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    Default Ethereal [Contestshipping/PG-13]

    Pairings are contestshipping, ikarishipping and pokeshipping. The latter two are minor.


    This story of mine is mirrored here:

    With that said, let's begin! :3

    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon.



    Decades ago, the region of Hoenn had been ruled with an iron fist.

    The emperor was a cold-hearted man whose lust for power was endless. Anyone who had stood in his way was killed, despite the fact that they had been either the emperor’s relative or close friend. It mattered not to him; all he needed was supremacy throughout the lands, and he would have been invincible.

    What he did not count on was that the gods were not on his side.

    A settler from the Johto region who had moved to Hoenn, Norman was the only one who had opposed the tyrant. A descendant from the line of the god Kyogre, he led a resistance against the emperor, killed him and made his heir the new emperor. Though the young boy was only eight when he had ascended to power, Norman assured him that as soon as the late emperor’s heir turned eighteen years, he would have full authority all over Hoenn.

    However, the young emperor’s mind had been corrupted by his late father.

    Instead of feeling grateful, using the powers that were bestowed upon him by the god Groudon, he killed Norman out of spite, telling him that it was not his place to displace the current status quo.

    Because of the anger felt by the young emperor, the whole land of Hoenn experienced drought.

    Everyone knew then that they were not to disobey the emperor.

    Norman had suffered the consequences of meddling.

    They would not want that to happen to them.

    For five years, the whole land had suffered from famine.

    But as the sixth year made its mark, a miracle had happened.

    It started drizzling.

    The god Kyogre made everyone feel its presence.

    The current emperor who was thirteen at that time had calmly asked if they would be able to get rid of the person who had summoned Kyogre.

    His advisers agreed and sent out soldiers to find and kill the person responsible for all of this.

    What they did not count on was that the resistance had been ready.

    Using all possible resources, they had relocated their summoner to the island of Ever Grande. There, they had autonomy from the main land, creating their own system of government and the like. The summoner ascended and made into royalty, just to spite the young emperor.

    Hoenn was now separated into two. Petalburg, Littleroot, Dewford, Pacifidlog, Sootopolis, Ever Grande and Mossdeep were now in control of the new monarch, called Southern Hoenn. Though the newly-acquired territories were small compared to the ones that were under the emperor, it was better than nothing.

    The emperor, meanwhile, was now on the move to gain back the lands that were ‘stolen’ from him.

    This is their story.


    Two years after...

    She sighed.

    She wanted to rest, but seeing the fact that there was no time to waste, she merely sighed in exasperation. Right now, she was having a meeting with her political advisers regarding the current situation. Their region, a fairly new region that had only been established, was in a crisis. They had been labeled as renegade by the emperor in the main land, as well as the ruler in Sinnoh. Johto had been neutral, as well as Kanto, and that had been the only way that had made them survive thus far. If both Johto and Kanto had allied themselves with the emperor… she shuddered in fear just thinking about it.

    Sinnoh imposed a trade embargo in their region and all of the towns that the queen had control over were suffering. They had little food to eat, but thankfully, there was an unlimited supply of water. Despite this, she knew that they could not survive on water alone. The children needed nutrition, as well as the adults.

    “Your Majesty?”

    She nearly jumped up in her seat, startling the Skitty sleeping in her lap. “Y-yes, Max?” she asked. At this, her pet Skitty jumped down from her lap and started chasing her own tail. May sighed and used her Pokeball to return her pet. After placing the ball on the table, she fixed her gown, which consisted of a red-colored tube top and a black skirt which exposed her legs and the back part of it trailed behind her.

    Her younger brother, a political adviser, cleared his throat. “Were you even listening to the proposal?” he snorted.

    “K-kind of…” the brunette mumbled and studied her brother.

    From the day their father had died, Max had changed along with her. From a crybaby, he had become way too mature for a twelve year old. He became the man of the house, filling up the void. He acted like a father more than a little brother to May, which greatly distressed her.

    Her younger brother was growing up. His mental maturity reached to the point wherein she could no longer comprehend him. It was not long before their role had been reversed: he was now acting like the elder sibling instead of her.

