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    Default Terrene [Ikarishipping/PG-13]

    Ikarishipping for this, with some minor Contestshipping and Pokeshipping.

    Rating: PG-13.

    Terrene can also be found here:

    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon.



    Decades ago, Sinnoh had been ruled in a just manner.

    It may have been because of the way the Kaiser had chosen to rule his empire, for he wanted his people to live happily in a just society.

    It was Utopia.

    The citizens love the Kaiser, and he loved them in return. For him, they were like his children. For them, he was the father who loved all his children equally.

    However, the ultraconservative right did not agree with the way the Kaiser ruled. In the days of the old, they said, Kaisers ruled with an iron fist. They had even gone as far as to compare their empire with Hoenn, who, at that time, had a sadist for an Emperor.

    However, times have changed.

    Before, Kaisers had total authority over everything.

    They rival the summoners when it comes to having an authority over the gods.

    They rival the lawmakers when it came to politics, choosing only the best laws that would benefit only them.

    Their lavish lifestyle made the poor even poorer.

    This arrogance of theirs only ceased when the gods Dialga and Palkia deemed them unfit to be summoned by someone as greedy and corrupt as they were. Using their power, they have placed a complicated tattoo-like seal on the Kaiser’s whole back. The purpose of this, they say, was for a Kaiser to learn total obedience. A summoner was to have complete authority over him, for she possessed the power of the gods.

    This led to the long-standing tradition of Kaisers marrying a summoner chosen by the deities.

    The marriage was a partnership like no other. Both had benefitted from it, and through this, the Kaisers learned how to treat their subordinates. More often than not, Kaisers and summoners fall in love in the course of their marriage.

    However, the heir of the current Kaiser thought otherwise.

    His name was Shinji, and he thought it was ridiculous for a man to show subservience to a woman. Especially since his father was the ruler of all Sinnoh, he was not used to the idea.

    At age twelve, he made a promise to himself.

    He will not rely on a summoner.

    He will not fall for a summoner.

    He will make sure that the summoner meant for him is to be killed.


    Six years later…

    “Are the accommodations for the summoner to her liking?”

    Hikari ignored the sarcasm of the dungeon guard and looked away. Currently, she was at the Veilstone Royal Palace’s dungeon, being treated like a prisoner. How could the Kaiser do this to her? After all that she had done to remove the seal on his back, she becomes a criminal?

    This is my fault. If only I didn’t fall for that trick…!

    It was too late for regrets now.

    He had Darkrai under his command now, and there was nothing she could do about it. She still did not have Cresselia, so if the Kaiser will use Nightmare on her…

    She shuddered in fear. She didn’t want that to happen.

    “Hey, answer me!” cried the guard.

    “No.” she said stubbornly.

    The reply nearly cost her her life.

    She suddenly got a whip lashed at her back.

    It stung, but it wasn’t enough to make her cry out in pain.

    “Will the summoner talk? Or will she be more stubborn than ever?” taunted the dungeon guard, playful hitting the whip against the palm of his other hand. “Well?”

    “The summoner answers to no one but the gods of Sinnoh.” Suddenly, her sapphire-colored eyes turned yellow gold. “And you, mere mortal, do not have the right to treat the summoner this way.”

    With that, the summoner stood up and aimed her palm right in front of the guard’s face. “Confusion.”

    Though the attack may have been called ‘weak’, it was not the case for humans. One blast of psychic energy was enough to render the person unconscious, and the side effect of such an attack was temporary insanity. The unfortunate person had to be hospitalized for a month or so before going back to duty.

    Because of this, the Kaiser had to enforce stricter measures.

    He had Hikari move to a different cell wherein her wrists and ankles were to be chained against the wall. She was also to be rendered unconscious for most of the time, only waking up when she was to eat a small bowl of gruel to keep her alive and to take a bath, which consisted of splashing dirty water on her whole body. As a result, she reeked of prison stench, but that did not hinder the tortures she had to undergo.

    When she would not sleep, the beatings and the lashings would happen.

    Her once smooth complexion was now marred with scars and fresh wounds. The clothes that she wore before her captivity, which consisted of a sleeveless black vest, white tube top, pink short skirt, red scarf and while parka hat were either torn or dirty. Her whole body was dirty.

