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That is definitely the longest post I have ever seen here...o_O
Believe me, I've done longer.

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I was about to say the same thing, LOL

yeah she was annoying, saying the same 2 lines over and over again
Just so long as that quote stays in this particular thread, I'm okay. God, that one sentence just began to irk me after the fifth time. It's not annoying that she's saying it, but rather that she's saying it as if to take credit for it.

She wasn't annoying, what she said was.

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anyone else notice theres a lot of characters almost getting killed in DP...
If you meant situation of peril, yes there seems to be quite a few. Glad they're harkening back to the ol' days when stuff like this was usually seen.


random note: it seems I'm replying more to this thread than the other episode discussion. Guess there seems to be enough to talk about, eh?