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    Quote Originally Posted by S.Suikun View Post
    I don't know what to laugh at more - Ambipom's ridiculousness, or the fact that Maxim is probably trying to figure out a way to eat his own tongue.

    I'll have actual thoughts on the episode later today hopefully.
    O_o Tee hee hee tee heeh hee hee. Druggies.

    *has a bottle of sake* Long life Ginga!

    Now, you can call me fickle daddy.
    Maxim liked how Ambipom looked honestly, but I'll need to see him in motion.

    The Oak Lecture for this episode is neat as they show Spiritomb stretching his body to eat Oak. Why couldn't he do that in his debut episode, I dunno, but he looks awesome here.

    BUT, what's this I hear? My Turtwig getting some development too?

    Why writers, how do you know what pleases me?
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