    As much as she wants to escape, she knew she couldn’t. As of now, she possessed only the powers of the god Uxie. When she becomes of age, she would be able to possess all powers of the gods…

    And it was only a matter of weeks, two weeks, to be exact, before her eighteenth birthday.

    He’ll pay for doing this to her… and for breaking her heart.
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    Chapter 1: Conclave

    He was fifteen years old when he first met her, and their meeting was of great reluctance on his part.

    He dread on the fact that if he met her, his teenage hormones might trigger something in him… then suddenly, he’ll break the promise that he made to himself three years ago just because of a beautiful face. Shinji didn’t want that.

    So off he went to Snowpoint Temple along with his escorts to meet up with the summoner of Sinnoh.

    But, as soon as he had gotten there…

    “I’m sorry, but the summoner is not to be seen by anyone.” The guardian of Snowpoint Temple said. “I will have to ask you to leave.”

    He wanted to kill the woman. How dare she not know the face of the heir of Sinnoh!

    Thankfully, as if the gods had prevented the woman’s demise, someone had stepped out of the temple. “Please let him in. The summoner had foreseen his arrival.” said one of the summoner’s ladies-in-waiting.

    “Ah. My apologies, my lord.” The guardian lowered her head. “Please go right ahead.”

    Damn right. Shinji walked inside the temple.

    “Welcome, Kaiser. The summoner is at the lower-most level of this temple. If you would please...?” said a priestess, pointing towards the stairs. “She has just finished her morning ritual.”

    Great. What do they want me to do now?!

    When he headed for the stairs, his escort guards began to follow him, but he stopped them. “Stay here and guard the temple. I shall see her alone.” The soldiers saluted and stationed themselves outside and inside of the temple grounds.

    Shinji, heir to the throne of Sinnoh, made his way to the lower-most floor of the dreaded temple of ice wherein he had kept on slipping on the thin ice that had frozen on the tiled floors of the temple. So, when he had gotten to the summoner, he was bruised all over and was freezing his *** quite literally.


    He reached the lower-most floor of the temple… and he almost went on a killing rampage when he saw that the floor was literally covered with ice.

    “Damn this… all for a summoner…” he mumbled under his breath.

    “You don’t like it here…?”

    If he weren’t so poised and cool, he would have jumped at least four feet above the air. Instead, the future Kaiser had his deadpan look on and cocked his head at the source of the voice. “Summoner.” He said.

    “Your Imperial and Royal Majesty.”

    The summoner bowed as low as she could. Currently, the summoner wore a v-shaped white robed wherein the ‘v’ stopped by her waist. The whole outfit reached her ankles. For her inner wear, she wore a white tube top dress that reached her knees. On the top-most part of her dress were red oblong-shaped jewels that ran vertically from end to end. The cuffs on her robe had the same design as the one in her dress. Same goes for the hood that concealed her head and part of her face. A necklace hung on her neck, its pendant a blue hexagon-shaped stone. For her footwear, she wore soft light pink knee-high boots.

    “Rise.” The girl obeyed and lowered her gaze.

    Shinji frowned. “Look at me.”

    When she did, Shinji found a mask staring at him.

    A Piplup mask.

    She was wearing a ridiculous mask.

    Was it to make him laugh, or to annoy the hell out of him?

    He tried hard not to frown in displeasure.

    “I’m sorry, Your Imperial and Royal Majesty, but I am not allowed to show my face to anyone except the priestesses until I am of age…” she spoke up, as if reading his mind.

    “How old are you?” Shinji asked.

    “Fourteen years old, sir.”

    I see. So she’s just a year younger than me. “How long have you been living here?” he asked.

    “Umm… six years ago, Mother brought me here so I could undergo some training. Then I started my training here then—” before she could continue her life story, the heir of Sinnoh raised a hand, as if to tell her to stop.

    “Don’t bother with it. I’m not interested.” With that, he turned away from her. “I’ll see you in a few years’ time.” the young man was just about ready to ascend the stairs when she yelled yet again.


    He turned his head at her direction, as if to ask, What now?

    “My name is Hikari. Please remember my name.”


    “A… favor?”

    Three years had passed since their meeting in Snowpoint Temple, and three months had also past since the assassination of his parents. It had only been a month since his coronation as the Kaiser, yet his advisers had told him to propose already to the summoner of Sinnoh, just like what his later father had done before.

    However, Shinji had another plan in mind, and he would want to start on it as soon as he could, since he had already gotten the signal from the advisers.