    ‘Someday, Max… I’ll pay you back.’

    When she had been made queen two years ago, May had finally paid him back in full. She gave him the position of becoming her political adviser, which he had accepted it graciously.

    It was now her turn to take care of him.

    However, for this particular setting, the role reversal began once again.

    Once again, her younger brother was now acting like he was the elder of the two.

    He sighed, pushed back his glasses up the bridge of his nose. As usual, his older sister was being her clueless self. “I suggested that we slowly, SLOWLY, start working on the peace agreement with the emperor.” the fourteen year old young man calmly stated, fixing his clothes at the same time. For today, he was wearing a black suit. The long-sleeved shirt he was wearing was bright red, and his tie was colored black. The color combination was in honor of the queen, who loved the color combination.

    Dead silence filled the air… then came the protest.

    “NO! I will not have anything to do with those… those freaks!”

    Her political adviser stared at her as if she were daft. Surely, she couldn’t have picked a better time to throw yet another tantrum if her wishes hadn’t been followed. The country needed her. Everyone needed her guidance.


    The Queen of Southern Hoenn was stubborn and conceited. Getting help from someone else was the last thing she ever wanted, yet she had to do it, or else…

    “I will not allow it. It just goes to show that we are weak.” May reiterated. “Besides, I doubt that Dad will even let us do such a thing.”

    Max cleared his throat. “Are you sure that you want this war to drag on? Our resources are dwindling… we don’t have enough…”

    “Lord Kyogre’s power is enough to destroy them all.”

    “Don’t be stupid, Your Majesty. Rumor has it that the god Groudon abandoned the emperor because he had abused the power that was given to him by the god.” Max reminded her. “I am saying this out of concern because I am your brother, not your servant or your adviser.”

    May nodded. She’d heard rumors. The emperor had been powerless ever since the drizzles began half a decade or so. The god Groudon, they say, had punished him for being much too abusive. He had caused a drought, killing many of his people in the process because they lacked proper nourishment.

    Besides… he killed dad with that power.

    “This war will drag on. It has to. I won’t allow for this to end so quickly.” May announced. Before any of her advisers protested, she raised a hand to stop them. “If worse comes to worst… we’ll have to use Lord Kyogre’s powers. That way, we’ll be even… and we don’t have anything to lose.”

    Max sighed. “No, it won’t be even. He has the backing of an experiences army. Sinnoh supports him. He’s one step ahead of you, Your Majesty.”


    Everyone in the room was surprised. The queen hardly raised her voice, even rare for her to get mad.



    Suddenly, she stood up, blue eyes literally glowing. Her shoulder-length brown hair was slowly starting to defy gravity as well. Tattoo markings all over her body appeared suddenly and began to glow the same shade of blue like her eyes.

    Max knew it was a sign.

    May was dead serious.

    She was calling the god Kyogre.
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    Chapter 1: The Emperor

    With the use of Kyogre’s powers, Northern Hoenn was thrown into a crisis. Every single city that the emperor had control over had been flooded.

    Many had survived the tragedy, but too many had been sacrificed just for this attack.

    Both monarchs knew that both did not have the blessing of the gods anymore.

    They were even.

    … Or so they think.

    Unknown to many, the Queen still had the blessing of the Prince of the Sea.

    She was still blessed by a god.

    The emperor, however, could only rely on his army and his resources.

    Groudon still refused to give back the emperor’s ethereal powers.


    “Bored to death again, Drew?”

    The masked emperor inclined his head towards the speaker. “What is it now, Shinji?” he asked.

    The Kaiser of Sinnoh gave him his usual deadpan look. “Summoner problems? You’re probably not doing anything to get her away from those wretched gods summoning.” He said.

    Behind his mask, Emperor Andrew Rozen, emperor of Northern Hoenn, glared at the Kaiser. It was no secret how he was treating the summoner of Sinnoh; not only had she been tortured, she had also been restrained both physically and mentally. Huge amounts of drugs were to be taken by the summoner in order for her not to use her powers against the ruler. It was even a miracle that she had survived the ordeal.

    “I am. The problem is, she is both queen and a summoner. Renegade queen, that is.” He replied coldly.

