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    Hey. It’s me, FPE. Here to post a very unique Christmas special for you.

    This is a special that Apotheosis and I worked on together, combining both of our fanfics. Originally we wrote this on our former forums, but since it’s that time of year again we decided to bring it back, plus give it a major revamp.

    My characters come from “The Saga of Team Supernova!

    Apotheosis’s come from “Darkness and Light: Between Two worlds.” Which is a prequel to his current fanfic on these forums, “Your Memories are Not Enough.

    There had to be a few holes in our story in order for it to be made, but it’s a special, so it’s okay. We hope you enjoy! Your comments are appreciated!

    Without any further to do…

    Special Feature: The Christmas Mission!

    By: Apotheosis and FPE

    One year ago, before Ben’s disappearance, Christmastime had arrived once again in the Pokemon world. Pokemon, just like humans, enjoy Christmas and the joys of giving.

    Kangaskhan got out the holiday decorations from her warehouse, and set everyone about decorating. Lombre took care of the candy cane posts, placing them neatly next to the pathways that went through the town. Bellsprout grabbed the banners and used his vine whip to tie them on the buildings. The holiday messages such as “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” waved proudly in the air. Snubbull set off to hanging the red glass balls all over the bushes that lined the square’s paths.

    The town was really beginning to look like Christmas now, and so they began to decorate the tree south to the center of town. That was the Christmas tree each year. The Kecleon brothers and Persian climbed up the tree, while the others handed them the decorations. Soon the tree was wrapped in strands of tinsel, and covered in glass ornaments of all colours and lanterns that would be lit at night were also placed carefully throughout it. Now only the most important ornament was left, the wishing star that would be placed at the top of the tree.

    The wishing star was the key to the Christmas celebration at Pokemon square. When it was placed on the tree on Christmas eve, and the lanterns were lit, a special Pokemon would appear. This special Pokemon was Jirachi, a star shaped Pokemon with a white body and a yellow crown. Jirachi would appear only when the star was placed on the tree on Christmas eve, and when it appeared, it would use its powers to make presents appear under the tree for everyone. After these presents appeared, Delibird would sort them and with the help of Stantler would hand them to everyone. For now, though, the large star, made up of a golden frame and cloudy white glass, lay in Kangaskhan’s warehouse in a box filled with soft leaves.

    With the square decorated and ready for Christmas, excitement began building. The Pelipper post office sent out the usual holiday fliers to the rescue teams, Pokemon that lived nearby, and any others that would be coming to the celebration. The rescue teams all seemed energized by the coming holiday, and were extra busy helping others. Time passed quickly, and soon it was only a few days until Christmas.

    At this joyful time of giving, there were some that wanted to use the season for their own gain. One such team was Team Supreme, made up of Machop, Misdreavus, and Aipom. Like many new teams, they were frustrated with their low rank. Unable to get any good rescue requests, the three of them were frustrated.

    “I’m sick of our team being treated like nothing!” Machop said, as he angrily slammed his gray fist into the ground of the base, causing small cracks in the rock. “We need to do something. Something that will make us look like heroes. It’d be better than the lousy missions we get.”

    Midreavus floated down, surprised by Machop’s sudden outburst. “I don’t see that there is that much we can do at our rank, Machop. We’ll just have to wait for the opportunity to knock.”

    “Ooh, ooh, ah, ah!” Aipom interrupted, looking out the window, “They are putting up the Christmas decorations. Let’s go see them!”

    “Hmm, perhaps we don’t have to wait for opportunity to knock if we create it ourselves,” Machop replied, “With Christmas coming, perhaps there’s an easy way for us to become heroes, but it will involve a little plan.”

    “You’re up to something,” Misdreavus said, a glint of excitement in her eye.

    Machop grinned, “Here’s what we’ll do…”

    At another nearby rescue team base, another new team was also preparing for the day. This team was called Team Supernova, consisting of a male Totodile, a female Torchic, and a Cubone named Tristan. Tristan was not a normal Pokemon though, he like a few others, was originally a human. Tristan, the one who slept at the base, headed out.

    “Hmmmmm… no missions today,” Tristan thought while checking the mail for the day. In fact, the only mail that came today was the next edition of the Poke news. He didn’t feel like reading it at the moment. “Too bad… Totodile will be disappointed.” Glancing down the pathway, he saw Torchic and Totodile heading his way. Apparently talking amongst themselves excitedly. “Guys!” he called, “no mission in the mail today.”

    “That’s okay,” Totodile said happily, himself and Torchic now next to Tristan, “I wasn’t expecting any today.”