    This time, he had extended an invitation to his palace in Veilstone City. She had accepted it, though it had taken her at least three months to convince the priestesses of the temple to allow her to visit Veilstone for just one day. As usual, she wore her summoner robes, despite the warm weather. Apparently, Hikari did not seem to notice the change in weather.

    Currently, they were at the foyer, having a light afternoon snack. She hardly touched anything except for the tea that was laid before her.

    Shinji nodded. “I need you to get rid of the seal inside me.”

    Hikari gasped quietly, but recovered from the initial shock. “I am sorry, but what you are asking for, Your Imperial and Royal Majesty, is impossible. The seal is to stay there until the moment of your death. Summoners are forbidden to remove the seal. Please understand that.”

    “… If I promise to you that I shall use my powers for the good of all, will you do it for me?”

    “E-even if you say such…”

    “Will you, then?”

    He gave her a piercing look, which almost always takes her breath away, not to mention make her blush underneath the Piplup mask that she wore. She found it odd, really, that she had only met him once or twice. Was it because of the lack of males that she had been acquainted with? Probably. The Kaiser was, after all, the third male she had met in her entire life, right after Kengo, her childhood friend and Damion, her next-door neighbor back in Twinleaf.

    But compare to her two friends, he was a lot more handsome than them.

    Too handsome, in fact.

    Damn him for having such an effect on her.

    “Will you, then?”

    She took a deep breath.

    “Will you really promise me that you’ll use the power of the gods for good? And if I do the unsealing, will you take the secret of it to the grave?”

    “Of course.”


    “… I’ve made a decision. I shall do the unsealing ritual by next week.” She announced to him. “Please meet me in Snowpoint Temple’s lower-most floor early morning.”

    Shinji knew that victory was his.

    As for Hikari, little did she know, she was going to make the biggest mistake of her life.


    Now that she was rotting in prison, Hikari knew that she was never to trust any person again, especially that treacherous Kaiser of Sinnoh. Making a mental promise to herself to get even, the summoner of Sinnoh knew that the time would come for her to unleash a fury that was unlike any other.

    The Kaiser would not end up like that jail guard she used Confusion against. She was much too kind for that.

    He’ll get a lot more than that.

    She’ll break every bone in his body.

    She’ll break every nerve in his being.

    Worst of all, she’ll break him.

    Hell really hath no fury like a woman scorned.

    ‘Just you wait, my Kaiser. Just a week from now… you’ll be so sorry you’ve tricked me.’

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    Wow, Hikari can use the powers of Dialga, Palkia, Uxie, Mesprit AND Azelf? She must be a really powerful summoner.

    Looking forward to the next chapter.

    This is the start of a brand new journey...

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    @ Kawaii Serebii

    She still can't fully use all of their powers, but she's getting there. She has the option of getting a certain number of gods' powers or even none at all.

    The next chapter will partially explain the process.


    Chapter 2: Freedom

    Shinji silently groaned at the arguing people before him. A week has passed since the summoner had been taken to the dungeon, and she was the one being argued about. All his political advisers were having a debate as to what they should do with her. Most had stood by their decision of letting her go as to not anger the gods of Sinnoh while the minority still wanted to have her rot in the dungeon for treason.

    “Set her free! She has done nothing wrong!” said Lady Candice Snowpoint.

    “You call almost killing the Kaiser’s personal guard not wrong? Absurd.” argued Roark.

    “It was because she was being tortured! The gods are the ones avenging for her!” Gardenia shot back.

    “That just means that her powers are out of control!” Byron, Roark’s father, said.

    “It is your fault that she is turning against us!” Maylene screamed back.

    “ENOUGH!” Shinji banged his fist against the table. “I have subdued the summoner. She will not cause any trouble for anyone again. Are we clear on that?”

    Some have dared to nod in agreement in him, while the majority was fuming.

    “Dare I ask, Your Imperial and Royal Majesty, if you’re still going to marry her?”

    Everyone in the room stared at the person who had said such. Lord Volkner Sunyshore was the only one among the Eight who was daring enough to ask such a bold and sensitive question to the Kaiser and got away with it. When Shinji’s gray-colored irises began to twitch, the blond commented further. “I cannot seem to comprehend on the fact that you torture your future wife so.”

    “My plans for her are none of your business, Volkner.” He hissed.

