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Thread: Newbie Help & FAQ - Please note that this FAQ will be out of date with vB4

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    It's an old message which shouldn't be displayed to new users in the first place and should have been disabled ages ago...
    This might have been the issue mentioned but I'm not sure (there were several issues).
    You can ignore it.

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    Thanks for letting us know that the message is still active, I'll let Serebii know.
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    so I cant post about in game topics

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    You might want to be specific. What are you trying to post/what threads can't you post in?

    On a hunch, check that you aren't posting urls/images/using the '@' sign in your post. You can't post anywhere with that in your post until you have a postcount of ten. That's to prevent adbots from spamming the forums with advertisements.

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