    “WHAT!?” Tristan asked dumbfounded. Was this the same Totodile he was friends with?

    “Well of course there is no mission today,” answered Torchic, “I mean, tomorrow is Christmas eve after all.”

    “Huh? Christmas eve?” Tristan asked. “For some reason, that word rang like a bell. But he couldn’t place it. “Where have I heard that before?”

    “Well tomorrow evening will be Christmas eve,” shrugged Totodile, “I guess you just heard some people talking about it.”

    “Maybe…” Tristan replied. “It’ll come to me soon.”

    “Well. I heard they need help setting everything up,” mentioned Torchic “We should probably lend a hand, or wing in my case.” She fluttered happily about a moment, venting of some of her excitement. “Christmas is almost here! I can’t wait to get my presents from Jirachi!”

    “Wait, a Pokemon called Jirachi brings the presents?” Tristan asked, confused at these traditions.

    “I guess you are too new here to really know,” Totodile said, “I’ll explain the basics of how the Pokemon celebrate Christmas. Every year, on Christmas eve, we place a special ornament called the wishing star on top of the Christmas tree in the center of town. We then light the lanterns hung on the tree. As soon as both of these things are done, the Pokemon named Jirachi appears. Using its powers to make wishes come true, Jirachi creates presents for everyone, and then disappears, leaving Delibird and Stantler to hand out the presents. Understand?”

    “I guess so, for some reason Christmas feels a bit superficial to me,” Tristan replied, “Perhaps it’s just a feeling remaining from my human experiences. It does sound pretty cool.”

    “You bet!” Torchic added, “And it is only two nights away!”

    For the rest of the day the team helped out in the village as much as they could. Everything from fixing broken decorations from previous years, to donating to a charity that Persain was running. In the end of the day, though, they ended up spending more time having fun than actually helping, from listening to an old Christmas tale from Elder Whiskash, to taking part in a special tournament held at Makuhita’s dojo. Tristan was pleased to say that he hadn’t done too bad himself, making it into the top ten. That evening the village was practically glowing with hundreds of lights, giving a very festive atmosphere.

    “I guess we’d better get some rest,” Torchic said that night, the team standing back in front of their team base, “It’ll make the time pass more quickly.”

    With that, Torchic and Totodile left for their nearby homes, leaving Tristan to rest in the base. If this was how fun it was the day before Christmas eve, he wondered what to expect the next day.

    Meanwhile, Team Supreme had just started carrying out their plan. It was now late into the night and the village was beginning to grow silent. Misdreavus peeked through the wall of Kangaskhan’s warehouse to find the special ornament while Machop and Aipom kept watch for Pokemon passing by. An Illumise and a Volbeat walked by, enjoying the Christmas decorations. A little later into the night, the coast was clear. Kangaskhan was asleep and Team Supreme very carefully made their way into the warehouse, easily finding the special box housing the wishing star. They carefully crept out of the back of the warehouse, but hid in the bushes as they heard a noise across the street.

    “What was that?” Machop whispered.

    Blending in with the darkness, Misdreavus looked to see what caused it. “It’s just the Kecleon brothers, closing their shop. I‘ll use confusion on them, just in case they saw us.”

    Confusion hit its mark, leaving both Kecleon dazed. Team Supreme told them that they had just seen Team Supernova pass by. A few minutes passed, feeling like ages to Team Supreme, their hearts pounding the whole time. Then the Kecleon left, remembering only the name of Team Supernova. Soon it was quiet again and they crept carefully between the buildings and bushes, staying in the shadows so they would not be caught. In the darkness, they arrived at their base, with the box in tow.

    As they entered, Machop spoke, “Now we just need to find somewhere to put the box. That’ll make it look like someone else took the star. Then, we’ll bring the star back later, and hopefully look like heroes.”

    “Ooh, ooh, ah, ah! I know the perfect place,” Aipom hinted, “We could make it look like that Cubone who stole our mission did it. That way we can make Team Supernova look worse than they will already.”

    “Yes! It will be an excellent way to teach them a lesson!” Misdreavus replied.

    After taking the wishing star from its box, Team Supreme carefully placed it in their tool-box. They then took the original box of the star and headed for Team Supernova’s base.

    Tristan had been sleeping soundly, but was awakened by a slight rustle. He rose half-awake, looking for what had made the noise. The skull on his head did not give him the best vision though, and so he saw no one. Suddenly he heard a voice behind him.