    “Suit yourself.” He replied nonchalantly, looking a lot like he’d rather be somewhere else.

    “Kaiser, if I may…” Shinji then turned his head at the newest Lady Hearthome, namely Fantina. “I would like to remind you that… the gods may not be too happy with what you’re doing. Sooner or later… all of your plans may backfire.” The purple-haired woman said. “The summoner might even try to kill you as soon as she is free from prison.”

    “That will never happen. End of discussion.” The Kaiser spat out.

    “What makes you so sure, then, Your Imperial and Royal Majesty?” asked Lord Wake.


    Darkrai’s silhouette appeared just behind the Kaiser.

    “Y-you couldn’t have possibly…”

    “It is… lord Darkrai.” Fantina bowed her head in reverence to the Dark god.

    “But… how?”

    Shinji sneered. “She removed the seal from my body. And willingly gave me Darkrai.”

    “… You tricked her.” It was a statement, not a question that came from Lady Maylene of Veilstone City.

    At the obvious smirk of the Kaiser, the Eight Sinnoh Lords knew that there would be more trouble up ahead.

    Especially since the Kaiser was unaware that it was the summoner’s 18th birthday today.

    All Eighth Sinnoh Lords were aware of that occasion. It has been said that when a summoner was of age, the restriction seals placed by the priestesses on her body during the time she had been brought to Snowpoint Temple was to be removed so that the gods would have an easier way to channel their powers through her.

    Despite the fact that it would make her more powerful and be almost god-like, it was not all that good.

    Allowing more gods to channel their powers through her would mean that she was to become their puppet. Slowly, she would lose her emotions and become god-like, an opposite of what a summoner should be. It was said that a summoner roamed the region because she was to be close to the humans, to empathize with her fellow beings.

    If worse comes to worst, she would become like a Kaiser of the olden times. Because of their god-like powers, they abused it to no end, causing pain and suffering to the people of Sinnoh. The gods had no choice but to punish the abusive Kaisers, as well as their descendants.

    The summoner served as the mediator between the gods and the Kaiser.

    That was to be her role. Nothing more.


    “Happy birthday to me… happy birthday to me…”

    Still in the dungeon, Hikari was distracting herself by singing a happy birthday song to herself. She was finally eighteen years of age, yet… her powers haven’t been awakened yet. For two weeks, she did her best to try and live through this day, despite the nightmares and tortures that she had gone through, yet there was still not solution for her predicament.

    As much as the summoner had wanted to cry in desperation, she knew she could not.

    She had to be strong.

    Never show weakness in front of the enemy.

    Please… I need to get out of here…

    ‘Do you wish to be out of here, summoner?’

    That voice…

    Lord Uxie…?

    ‘Yes. Now… do you trust me with your whole life, summoner?’

    Always, my lord…

    ‘Then… I shall grant you your freedom.’

    “Thank you.”

    Suddenly, her eyes turned from blue to yellow gold. Azelf had taken control of her body, and was very much ready to break out. But first, the chains on her wrists and ankles would have to go. But that was the easiest part. Because Uxie was a psychic Pokemon, it would be able to bend the metal chains away from her body parts. Once it was done, the next thing to be done was to…

    Erase everyone’s memories of the summoner.

    “Hey, mister!” called out Hikari.

    The jail guard grumbled, and then walked towards her cell. “What now?”

    Suddenly, she opened her eyes and made eye contact with the lone jail guard in the dungeon. “… Forget that I even existed, you filthy mortal.”

    When Uxie ceased to use its powers, the girl then hid behind the stone wall as not to be seen and cause quite an uproar when the guard would scream and ask how she had gotten inside the cell.

    The jail keeper suddenly snapped out of his stupor. “Eh? What am I doing here? I should get back to my post!” quickly, he ran off.

    ‘Summoner… it is time for Azelf to help you out.’

    Yes, my lord. Please, help me escape…

    Once more, her oceanic-colored irises turned into warm amber.

    “This is what you get for doing this to me, my Kaiser. I’ll make sure that I’ll be the one to gloat at you when you meet your doom. The gods of Sinnoh would not respect you, nor do they believe in you anymore. They think you are not fit to be ruler… and I agree.”

    She stretched her arms from side to side.

    “And this is my payment for your betrayal.”

    Her eyes began to glow.



