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    Hello everyone, I am new to the serebii forums, and as a present to all of you even though christmas was two days ago I'm sure some of you can enjoy the following:
    OmegaDialga's How the Smogrinch stole Smogmas!
    Once upon a time there was a village, and in is village was a pillage of Pokemon "experts" known as the Smogonites, who day and night would debate, and debate, but never fornicate the Pokemon Metagame. And in this village some lay claim to great glory, with some feeling ashamed and rather quite boory. Their arguments and attitudes would show their truculent mindset and their nearly absent gratitude. But this place was known to the world, as a little village called Smogonville. Now how these little spiels play out you should already know, with an angry motherfletcher who hated them all. You see despite their quirks these little jerks would for a single day plus and entire week sit down to forgeet all of their arguments just to eat. This fortunate occasion was known as Smogmas, which revolved around an old tale, but the moral it delivered was defined by some as a "fail". Their story began with their Great God Arceus, who had fainted for peace and quiet among the hypocrites. The Smogonites although self righteous and stubborn, couldn't talk without sounding like butter. They all came together to thank the great creature, and wept so many tears, even more than you'd find from an audience in a humane society feature. The Smogonites would sing and feast, and ring and grease their bells and make waste of the trolls. But there was one being who despised the Smogonites, Smogonville and everything to do with Smogmas. When his name was mentioned in the town square some would cry out "oh me oh my how does one compare?" This independent thing was known as the Smogrinch. Now why the Smogrinch did act the way he did please to not ask, for no one quite knows what is stuck in his ***. It could be his choice scarf was too tight, it could be his big root didn't drain energy quite right, but I think the biggest reason was that he played two tiers too low. But he was not alone, for he did have a single pokemon, the pre evolved form of Stoutland, known to the world as Herdier. From the top of the mountain he started down at the Smogonites, and with all his might would day and night loathe them. "I must stop smogmas from coming, why for 11 damn years I have put up with it now!" He then got an idea, a wonderfully awfully clever smogrinch idea. I hateit when people talk of my placenta, so I'll dress up just like Smoganta. You see Smoganta was a man who would bring every year, rare candys and treats to all the boys and girls who had acted good by displaying their fear. On Smogmas eve night he set up his plan, he loaded up a sleigh with leather bags and picked the first house he would land. He broke in without making a sound, and he snuck in through their fireplace, which was quite round. He stole everything in sight, their Greninja and Talonflame,Making his way through their round door frames. He stole the heracronite and Pinsirite, the mythical Weavilite too. He even took the soul dew, which he loved since it was blue. He made his way through the Smogonites houses, taking their life orbs and lava cookies, their rare candys so blue. Why that Smogrinch was so dastardly as too take Pokemon Black and White 2. He took the mega rings and bracelets, the glasses and anchors, he plucked the mega stickpin from Smogonville's one and only Banker. When he had finished his rounds and was ready to dash he went back up the fireplace quick as a flash. He climbed the mountain for it was so steep not even the bravest of the brave could match its power creep. When he came to the top he admired his work thinking "they deserved this for all being jerks!" "Those smogonites" he said to his Herdier for his thoughts were becoming murkier, "Will be waking up soon and I know just what they'll do, their mouths will hang open for a minute or two, and then all the Smogontes in Smogville will all cry "Smoog who!" "And that" said the Smogrinch "is a sound I simply must here!" He paused, and the Smogrinch put a hand too his ear, and he did hear a sound rising over the snow, it started out slow, and started to grow. Every Smoginite down in Smogonville, the Ubers and PUs, the staplers and wallbreakers, were singing! The smogrinch stood, his feet ice cold in the snow thinking "how could it be so?" "It came choice scarfs!" "It came without Choice bands!" "It came without stabs or status moves to spam!" The Smogrinch puzzled and puzzled till he could puzzle no more, then he thought of something he hadn't before, perhaps he thought, Smogmas means just a little bit more. The sleigh however decided this was the moment, to be a huge dick and make a hasty exeet! Well done in Smogonville they say, was that the moment where the true meaning of Smogmas hit the Smogrinch, and he gained the strength of ten two! He rocketed down the mountain in his sleigh, with his Herdier by his side as he blazed out of sight , determined to make this problem of his set right! He brought back their life orbs, their choice bands and scarfs, their carbos and rare candy. Their stabs and status move they could spam! And he, the Smogrinch, carved the roast Moltres, having finally brought piece into this wonderful place. And they all sang "Fahoo Florges, Dahoo Donphan welcome smogmas come this way!" "Fahoo Florges Dahoo Donphan smogmas day is in our grasp, so long as we have stabs to spam!" "Welcome welcome Dahoo xatu, welcome welcome fahoo Natu!" "Welcome Smogmas, Smogmas day!"
    The End
    Dedicated to Dr. Seuss, a treasure of a human

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