    “Hypnosis!” the voice whispered, sending out a wave of energy over Tristan. Speaking in a quiet voice, the voice commanded Tristan, “You were never awake, this is all a dream, go back to sleep.”

    Tristan fell over, sound asleep once more. Team Supreme left the box next to him, and scattered the soft leaves around him. The plan was going just like Machop had planned, and now Aipom and Misdreavus would take the star away, while he stayed to make sure Team Supernova got the blame.

    The next morning, everyone was in an uproar. Kangaskhan went early to get the box out, and get things ready for the evening, but was shocked to see the box missing. She gathered everyone in town, and started searching for the star, or for evidence of where it went to.

    Meanwhile, Tristan had woken up, and didn’t know what to make of the strange box. “That wasn’t here last night…” he thought, “Am I forgetting something? What was that dream I had? Maybe I’m over-thinking things…”

    Suddenly, there was a loud banging on the Team door. “Tristan! Tristan!” Totodile called through the through impatiently, “Open up will ya!?”

    Tristan, who was still awakening, headed towards the door. “I’m coming, I’m coming.” He opened the door to see the very worried face of Totodile and Torchic. “What?” he asked groggily.

    “There’s a big problem in the village!” blurted Totodile.

    “The wishing star is missing!” Torchic cried, “Someone stole it!”

    “NO WAY!?” exclaimed Tristan, awakened from the sudden news, “Stolen!? Who would do such a thing!?”

    “We don’t know,” answered Totodile. “We’re just going to find out... Wait...” Totodile trailed off as he caught a glance of the box and leaves in their base. “IS THAT THE BOX FOR THE STAR!? TRISTAN!! WHY DO YOU HAVE THAT!?”

    “I don’t know! It just appeared here this morning!” Tristan replied defensively, “Everything that happened last night is a blur to me! I can’t remember a thing!”

    Back in Pokemon Square, Machop was fulfilling the next part of his plan. Many teams and Pokemon were gathered, furious over the disappearance of the key item. Alakazam with the other members of Team ACT were in the center of the square, trying to sort things out. “You say you saw the culprit?” asked Alakazam calm, yet furious.

    “Yup,” said Machop smugly.

    “THEN TELL US WHO IT IS!” shouted Charizard impatiently, “THE MORE WE WAIT THE ANGRIER I GET!!”

    “Shame to whoever would try to steal the star,” Tyranitar said coldly, “only someone without morals would do such a thing.”

    “The thieves, are none other than,” Machop left a pause to make sure he had everyone’s attention. The crowd fell silent as they waited for the answer. “Team Supernova!”

    “WHAT!?” Everyone in the crowd exclaimed, almost simultaneously.

    Alakazam remained calm, “Do you have proof?”

    “Yes,” answered Machop, “The Kecleon bro’s from the shop also saw the whole thing.”

    Both Kecleon stepped forward. “We saw it,” answered the green one.

    “They were up at extremely late hours last night. It was quite suspicious that they were sneaking around the village.” confirmed his purple brother. Hearing this solid proof only fuelled the fire of the crowd’s rage.

    The crowd moved towards the team base area, in search of Team Supernova’s base. Not long after it came into view, as well as the three members in front of it, who were still trying to figure out what happened. Seeing the angry mob approaching caused them to begin to panic.

    “Guys…” Totodile said aside. “I have a really bad feeling about this.”

    The crowd arrived, and saw the box and leaves in the base, confirming Machop’s words.

    Charizard called from within the crowd, “YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS TEAM SUPERNOVA!! GIVE THE STAR BACK RIGHT NOW!!!”

    “W… w… wait!” Totodile struggle to say to the approaching crowd. “W… w… we did nothing! Honest!”

    “They won’t listen to us!” Torchic said, worried.

    “Well,” mentioned Tristan. “If they won’t listen to us, then I guess all we can do is… RUN!!!!!”

    Meanwhile, further down the path, team Saviors which were made up of a strong Charmander named Draconis, a very blue Mudkip named Ben, and an Absol, were returning from their last mission. They were worried that they might not have made it back in time for the celebrations, but now they were sighing with relief. They were about to return to their team base, the largest around and made of a fine granite with a waterfall coming off the side. They stood at the second floor of the base and noticed the scene of Team Supernova and the crowd chasing them.

    “What the…” Draconis commented, speechless.

    “I… don’t know either…” Ben answered, just as confused as his friend, “Did we miss something?”

    Absol walked back into the base, commenting, “Does it really matter? It’s probably just their demented version of tag, or something.”