    The Kaiser and the Eight Lords of Sinnoh were having yet another heated discussion regarding the summoner when suddenly, the floor shook violently. Most had grabbed unto the table before them, while the Lady Eterna screamed. “W-what’s going on?!”

    “An earthquake…?” Lord Oreburgh remarked. “No… it is not an earthquake… rather, an amplified version of Uproar.” He held much knowledge when it came to the study of the earth.

    “The effects are this great?!” Lord Pastoria exclaimed. “How could this have happened?!”

    “It is the summoner.” Candice piped in. “I’m sure of it. No one could ever do such a thing as this one without the aid of the gods.”

    “How sure are you to conclude such a thing, Lady Snowpoint?” barked the Kaiser.

    For once, the pigtailed girl lost her patience. “Well, Your Imperial and Royal Majesty, she did once live in MY city!” she snapped back.

    Shinji stopped to glare at her, only to fall down on his backside because of the strong vibrations. “Damn that girl… what does she want now?!”

    As much as he tried his best to move down the stairs, he was unsuccessful. A flashback of him slipping and sliding down the ice-frosted floors came to mind and he ignored that embarrassing moment in his life. Never would he allow himself to get humiliated by that woman again!

    On the very last step of the stair case, he fell once more, rolling down the dungeon, until…

    The dungeon, when he had last left it, looked… horrible. Because of the strong vibrations earlier, the walls had cracked and the soil from the underground had gone inside the cells. Part of the ceiling collapsed, while the floor was in an upheaval state. There were a lot of holes that were at least four feet deep.

    A lone figure stood amidst the destruction.

    The summoner.

    “What have you done?” he asked as calm as he could possibly be.

    The figure did not bother to face him, but he had a feeling that she was grinning from ear to ear, pleased with what she has done. “Kaiser… this is what you deserve. The gods of Sinnoh have spoken; you are not fit to be ruler. Is it not obvious that you are being punished?”

    Gods, this woman is a nut case. “It is not you who shall decide justice.” Shinji stated. “You are not a god… yet. Spare me the speech and surrender. I can have you killed this instant.”

    She laughed. “You? Kill me? Do that, and you shall be punished severely for your actions.” She then hopped off a piece of debris. “I dare you.”

    Without a moment’s hesitation, the young ruler took out his saber, but before he could even attempt to dash at her direction and try to mortally wound her, she began to yet hop from one debris to the other, making her escape. Shinji followed her, but couldn’t, for he was having so much difficultly trying to get over a damn debris. She, on the other hand, did it like a pro and without fear either. One small mistake could be fatal, for if she slipped, she would fall down on one of those deep holes on the ground.

    Apparently, his concern was now aimed at the summoner.

    “JA NE~!”

    That snapped him back to his thoughts.

    Yet the Kaiser wasn’t worried.

    He knew where she would go next.

    The summoner would go to Lake Valor to fully obtain the powers of the god Azelf.

    Shinji headed out, ignoring the damage that had been done to his palace. He cared not if the dungeon had been blown to pieces. Just as long as the summoner wouldn’t slip through his hands again, he would ignore everything else.

    With that, he prepared himself.

    He would follow her to the ends of Sinnoh if he has to.

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    She's going to Lake Valor, then either Verity or Mt Coronet to seek the other gods and gain their powers and crush Shinji. Wahaha, somehow I'm happy at this prospect~!

    Although I hope that the emotion called love will awawken inside the heartless Kaiser soon... Or Hikari is really going to the ground

    I'm dying to know what happens next.

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    Here's another update. Just a warning though. Spoilers for the upcoming Diamond and Pearl episodes.


    Chapter 3: Pursuit

    Hikari wished she hadn’t been so brash about leaving for Lake Valor. Somehow, she should have ‘surrendered’ first to the Kaiser, exploit what he would offer her then escape once more. But stupid, stupid her, she acted first before thinking!

    She was hungry and in need of new clothes. The tattered clothing that she was passing off as ‘clothes’ were so worn out, it was in danger of exposing things that were not to be seen by any other person except her. Thankfully though, it was getting dark, and no one was seeing anything ‘private’. Her whole body had been marred with scars and she reek of, well, every disgusting thing she could think of. She smelled so much, in fact, no one dared to go near her, not even the wild Pokemon.

    I need new clothes… but before that, I need a bath.

    The stench was getting to her.

