VC games?

    To answer that question, please disclose your Wii number, the country you live in(because both people involved in the gift transfer process have to live in the same country in order for the gift transfer process to work), and post your Wii VC holiday wish...

    Wii VC holiday wishes are any Wii VC game you can get at the Wii Shop Channel that you want for your respective holiday...

    If you want to grant someone their wish, please PM him/her w/ your Wii number, and the country you live in(same reason as mentioned in the disclosure process that the person you're granting their wish to used when making his/her wish)... I don't want this thread to become a thread full of chaos...

    ...And make sure to read the rules to make sure this room doesn't turn into such a thing...

    Now, you may begin disclosing your wishes!
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