    Ben and Draconis exchanged glances and nodded at each other. “Only one way to find out,” said Ben, as he and the other two jumped down and ran into the street.

    With that Draconis shouted, “Whoever you are, get behind us, we’ll sort this out.”

    Team Supernova followed this advice, not wanting to get attacked from both sides, and hoped that these new Pokemon could somehow help. The crowd came to a halt in front of Draconis, Ben, and Absol.

    “Team Saviors!” Charizard said, surprised, “Why are you protecting them?”

    “Did you hear that!?” Totodile whispered to his friends, “Team Saviors is a really strong rescue team!”

    “Next to team Blue right?” asked Tristan.

    “Tristan!” Whispered Torchic angrily, “Watch what you say! They’re helping us!”

    Ben turned to face Team ACT, who were at the very front of the crowd, “What did they do?”

    “Yeah!” demanded Draconis, “What the heck is going on!?”

    Charizard answered heatedly “They have done something with the Wishing Star.”

    “But they won’t confess to it,” Tyranitar added, “Despite the fact that they were caught red handed.”

    “And I am so SURE all YOUR accusations are right,” Absol commented sarcastically.

    Ninetales, who had come to visit for Christmas well, was farther down the path heading in the direction of the village. He had managed to overhear the entire situation and when he was close enough, began to speak, “While Absol was sharp with his words, he is correct. Do you really need me here to remind you of the last time you accused someone based on only a few things?”

    Seeing Ninetales and being reminded of the guilt everyone felt in previously accusing the innocent cooled off the crowd. Now they seemed motivated to look over the facts once more.

    “This does seem very similar to how you chased me and Draconis off,” Ben added, “Now let’s hear all sides of the story, starting with the accused. Now, team… team… uh, what’s your name?”

    “Huh? You mean you don’t know us?” Totodile asked, disappointed, “We’re Team Supernova…”

    “Come on Totodile,” Torchic tried to comfort him. “We’ll be big one day. We’re just starting after all right? Help me out Tristan.”

    “Oh… yeah, sure” Tristan commented. He had been concentrating on the Mudkip of Team Saviors. He didn’t know what it was, but there was something strange about him.

    Torchic was about to snap at Tristan for not helping when Ninetales spoke with a very interested look, “Hmmm… yes. You will definitely be big one day.”

    Totodile looked up, “You… you really think so?”

    Ninetales glanced towards Tristan and gave an even more interested look, “I know so.”

    “Well…” Totodile started, “All I know is that when Torchic and I arrived this morning at our base, the box of the wishing star was left there. Tristan, can probably tell you more since he spends the nights at our base.”

    Tristan, trying to look convincing began his story. “Last night I fell asleep, with nothing around me. When I this morning the box was there somehow. I don’t know how it got there. But I feel I should be remembering something that happened last night.”

    Alakazam walked out of the front of the crowd stating, “I have been reading their minds, and they are telling the truth. I am also getting something strange from Tristan, a feeling I’ve only felt around you, Ben. It also seems like there is something suppressing a few of the minds around here such as Tristan and the Kecleon. I will try to remove it.” Alakazam took a moment to concentrate. Like a curtain that’d been lifted, Tristan suddenly remembered a little more from the previous night.

    “Wait, we want to retract our accusation of Team Supernova. Something was making us believe we saw them last night, when we actually didn’t,” replied both Kecleon together, “All we remember is hearing something in the bushes, and then we were hit by an attack. That’s all we remember though.”

    Tristan also remembered something new adding, “I remember something too. I woke up in the middle of the night because I heard noises and then I heard a voice… I think it was… Misdreavus, from Team Supreme. I was also hit by an attack, and everything after that was blank.”

    “Things seem to be different than they seemed,” Alakazam commented, “Machop of Team Supreme started the accusations, and his two teammates were not with him this morning like they normally are. Also, he no longer appears to be around, which is very suspicious. Let’s find all three members of Team Supreme, and maybe that will reveal the truth.”

    Pelipper, who had returned from delivering letters saw the commotion and flew by to ask what was happening. After hearing about the events, Pelipper replied, “Amigos, I think I saw Machop heading up to the hills to the north a short while ago, I’m still busy with letters, though, so see ya!”

    Team ACT, Team Saviors, and Team Supernova then volunteered to find Team Supreme. Following Pelipper’s advice they headed north towards the hills. Totodile and Torchic were fuming from the stunt that Team Supreme had pulled. Tristan, keeping to his usual silence, was suddenly approached by Ben.