    She dare not take a bath in Lake Valor. Not only would it be disgusting, but it was like committing sacrilege.

    “I think I know where to go…”

    She would head to the Sendoff Spring.


    Shinji, on the other hand, had just finished packing his things for his ‘journey’, which consisted of only a small backpack. A spare change of clothes and five Pokeballs were all he need. Oh, and of course, a lot of money. He’ll need a lot if he will have to keep up with the summoner.

    “Will you need any weaponry for your journey, Your Imperial and Royal Majesty?” Shinji shook his head. “Any instructions to be done while you are away, Master?”

    “Fix the castle interiors at once.” He said. “I expect those to be as good as new when I get back to Veilstone.” His servant nodded, and off he went outside the castle.

    Despite the fact that he exuded an aura that belonged to a ruler, the Kaiser knew that he should at least try and blend in with the commoners. If he was to find the summoner with the whole army or even his personal guards with him, it would be difficult. They would attract too much attention. Worse, the townspeople might even interfere. There were some who openly supported her, and would even die just to protect her from him.

    In place of his Kaiser outfit, he wore a blue and black jacket, a black shirt underneath and baggy black pants. He looked every inch of a normal teenage boy who was out on a ‘journey to become a Pokemon Master’.

    Crap. I’ve been watching too much TV.

    He headed south of Veilstone, asking some of the trainers on the way if they had seen a girl going to the direction of Lake Valor. Some didn’t answer, simply wanting to battle with him, which he obliged them with. Unfortunately for the challengers, no mercy had been shown by the young ruler.

    There had been this one trainer, though, who had managed to answer his question. “You mean that filthy, stinky girl wearing rags? Of course I’ve seen her! She went off to the Sendoff Spring. I bet she’ll get herself killed there or something.”

    “Why do you say that?”

    The female trainer stared at him as if he were daft. “Where the hell have you been? The Sendoff Spring is the best place to train before you battle the Elite Four of Sinnoh! You DO get what I’m saying, right?”

    Shinji nodded in reply, but not before trying to suppress the idea of killing the girl for being so disrespectful towards her sovereign. She could have at least told him in a nicer way, but no, she just had to act all haughty. “Thanks.”

    The girl rolled her eyes and continued on with her walk.

    Shinji ran as fast as he could towards the Sendoff Spring. No, he was no worried for her safety; heck, she could simply utilize the power of the gods and knock out any creatures that wanted to harm her. If he would get there in time, he might just catch her and that way; he could just drag her back to Veilstone and keep her there forever with him.

    … That sounded wrong. Rephrase that, Shinji.

    Whatever the case may be, as soon as he manages to find her, he’ll effectively put her out of her misery, as well as his, once and for all.

    When he got to the spring, he heard a rustling of bushes. Thinking it might be a Pokemon, he took out his Pokeball, ready to send out Torterra when he heard a voice.

    “Piplup, you stay there and watch out for any suspicious-looking Pokemon or person or whoever. I’ll be taking a bath.”

    Taking a bath.

    A bath.

    The words echoed in the Kaiser’s mind over and over again.

    She’s going to take a bath…

    He felt like dying suddenly.

    The thought of it made him want to really, really peek at her, and he cursed himself for thinking such dirty thoughts. He was NOT supposed to think of such things!

    Face it, Shinji. You’re a teenager. The person who is about to take a bath IS your future wife, despite the fact that you made that promise not to marry her. The naughty voice in his head told him. Besides, aren’t you even tempted to take a peek?

    Gods of Sinnoh, he was turning into a pervert!

    That was the last thing he had ever wanted to become.

    He chanted a mantra. I will not look. I will not look. I will not look…

    Despite the chanting, the teenager still did not manage to convince himself. And before he could even start exerting the self-control that he desperately needed, he found himself looking at the summoner…

    Thankfully, it was dark. He won’t be seen by her, nor will he see something that would be so explicit that he may never want to glance on a girl’s body again. She started stripping off what looked like her ‘clothes’. The haughty girl was right; it looked like rags. Done with the upper garment, she proceeded to remove the now brown-colored skirt which was colored a light pink before.

    Despite the darkness, he could still make her out. She had a figure, but to him, the summoner looked much too skinny. Her whole body was covered with scars and bruises, something he felt guilty about, but he still convinced himself that it wasn’t his fault. She had been defiant; therefore, she had to be punished.

