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Thread: Looking for help on an ORAS ubers team

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    Question Looking for help on an ORAS ubers team

    Hey folks, im new to the competitive pokemon circuit. I would like some help tweaking my team for an upcoming convention any help would be greatly appreciated. My current team is:
    Kangaskhan- kangaskhanite
    Ability: Early Bird
    Given vitamins for attack and hp
    Power up punch
    Fake out
    Sucker punch
    Usually my lead man, start off with mega evolving and using fake out for the free hit. Then use power up punch to boost attack stat then sweep with return. I keep sucker punch to guarantee the first strike if my opponent proves faster than me. by far my best sweeper, i love putting kangaskhan in and watching several pokemon faint in his wake.

    Umbreon No item
    Ability: Synchronize
    Nature: Adamant
    Used Eviolite for most of training given vitamins for Defense and Sp Defense
    Mean look
    Dark pulse
    Used to play catch up, mean look to lock them in, toxic to poison after theyre stuck with me, dark pulse to cover psychic types and moonlight to heal up mid battle. Absolutely one of my favorite pokemon, Although i think his moveset could use tweaking but hes proven himself time and time again to be on the team.

    Arcanine no item
    Ability: Intimidate
    Given vitamins for Attack and Sp Attack
    Will o wisp
    Extreme speed
    Morning sun
    For other Aegislash or steel types, keeps attack down with intimidate and will o wisp dosent hurt to have in my back pocket. Morning sun to bring health back, and extreme speed for the priority. i mainly use him to finish off a weakened opponet who took down one of my other pokemon.

    Milotic no item
    Ability: Competitive
    Nature: Hasty
    Given vitamins for Speed
    Magic coat
    In my opinion one of my weakest links is milotic. i just use her for magic coat to prevent status effects and haze to reset any swords dances or power up punches. ill use scald in hopes for a burn and heal when necessary. Shes supposed to be a defensive player, and i use her as such, she faints almost every battle and i think her usefulness is limited.

    Goodra no item
    Ability:Sap sipper
    Nature: Gentle
    Given vitamins for Speed and Sp. Attack
    Draco meteor
    Fire blast
    Sludge bomb
    I mostly use Goodra to sweep dragons, or to finish off opponents in an attempt to avoid putting my real sweepers in harms way. So i went with a pretty general moveset and chose sludge bomb to take on any fairies i may encounter. He wasnt my first choice for a dragon type, but he typically gets the job done

    Aegislash Leftovers
    Ability: Stance Change
    Given vitamins for Sp attack and Sp defense
    Kings shield
    Swords Dance
    Sacred Sword
    Shadow sneak
    My special sweeper, if i dont lead with Kangaskhan i lead with Aegislash, i start with swords dance to power up for as many turns as i can and use shadow sneak for first strike every time. Overall im disappointed with Aegislash, maybe my strategy is wrong or im using the wrong moves, i am definitely considering dropping from the team.

    I find myself being swept by Talonflame quite often, begging the question should i replace Arcanine with Talonflame? Also i would like suggestions to replace Aegislash (thinking Gallade) and Milotic (no ideas).Any help would be greatly appreciated and im open to any and all suggestions, like i said im the new guy around here, thanks in advance!

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