    “Tristan, is it?” he began, “I’m Ben of Team Saviors. Alakazam mentioned that your mind is a bit different than normal Pokemon, and is a bit like mine. Do you know why?”

    “Well, I don’t know why I’m here or how I became a Cubone, but I’m sure I was once a human. All I remember is my name, Tristan. You also have a human name. Ben… that seems familiar for some reason.”

    “Now that I think about it, the name Tristan seems like a name I once knew. I was also a human, but can’t remember any of it, just like you. Tristan, though, that seems very familiar. Errrr,” Ben groaned, suddenly wincing in pain, “I think I’m getting a headache.”

    “Argh, me too,” Tristan moaned. He held his free paw up to his forehead, and gripped his bone tightly in the other. Ben stopped in his tracks and closed his eyes, trying to get rid of the strange feeling. Suddenly, a memory came to both of them, a memory of several years ago, when both of them were humans…


    During one school year, Ben and Tristan had met once. Ben, like always, was one of the top students. Tristan, in one of his frequent moves, had just come in half-way into the year. All the moving had caused him to fall behind. Having no friends and knowing none of the teachers didn’t help his situation.

    One day, after school, Tristan was sitting alone at a table in the corner of the empty cafeteria. He had messy dark brown hair that matched his brown eyes. He wore a maroon shirt under a black hoodie, which had a tear on the sleeve from a fight at a previous school. He was also wearing plain blue jeans and black shoes with red and white highlights. It was hard to tell when he was sitting down, but he was fairly tall for his age, being several inches over some of his classmates. Even though school had ended, he had chose to stay here to work because it wasn’t as empty and lonely as his quiet home. There was the scraping of a cafeteria chair as someone sat down across the table from him. Tristan looked up.

    “Hey, I’m Ben,” the boy said. He had on a green t-shirt with a few small holes. His pants also were a bit worn at the knees and bottom. He set his empty lunch box down with a skinny arm and brushed his blond-brown hair with one hand. Now that he was set, he spoke to Tristan again. “I’ve noticed that you sit alone during lunch most days. That’s okay, though. I’m usually alone during lunch as well.”

    “I’m Tristan,” he replied plainly, a little surprised to have company for once, “You can sit there if you want. But I won’t talk much. I really need to finish my homework.”

    “If you need some advice on the homework, I could always give you some. I’m pretty good when it comes to this stuff.”

    “That would be nice, I couldn’t figure out how to do parts of this assignment.”

    Looking them over, Ben helped Tristan for a while. Some others people nearby, who had not done the assignment noticed this. They knew that Ben usually got high grades and decided to try and get the answers. After all, the assignment was worth a lot of points. Three kids who looked pretty strong walked up behind them. Ben turned when he noticed them.

    “Yeah?” he asked.

    “We couldn’t help but notice you’re helping the new kid with the homework. We were hoping you could give us the answers too,” the one in front replied.

    “I can’t give you the answers. I can give you pointers on how to answer them though,” Ben offered.

    “We don’t want pointers, we want the answers,” the same one replied again.

    “Well sorry then,” Ben said, shaking his head, “I can’t help you then. I’m not doing your homework for you.”

    “You may be smart, but you don’t get it. The first time was just a friendly request, but now it’s a warning. Give us the answers, or we’ll force them from you.”

    Ben held true to his word, not giving up the answers. But as the bullies closed in on him he started to become nervous. “I’ve never fought before,” he thought, taking defensive stance. It was obvious that Ben had never fought, with the stance he had taken. Tristan also noticed this, worried that he might not last long.

    The three decided to carry through with their threat. Tristan watched, nervous about jumping in, since it might make a difficult start for him at this school he had just come to. At first, only one of the three tried to take Ben on, Ben was quick at first avoiding the punches thrown, but Tristan knew he would wear out easily. Ben closed his eyes and threw a wild punch, managing to hit the kid in the face, making him stagger back.

    “Get him!” said one of the remaining two. Now Ben found himself in a two on one fight, but he was still tired from the first one, and he knew he couldn’t fight any longer. One of the bullies knocked him over from behind, causing him to land hard on the cold tile floor. He winced in pain from the landing. The bullies moved to kick him while he was on the ground “Change your mind yet!?”

    Tristan, now angry that they were teaming up against the person who had just helped him, decided that now was the time to jump in, before things got worse. He jumped up from his chair, kicking it to the closest of the kids, hitting him hard in the head. Before the other one could react he walked up, and nailed him in the gut, knocking the air out him. They both fell to the ground in pain. Ben rose to his feet again as the bully he punched got up behind him and was about to punch right in the back of the head.