    Suddenly, she kneeled down and bended over to test the waters. “Hmmm… feels alright.”

    He saw her backside, and god-forbid, Shinji liked what he saw.

    He thought that was the end of it, but the gods seemed to be having too much fun toying around with him and his out-of-control hormones.

    They decided to tease him for the last time…

    Slowly, Hikari turned to face Shinji’s direction…

    … And that gave him a full view of her naked body.

    Shinji, Kaiser of Sinnoh, felt that he was going to suffer from a heart attack at the sight. Sweet Shaymin, his face felt so hot, he might as well cook something on it!

    The gods snickered.

    It was fun playing around with a human.

    Especially if the said human happened to be a teenage boy with hormones that had just been awaken.

    He averted his eyes from going past her chest and finally forced himself to look away. This time, it was successful, and now, the young man was trying to calm down his beating heart.

    I will never, EVER do that again

    ‘But we both know you want to.’ snickered his naughty mind, as well as the gods.


    Hikari sighed as the warm waters soothed both her body and mind. It had already been two weeks since her last bath, and she needed one badly. Thankfully, she remembered being told by one of the priestesses in Snowpoint Temple a ‘hidden fourth lake’ near Veilstone and so, she decided to bathe in that ‘lake’ before heading to Lake Valor. Honestly, it’ll be really disgusting if she dirties the water in the holy lake.

    She scrubbed as best as she could, since there was no soap around, cleansed her intimate area, washed her hair just so the stench would go away and when she had been able to reduce the stench, she ducked, cleansing her body for one last time…

    It might take awhile before she would have another bath…

    When she resurfaced, she took her clothes from the edge of the spring and proceeded to wash her ‘clothes’.

    She had no time to be picky; clothes were still clothes.

    When she gets to that hotel near Lake Valor, she’ll steal whatever she can.

    She was desperate already.

    Everything had been taken from her. She was still not free from the Kaiser. For all she knew, he was currently pursuing her. Wherever he may be, the blue-haired girl wished he wouldn’t detain her early in their ‘game’. She had much to do first.

    With her clothes now looking a bit decent, Hikari wore it immediately, ignoring the cold feel of it against her skin. If she didn’t hurry to the hotel, she might catch a cold. As best as she could, the eighteen-year old, with Piplup in her arms, ran off to the direction of the hotel.

    Desperate situations call for desperate solutions.


    “Hey! What do you think you’re doing?!”

    Hikari smiled guiltily to herself. Stealing was wrong, but she had no choice. Besides, the people staying in that hotel can easily replace the things that they lost. They have money, while she did not have any.

    She knew it was also wrong for her to use her Pokemon to do the stealing, but it had to be done. She was tired and hungry, and she didn’t have any strength to sneak around the bungalows and steal . All she could do was to rely on her Ambipom and Piplup to steal.

    Both Pokemon ran off to the bushes where she was waiting.

    “Thank you, Piplup, Ambipom…” she gave each a hug. “Thank you…”

    Ambipom had done her job well. Not only did she manage to get a decent amount of clothing, she even got her a pair of sandals! Piplup had gotten some berries, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to eat them. It was a Pokemon treat, after all.

    “Go on, you two. Eat up. Then we head to Lake Valor.”

    While the Pokemon munched on the berries, Hikari sighed, trying hard not to think of the hunger. She really was hungry, but there was no food in sight. Berries, there were a lot, but no human food. To distract herself, she rummaged through the clothes.

    Ambipom had gotten her a loose shirt, a pair of shorts and undergarments.

    ‘Well, this is better than nothing… when I start battling with the other trainers I’ll have money to buy more clothes.’

    When the two Pokemon had finished eating their snack, she returned the two to their Pokeballs, stripped off her clothing to wear the ones she had just recently acquired and ran as fast as she could to Lake Valor.

    The god Azelf was waiting for her there.

    She should not make it wait.


    The waters of the lake were glowing, as if anticipating the coming of the summoner.

    ‘It’s time…’

    She knew what to do.

    By the lake side, she kneeled, prayed to the gods and waited…


    The god has materialized in the Pokemon world.

    Hikari opened her eyes and bowed her head in reverence. “Lord Azelf…”

    ‘You have come to seek my powers, is it not?’

    She nodded her head.