    “You’re not trying hard enough. She almost reduced your empire into nothing just now.”

    “She and I are even when it comes to wielding powers of the gods.” Drew stated. “Both of us are unable to use the powers. Still, I have the upper hand in this. There’s no damn way that that kingdom of hers even have the manpower to continue on with the war. Weak leadership, weak army, weak navy… everything is weak in her. I’m surprised she even got this far.”

    Shinji snorted. “Who cares. Just get rid of her. You’ll regain control of your lands back.”

    The emperor rolled his eyes under the mask, all the while studying his best friend. Currently, the Kaiser was wearing a long-sleeved black turtleneck shirt and jeans with matching black-colored rubber shoes, which made him blend in with the crowd. His indigo-colored hair was kept in a small, low ponytail.

    He, on the other hand, had been forced to wear yet another stuffy outfit, which consisted of a long-sleeved black coat which had yellow trimmings, which ran from the collar of the coat, splitting to two directions as soon as it reaches his chest, running down to the end of the coat. A yellow rose, the symbol of the current ruling head, was etched on the both sides of the collarbone part of the coat. On his back, from the shoulder blades down to the end of the coat was yet another yellow-colored trimming. His pants were dark colored as well, and he wore leather shoes. Because he was the emperor, Drew had been forced to wear a cape that was parted on the back side, while on the front side, the right hem of the cape overlapped the left.

    His helmet was a different story. The mechanism of it was impressive; three long metal plates would retract at the back whenever he would want to take it off. On the front, on the left side of the blue-colored glass helmet, a rectangular piece as small as the shape of his left eye would slide down so he would be able to see things clearly without the blue-colored hue. The emperor himself was the designer of the helmet, so he had no complaints.

    His only complain, however, was the fact that he had to wear a helmet almost every time. the only exceptions wherein he couldn’t wear a helmet was during bath time and during slumber. The rest, he had to wear it often.

    When he had asked this question when he was young, his guardian would simply smile. “Because, my lord, you are ethereal. You possess the powers of the god Groudon.”

    “But I don’t understand…”

    “Someday, you will.”

    Years after, he finally figured it out.

    If everyone knew his face, he would be a target. Just like his father before him, he would be killed by those who oppose him.

    He finally understood that he was being protected by everyone around him. If he were to be killed, that queen would usurp his throne and rule Hoenn. All that his ancestors had work for will be for nothing, just because some commoner had decided to take his place.

    Drew gritted his teeth. He would not allow it!

    “So, what’s the plan now?” Shinji asked his best friend.

    “No idea. They wouldn’t let me do anything; my political advisers are the one doing all the work.”

    The indigo-haired ruler let himself smile a bit. “Then, let’s go and mess around Southern Hoenn.”


    “Get disguises.”

    “And… how do we get to that… place?”

    “Use your Flygon, of course.”


    "We're in..." Shinji checked the sign. "Dewford Town. A long ways to go from La Rousse, but who cares. They won't go looking for you anyway, Drew. The Ditto did its job for you as the dummy."

    For this trip, Drew had changed into a violet jacket wherein he rolled up the sleeves up to his elbows. Underneath the jacket was a long-sleeved black turtleneck shirt. He wore blue jeans and a pair of black rubber shoes. Shinji did not even bother to change his clothes, because he was wearing civilian clothes already. For once, Drew had not worn the mask while he went out of the castle.

    “… What do we do now?” Drew asked while unconsciously doing a hair flip, his Roselia beside him, staring in awe at the new surroundings. Roselia had not set foot outside the castle, unlike her master, who had been able to sneak out. But the sneaking out would only happen if Shinji was around, and that would only happen once or twice in five years.

    “We eat like the commoners. Come on, there’s a supermarket over there. The food there is cheap.” Shinji began walking towards the direction of said store just near the Pokemon Center.



    Both master and his Pokemon were unfamiliar with the term.

    Ahead of him, the Kaiser of Sinnoh rolled his eyes.

    That’s what you get from being cooped up in that stuffy place.

    Shinji walked back. “I’ll show you, alright? Just follow me.”

    “Alright.” Came the reply.