    “Duck,” Tristan addressed Ben.

    “What!?” Ben asked hesitating.

    “DUCK!!” Heading his words, Ben ducked as Tristan gave a forceful roundhouse kick over his head. Ben could feel the wind from the kick as the bully got a taste of Tristan’s shoe, sending him down to the floor to join his friends. The three decided to not take any more pain, and fled leaving Ben and Tristan alone again.

    “Thanks for helping me out, I’ve never been in a fight before,” Ben said appreciatively, “They might’ve taken the assignment if you hadn’t helped,”

    Tristan shrugged. “I move around a lot, I’ve had to learn to defend myself, since I’m always the new kid. It was nothing, but thanks for the help on the homework.”

    “Do you need anymore help?” Ben asked, looking back at Tristan’s homework.

    Tristan looked back at the sheet, “Actually, I think I get it now. Thanks again for the help.”

    “Okay I’ve actually got to go now, anytime there’s trouble you can just ask then.”

    “I could say the same for you,” Tristan joked, “See ya.”


    With that, Ben departed, leaving Tristan with his work…


    Coming back to their senses after a short while, both Ben and Tristan opened their eyes to see the others staring at them curiously.

    Draconis walked over, placing a hand on Ben’s back, asking, “Are you all right? You both seemed to stare off into space for a minute there.”

    “We’re fine, it is nothing,” Tristan said waving back Torchic and Totodile, who had also started coming over.

    Tristan and Ben both walked silently again, thinking on this old memory. This time it was Tristan who confronted Ben. “Seems like we’ll be working together again. I don’t know if I am very strong in this world, though, since I’m still getting the hang of this body. If we get into a fight, you might have to protect me this time.”

    “If we have to battle, it won’t be a problem,” Ben replied, “Draconis, Absol and I are one of the strongest rescue teams, even if we don’t look like it. We’ve faced opponents that could have eaten us if we hadn’t won, so there isn’t much now we’re scared of.”

    “Are you as strong as Team Blue?”

    “Who’s Team Blue?”

    “You know… Team Blue.”

    “… …Never heard of them,” Ben answered.

    “Oh… anyway…” Tristan continued, “I guess I’ll be the one who’s learning again, just like in that memory.”

    Suddenly, between some of the hills ahead was a flash of blue energy. The three teams hurried over the rocky slopes and patches of short grass to see what had caused it. As they reached the top of one of the hills, they found that Team Supreme had gotten into a dangerous situation. Suicune, the legendary dog of ice, was fighting them, and was crushing them with its power. Both Aipom and Misdreavus were frozen solid, encased in large blocks of ice. Only Machop was left, determined to defend the star.

    “What is that power I’m sensing?” Suicune growled, “Give it to me! I know you have an item with power.”

    “N… no, it is too important to give to you, this is our only shot at becoming he… heroes!” Machop replied, shuddering from the cold.

    “I care not about your dreams of becoming heroes!” replied Suicune coldly, “I will have that item.”

    The bright flash of aurora beam issued from Suicune, which Machop was unable to avoid. “No… this… this was… our big… shot…” He too became frozen in a block of ice. Now Suicune advanced towards, Team Supreme’s tool-box.

    “Ah, what item could be in here, the aura is strong,” Suicune said, mostly to himself.

    Opening the item box, the star glittered brightly in the sunlight before it. The three teams approached, and Absol grabbed the item box before Suicune even noticed they were there.

    “The power I’m sensing from that star is unlike anything else, give it to me if you want to live,” Suicune threatened.

    Another aurora beam was sent at Absol, who dodged it easily and using his usual sarcasm taunted Suicune, “Wow, your attacks are so pretty perhaps you should definitely put on a light show. Better yet, we should put you on the Christmas tree.”

    “You’ll pay for that!” Suicune barked.

    Suicune now enraged, both from not getting the star, and from Absol’s taunts started a cold north wind that began to blow as fury filled the aurora Pokemon. It rushed forward to attack us, unleashing a powerful blizzard attack.

    “No, we’re not ready for this kind of opponent!” gasped Totodile, shocked by the enemy’s power.

    “My flame is growing cold!” cried Torchic.

    “Lost already… what a let down.” Tristan said with a little of a little grin turning to Mudkip, “I guess the tides have turned. This time I’m the weak and helpless one…”

    “Tristan! You're not weak! Or helpless!” Ben called after him, “TRISTAN!” But Team Supernova was now frozen solid, just like Team Supreme. “… Wait…” he though a moment, “did he just say I was weak and helpless?”

