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Private messages and new threads aren't sending for me. I can reply to threads just fine but it won't work if I send a message or start a new thread. What's up?
It might have to do with you being a new member. I'm not sure if new members can send PMs or not, but I'm sure a staff member can check that for you.

As for new threads, that depends on where you're posting the threads. If you're posting, say, a thread in Fan Art Shops, Guilds or Competitive Discussion (or some other sections), threads there need to be approved by a moderator before they become visible to the public.

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how do you get that thing under your posts to show pokemon that can be on your team
As in the thing that appears under all of your posts? That's a signature. You can edit your signature, adding images, texts, smilies, and more, by following this link.