    As they made their way towards the store, dozens of girls stopped their strolling and mischievously eyed the two young men. This alarmed the emperor.

    “Do they even know that I’m here? What if they alert their queen?”

    Shinji shook his head. “Ignore them. They’re just fan girls.”

    "Fan... girls?"

    Yet another term had been added in Drew’s vocabulary.


    May was currently at sea, just near Dewford, riding her private yacht namedCaroline to take her mind off of things. Right now, things had been more complicated. Ever since the High Council learned of what May had done, they had been glad, but after knowing that she wouldn’t be able to summon or even use the powers of Kyogre anymore, they had been furious.

    Though she may be the queen, all final decisions were to be made by the High Council.

    The young queen sighed.

    She was their puppet.

    And she could do nothing to escape them.

    Just on the shoreline of Dewford were two figures, both male.

    “There she is.” The younger of the two said, pointing at the lone figure by the boat.

    A man with shoulder-length, purple-colored wavy hair aimed his sniper rifle at the brunette who stood by the rails of the yacht smirked. “See her.”

    “Do your job.” Said the first.


    The bullet was fired, and was on its way to hit its mark.


    It felt like the left side of her torso was burning.

    May gasped out in pain and placed a hand over the part where it had hurt. Blood…? Why was she bleeding?

    Assassins… why are they here…? How did they… find me…

    The brunette royal blacked out even before she could shout out a curse of pain in her mind and down she fell over the rails of the yacht.

    There had been a hint of blood by the railing of the ship, while the blue waters of the oceab had been defiled by the summoner and queen’s own blood.

    From the shoreline, the assassin smirked. His job was done.

    Northern Hoenn would pay him handsomely for this.


    As the two royals made their way towards the store, someone was looking at them from behind a stone wall, not far from where they stood before walking on ahead.

    “The… Kaiser is… here…?”

    The voice belonged to a badly beaten young girl. She was thinner than most girls her age and her clothes had been torn and dirty. Her face had the marks of fresh and old wounds, some of it overlapping each other. Her whole body had been filled with bruises. Her wrists were colored a scarlet red because of the rope that bound it far too long. Her dark blue hair was turning dull, and badly needed to be washed.

    Try as she might, she could not even move. Every nerve and muscle in her body was in pain, and her left leg was broken. The only way she could have been able to get to Dewford from Sinnoh was because Azelf had taken control of her body and had caused so much havoc back in the Kaiser’s palace while using its powers. It seems that the god did not like the fact that its summoner was being tortured to death…

    When she woke up, she found herself washed up on shore, barely breathing and badly injured. It took all of her strength to even get herself slumped against the rock.

    She needed to get herself healed, and fast.


    Am I… dead yet…?

    ‘Not yet, summoner, for you have much to do.’ Said the voice in her head.

    W-who… are you…?

    ‘It matters not who I am. Quickly, you must go to shore.’


    ‘Ignore the pain and make your way to shore.’ The voice repeated.

    May did what she was told to do and swam to the shore, despite the numbing pain on the left side of her body. When she did reach the shore, what she saw next was something that shocked her.

    She ran as fast as she could towards the unconscious form. “W-wake up…!” she called out to the girl. “H-hey, don’t die on me…!”

    Suddenly, the tattoos on her arms and legs began to glow a faint blue.

    She blinked.

    “A… summoner? Just like me?”

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    Chapter 2: The Two Summoners

    May was confused.

    Is this what the mysterious voice had told her about? Was she to help her fellow summoner out?

    She shook her head. How would it be possible? She no longer had the powers of Kyogre; the power of the water was to heal, and without Kyogre’s blessings, she could not do such.

    She was helpless now, but she needed to do something to save this girl’s life.

    But wait.

    May still had another option: summon Manaphy.

    Before she could even attempt such, the girl woke up and weakly grabbed her by the wrist. “No need, Your Majesty. I’ll be fine… you’re the one who needs to get that wound healed. N-not to worry… I’ll… get your healed in a bit.”