    Team ACT and Team Saviors weathered the attack. Suicune’s rush left it vulnerable, and so the six remaining unleashed a barrage of attacks. Charizard and Draconis unleashed flame-throwers, but the watery nature of Suicune made the attacks ineffective. Tyranitar and Absol both unleashed their bite attacks on Suicune, pinning it down. Alakazam then used his psychic, further weakening the mighty foe. Suicune shook off Absol and Tyranitar, giving Ben a opening, allowing him to hit Suicune with a mud-slap.

    “Like the northern wind, I am cold and powerful, I will not lose so easily,” Suicune panted.

    Suddenly, Suicune began blasting powerful hydro pumps from its mouth. The speed and accuracy of these were incredible, and took down Charizard, Draconis, and Tyranitar each in one hit. Now only Alakazam, Ben, and Absol remained. Alakazam stunned Suicune with another psychic attack, while Ben unleashed his own hydro pump and Absol began a fierce razor wind. The blast of water splashed over Suicune, but did little damage. Alakazam’s psychic faded.

    Suicune unleashed the full might of the northern wind in another powerful blizzard attack, which blew Ben into the rocky hillside. Absol’s razor wind followed, slicing up Suicune with its cutting power. Alakazam unleashed psybeam, sending a psychic wave directly towards Suicune. The enemy was not unprepared this time, and used mirror coat, making Alakazam take twice the damage he sent. Suicune followed this up with a bite attack, causing Alakazam to faint instantly. Absol used this opening to unleash his slash attack, tearing into Suicune with his sharp claws. Ben also managed to get up, although weakened by the earlier blizzard, and threw down a rock at Suicune from the hillside. The rock hit true, but Suicune continued, despite barely being able to stand. Another frigid gust of the northern wind slammed into Ben, who was now barely hanging on.

    Absol continued biting and clawing Suicune. Suicune managed to get a bite of its own on Absol, and tossed him down into the crumbling rocks of the hill. While getting up, Absol was unable to dodge another aurora beam, and like the others was frozen in place. He was able to squeeze in one last taunt, “It’s even prettier when getting hit…” Ben now had to fight solo, trying desperately to hold on. Suddenly a voice called from behind the legendary dog.

    “Here catch this,” Tristan shouted, eating the last of his Rawst Berry. He was lucky he’d brought it. With a very powerful swing, he threw an oran berry towards the Mudkip.

    Ben caught it in his mouth, and immediately felt his energy returning. He unleashed a mud-slap on the rocky hill, intending to create a rockslide. The rocks shifted, but didn’t fall. Tristan, catching onto the plan, whipped his own Bone-merang towards it, but still nothing. But after one last mud-slap the hill finally came down slamming into Suicune, who was finally defeated. “The star… its power… I want it… I need it…” Moments later the rest of the Teams either unthawed, or woke up, and with a large amount of berries, everyone was feeling good enough to return to the village including Team Supreme. Team ACT now had the star, Alakazam carefully protecting it with his psychic energies. Team Supreme became nervous as they tried to think up something to save their image.

    “Suicune forced me to get the star, or else it would have killed my team-mates,” Machop said, hopefully, “I didn’t want too do it.”

    “Yeah, it held me and Aipom hostage while Machop got the star. We were so scared we didn’t know what to do,” Misdreavus added, trying to make it seem more truthful.

    “I guess you seem SO trustworthy after what we’ve seen,” Absol stated, in his usual harsh tone.

    “Ooh, ooh, ah… ah…”

    “I can tell if someone is lying or not, but for your sakes, we’ll let everyone in town decide on their own,” Alakazam replied, “Just don’t speak anymore, or else I’ll have to reveal every detail to the others. Hopefully they will be giving enough during this time to not want to hurt you.”

    Alakazam’s threat certainly silenced Team Supreme, who trudged back with the three allied teams, ashamed. After the difficult battle we were all tired, but the excitement of the night of Christmas eve rejuvenated everyone. As the group arrived back in town the sun was already beginning to set.

    The others from town all greeted Team ACT, Team Saviors, and Team Supernova with cheers, Totodile was absolutely overjoyed with all the attention they were getting. Team Supreme slunk off to their base, not wanting to be seen. Alakazam led his team in the front, carrying the star with his psychic abilities. Next was Team Saviors, and in the back was Team Supernova. Pokemon lined the now noisy streets as the teams passed by. At the square, with the sun fading, Alakazam placed the star on top of the Christmas tree. As the lanterns were lit, each Pokemon relived a memory of a Christmas past.

