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Oh lord, I hope 'Hikari realises contests aren't for her and decides to persue another dream' is on their agenda.

None of the pokémon she has are able to pull off appeals that interest the real world audience (us shmucks!) much, so they had to accurately portray the suckitude of Bubblebeam/Spark/Ice Beam in the show eventually. The massive, MASSIVE suckitude, naturally.

Besides, Jessie deserves a ribbon so much more than any other coordinator on this show, if only for her admirable persistance.
Yeah. I think the fact Jessie hasn't once used any cheap tricks to win AND has kept a persona all the way through really shows how she's become a better coordinator.

Anyway, Gravy, I have to admit Aipom's appeals and general battling styles were always my favorite visual treats especially her varieties of Stars and Double Team. It was like Naruto, if Naruto was a monkey...

Damn...forget I said anything.

Anyway, I'm personally awaiting DP 66 "Dawn and Ambipom!! Assisted Suicide!" in which Ambipom strangles Dawn to relieve her of this sad Appeals-Round losing existence.

Then again, those people they showed on the final round billboard were very powerful looking...