    Before the queen could even protest, the summoner pressed her palms together. The gold-colored rune tattoos on her arms and legs began to glow faintly. Suddenly, the dark blue-haired young girl used her fingers and applied pressure against the wound on May’s left side. The brunette, who was too shocked from the pain to even scream, cringed instead. A shiny object, which was held by the summoner under the sun, caught her eye. It was a bullet.

    She had nearly gotten herself killed…

    May sighed in relief. Thank heavens she was still alive.

    Again, the summoner pressed her palms together again. Slowly, May felt herself getting revitalized. Her body was slowly regaining the stamina that she lost from the long swim. She looked at the wound on her torso, which was slowly closing up. Though it had hurt a bit, she could do nothing about it. Speeding up the process of healing was really painful thing because it went against nature, but it was better than it getting infected. No amount of pain she was experiencing right now would match the pain of an infected wound she had when she had gotten into an accident as a child.

    With that, the mysterious girl fainted, golden tattoos also disappearing from her skin.

    “H-HEY! Don’t tell me you’re dead…?!”

    ‘She is fine, summoner. She merely fainted.’

    Time suddenly stopped.

    Everything around May suddenly froze. The people walking around Dewford, the waves that came crashing to shore had been put to a stop.

    She looked up, only to shield her eyes for a moment from the blinding light. “W-who are you…?”

    ‘I am Cresselia.’

    It was a female deity of Sinnoh. Her blue body was swan-like in shape, while the underside was colored yellow. Its head had a crescent moon shape on the sides and she also had three rings attached to her body: two on her sides and one on the back.

    “O-oh, the L-lady Cresselia, dispeller of nightmares?”

    The goddess nodded her head. ‘This girl is my ward. Just like you, she can use my powers. What she had used to heal your wounds was Lunar Dance.’

    “I-I see… I am grateful for that.” May bowed.

    ‘I hope that you can help her heal her physical wounds, which I am unable to do so.’ The goddess sighed. ‘The Kaiser had forced her into a deep sleep while he was gone, and used Darkrai against her. He used the ability Nightmare against her, trapping her in nightmares. It had only been recently that she had awakened me and sought my help.’

    “The Kaiser has the power of a god? I thought the ruler of Sinnoh had been forbidden to have such?”

    Cresselia shook her head. ‘Generous humans have always been taken advantage of by the greedy ones. The seal that prevents the Kaiser from having the powers of a god had been removed by my ward with the promise of the Kaiser to use it for good deeds. He had tricked her, and even used Darkrai against its summoner.’

    May was shocked beyond belief. “Oh… my…”

    ‘The summoner needs healing. She had already used Recover on herself, but it will take awhile. She is in a deep sleep right now, and all we can do is to wait for her to awaken. As for myself, I shall have to guard her, in case Darkrai traps her again in a nightmare.’

    “W-what can I do to help? It is the least that I can do to help her…”

    ‘Please take her somewhere safe. The Kaiser still does not know that she had escaped the region, and if word gets out that she is here…’

    “Please don’t worry.” The queen promised. “For now, we will have to stay at the Pokemon Center. We’ll attract too much attention if we try to get out of Dewford.” As much as May wanted to get back to Ever Grande, she knew her limitations. To carry an unconscious girl was already something unheard of, what more if the person carrying the unconscious person had blood all over her outfit?

    ‘Thank you, summoner.’ Said Cresselia.

    May found herself smiling. “No problem. This girl will be under my protection as soon as we get back to the city.” She promised. “No Kaiser or Emperor will ever get to her.”

    ‘Very well then. I shall take your word for it.’

    With that, time and space went back to normal. Everyone and everything around them began to move again. People started walking and talking once more, and the waves came crashing back to the shoreline. May went down on her knees and began to carry her fellow summoner piggy-back style.


    The walk to the Pokemon Center had not been pleasant. The brunette kept sinking because of the sand, but it was not because of the person she was carrying on the back. Rather, it was because she was currently wearing heels.

    Remind me never to wear these dreadful things when I get back to Ever Grande. I’m only seventeen! I should be wearing rubber shoes!

    She was very much ready to take off her high-heeled footwear when suddenly, she found herself falling face-first on the sand. May didn’t even have time to scream, for as soon as her face came in contact with the sand, she got a mouthful of it.

    GREEAAAAT. What’s next?