    A bright light surrounded the god and returned to its spirit form. It turned into a small amber ball and made its way to the girl, becoming one with her. The amber light suddenly shot up to the sky, signifying that the summoner had just come in contact with a god. At this, Hikari gave out a sharp cry and fell to the ground, writhing in pain.

    The pain was unbearable. Probably more unbearable than the experience she had during her ordeals at the dungeon. It had already been years since she last received the powers of a god, and it seems that she had forgotten how painful the process was going to be. Slowly, the seals were being removed to accommodate the being that will ‘live’ inside her, but her body couldn’t take it anymore.

    It was badly injured physically, and it didn’t need any more than that.

    And so, she fainted right on the spot from the pain and exhaustion.

    Several minutes after, Shinji, who had lost track of her, found her lying on her back. Somehow, he panicked at the sight and rushed to her side, checking if she was still breathing. At the sight of her inhaling and exhaling, he calmed down. The runes on her upper arms were glowing, indicating that the union between her and Azelf had been successful.

    ‘So she now has Azelf and Uxie…’ he noted to himself, frowning.

    As much as he was tempted to drown her in Lake Valor to end her life, he couldn’t bring himself to do so. First, it would be boring to kill an unconscious person and second, it wasn’t the honorable thing to do. Only cowards did such, and he was no coward.

    “I guess she’s alright.” He muttered to himself. “I’ll just bring her to a Pokemon Center and let her sleep. At least that way, she and I will both be in the same condition.”

    He crouched down to pick her up bridal style, but before he could do so, Azelf suddenly materialized itself before him. ‘You are the Kaiser, correct?’

    He stared at the god with a deadpan expression on his face. “What if I am?”

    The psychic Pokemon shook its head. ‘You have obtained Darkrai, it seems, though in an unjust manner. Why is it that you want to seek our powers badly?’

    “That’s none of your business.” He snapped, holding Hikari close to him as he scooped her up in his arms. He then walked past Azelf, ignoring it and made his way to the nearest city from Lake Valor, which was Pastoria City.

    The god stared at his retreating form. Humans were really strange…

    But Azelf knew that the Kaiser was up to something. It still did not know what it was, but it wanted to find out.

    Perhaps Mesprit would know what the Kaiser had in mind.

    Azelf would just have to wait to know the answer.

    Done with school, but in need of something to do. orz

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    Poor, poor Shinji. Its hard to battle with your hormones. Anyway, the latest chapter seems less.....moody. Shinji is acting awfully childish for a serious kaiser person. Plus, with the medievalish setting of kings and queens, BAM! A TV? Piplup and Ambipom came from nowhere, and Shinji's sudden mercy makes this chapter riddled with plotholes. That and the constant references to the gods. I mean, Shinji only has Darkrai, and if the gods can influence him, WHY is Darkrai obeying him?
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    But seriously, I agree with BitchBlast's point from a few posts back.

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    lame joke coming up:

    *sees the scene where Shinji's face is getting HOT*
    Me: quick, get me an egg!
    *receives egg*
    *cracks it on Shinji's face, and it sizzles*
    Shinji: What are you doing, you crazy Voice of the Forest?!?
    Ok, lol, that was lame. If there's Piplup and Ambipom, where's Buneary and Pachirisu?

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    @ Blitzblast

    The setting is not medieval. The plot is set in an alternative universe (wherein legendaries are gods, Gym Leaders having two roles: lords over cities and being a gym leader) but with the present timeline (that means Pokemon trainers/coordinators). I have yet to straighten things out because the fic will have more than 10 chapters. ^^; As for Darkrai, he obeys Shinji because Hikari gave Darkrai to him. And when I mean give, she told him the process to seek him out, like what she did with Azelf.

    Thanks for bringing that up, by the way. Now I know what to work on. ^_^

    @ kawaii_serebii

    Haven't thought of a scene wherein they can make an appearance. ^^; sorry for that.
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    Wow! It's really well written and cute as well xD I like the story, it has something like Final Fantasy in it =D Ans Shinji...I almost felt sorry for him xDDDDDD~ Yeah yeah, it's difficult to fight hormones xD
    But somehow, Hikari seems a little bit OOC Oo She's for usual really cheerfully and here...well xD"

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    Ha Ha...the part with Shinji peeking at Hikari was totally hilarious!I can just imagine it in the show, if it was like the show *cracks up*XD This is a good story!

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