    Ben suddenly remembered a Christmas he had when he was a human. The images of family and friends filled his mind, and he remembered how long he had been away from them. A single tear dropped from his eye as he realized this, and he wiped it away quickly.

    Tristan also remembered a previous Christmas. Always moving, he never had any friends to see during Christmas, and with no siblings, he only had his parents. Even then his parents were distant to him, being busy with work. Sometimes they would have parties at work on Christmas, leaving him to sit alone in front of the tree. “At least I can celebrate it with my new friends in this world,” he though, as a tear ran down onto the skull covering his head.

    Draconis also shed a tear for the memory of his past Christmas days. He was with friends now, but he had left many he loved to form the rescue team. He usually tried to not think about his homeland, but at Christmas the memories would always come back, bringing a bit of homesickness. “It is my duty to help others, it is what my father would have wanted,” he thought to himself, fighting back the homesickness with his resolve.

    Charizard of Team ACT, noticed the single tear, and said to Draconis, “I miss home too, cousin. Merry Christmas.”

    Totodile thought back to his days with his family. Christmas had always been so fun with his parents. He always admired how many gifts they would get from thankful clients. One day, though, that had all changed. He closed his eyes, shedding a single tear. “Mother… Father… I will find you one day. When I’m a better rescuer… when I become stronger…” Fighting Suicune had opened his eyes, making him realize how far he still had to go.

    Absol kept his sadness inside, and instead sighed, “I SURE do love Christmas.” Inside, Absol was actually consumed with sorrow. He had always been an outcast, shunned by others as the ‘disaster pokemon’. Many Christmas days were spent alone in the unforgiving mountains. Years before that, though, there had been happy when he was young. His parents and siblings, although living deep in the mountains, had been happy together.

    Torchic relived a couple memories of her own, thinking back to her previous hometown. “I wonder if everyone back home is thinking about me… or if they’re missing me…” she thought. She shed a single tear, “Oh, who am I kidding… Of course they’re not…”

    Seeing all the sorrow during such a happy time, Ben and Tristan exchanged glances and walked up to their friends with candy canes from Kecleon. “Merry Christmas, friends,” Ben said.

    “I’m glad I’m here with the two of you to celebrate,” Tristan thanked. At these gestures, the mood among the two teams became lighter. Instead of looking back at unpleasant pasts, they looked towards the future, hopefully to be very bright ones with their friends.

    As the last lanterns were being lit on the tree, everyone turned to think about the Christmas of the present. The Kecleon added to their fortune and the festivity by selling holiday treats such as candy canes, cookies, hot chocolate, and much more. Soon, only a few lanterns were left, and everyone was silent as the last one was lit. The star on top of the tree suddenly filled with an inner light that grew increasingly bright, sending its white glow throughout the town.

    While the intensity of this grew, Delibird, accompanied by Stantler landed in the middle of the square, exclaiming, “Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas everyone!”

    Even Delibird turned silent, though, as a bright flash emitted from the star, and Jirachi appeared. Opening its eyes, Jirachi spun around above the tree, surveying the crowd. It gathered energy from the hopes and wishes of all the Pokemon there, and after a few minutes it began to glow. The glow around Jirachi brightened, becoming a radiant aura rivaling the sun’s brightest rays. Suddenly the ground around the tree began to glow, and suddenly there was a huge pile of presents, wrapped in a spectrum of colours. Delibird started to put the presents in his sack for delivery that night, but Jirachi only stayed a few moments longer.

    Disappearing in a flash, Jirachi telepathically communicated to everyone, “May all your Christmas wishes come true.”

    … End.

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    On Nsider I was known as Shadesninja.
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    Although FPE and I wrote this some time ago, I still think it was a great story. I hope everyone enjoys it and your comments will be appreciated.

    Link to my fanfic.
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    Another great fanfic is The Saga of Team Supernova by FPE

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    Amazing. Simply. Amazing. :-D

    These mere words aren't even enough to demonstrate how impressed I am with your guys' fanfic. (But those Team Supreme buggers, always making the good guys look bad....tch. what buggers. >_>)

    I'm thinking about making a banner for my PMD fanfic, but where do I find a shop?? o-o;;

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    (SWEET! Tristan knows karate! .....remind me not to grind his nerves anytime soon. o-o;; )

    Vair nice fanfic. I think you should try posting it at

    Just a suggestion.

    Vair nice. I rate

    8.7/10. (don't hurt me. *hides under a table* Meeep.)
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