    “Do you need any help?”

    Slowly, she looked up. In front of her was a young man who was around her age, or probably a year or two older than she was. He had emerald-colored hair to match his eyes and he wore a rather laidback outfit that consisted of a violet jacket, a long-sleeved black turtleneck shirt, a pair of jeans and black shoes.

    She blinked in response and discreetly spat out the sand in her mouth.

    He chuckled softly. “Are you alright?”

    May nodded, still in a daze. “Y-yes… I-I’ll be fine… I don’t need help… but thank you anyway.” She said. “My… sister and I will be fine.”

    What the hell. Nice alibi, May. She scolded herself. You two don’t even look alike.

    “No, I insist.” Without warning, he took the sleeping girl from the queen’s back and carried her bridal style. “The Pokemon Center, right? Let’s get going.”

    He did not bother to wait for her; instead, he went on ahead.

    And that irritated May.

    ‘The nerve of that… that… jerk!’

    As soon as May got into the center, the stranger came up to her. “I got you two a room already. Here you go.” He dangled the key with his thumb and forefinger.

    The brunette queen did not bother to hide her contempt and roughly snatched the key from him. “Thank you.” She said, and walked away with the key, eager to get away from this strange person. What nerve he had to intervene!

    “Wait.” He placed a hand on her left shoulder.

    “What now?” she was growing irritated from his presence by the second.

    “May I… know your name?”

    Without thinking, she blurted out her faux name that she always uses. “Haru.” With that, she went her way to the rooms to check up on her new friend.


    As soon as she had gotten inside the room, the seventeen-year-old queen headed for the lower bunk opposite of the one that the other summoner occupied and collapsed on top of the bed. May winced when she felt the hard wood hit her back, but did not complain. Though she missed her bouncy bed back in Ever Grande, she needed rest. An assassination attempt was no laughing matter. Neither was that mile long swim to shore. Despite all those, it was all worth it in the end. She had found a kindred spirit. A summoner, just like her! May could hardly believe her luck.

    ‘I wonder if she could teach me…’

    During the course of her training as a full-fledge summoner, the sessions had always been interrupted by the rebels. Most have sought her for protection, while others had been trying to convince her to lead the rebels against the young emperor. As a result, she knew little. Most of the time, she was at lost as to how she would use the powers given to her by the gods… she did not even know what kind of powers she possessed!

    She let out a sigh in relief.

    An afternoon nap was just what she needed. She needed a break from all of this.

    The girl was just ready to doze off when suddenly, someone knocked on the door. Loudly.

    Grumbling, she stood up and checked as to who it was. “Yes?” she asked sharply.

    It was him again. “Hi, Haru. Sorry for disturbing. It seems that my best friend abandoned me for reasons I don’t know. Would it be alright if I share a room with you and your sister for the night?”

    “Yeah, sure. Fine. Great.” She muttered under her breath. It was evident that she could not stand his presence anymore. She no longer felt fatigued and tired; in fact, she felt so wide awake because of the knocking he did. Even though she had been thankful that he did not manage to wake up the blue-haired girl, her anger towards him escalated to a point wherein if she took a look at him, she knew that all hell would break lose.

    She needed to cool down.

    With that, the Queen of Southern Hoenn pushed him aside and walked out of the room, fuming. She needed to get away from him.

    Drew, on the other hand, wondered why she was acting that way. He knew she was angry, but…

    ‘We just met. Why is she angry at me? What did I do wrong?’

    The emperor shrugged. He really had no idea why, but one thing’s for sure. ‘Commoners are really weird.’ He told himself.

    As he sat down on the lower bunk where May had previously laid on, he looked at the girl sleeping peacefully on the other bed. “Tell me... why does your sister hate me so much? Would you know why?”

    As expected, he got no reply.

    Unknown to him, the sleeping girl smiled in her sleep.

    She knew what was going on around her… and what was to happen next.

    She eagerly waited for the turn of events.

    This should be interesting…

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    Nice! A bit complicated but a good ol' AU fic! ...Ish. They still have their pokemon. This is quite good, if not quite a bit complicated. Try and explain how things come to be and you'll do fine!

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