Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Jack Frost nipping at your nose
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir
And folks dressed up like Eskimos

*Clings the bells*


Damn right it is, the day to be merry and jolly while the Fat man in red flies over the world pillaging the villages and killing orphan *looks into the direction of Tessie who is giving him a weird look*...what..he doesn't do that? why the hell wold someone tell me that o0;; Santa doesn't go about killing folk?? OHHHHHH thats the evil Santa, nobody wants evil Santa, but Good Santa he's awesome. Giving out Presents and stuff, and thats what Arnie Claus and his elves are going to do today, because we give you better stuff then you'll ever get >>;

So whats in store for you all this year?

NOTHING, Good bye.

Ok I lie, we are, we are and arnie shall be giving you title of the thread.
a roasted Chestnut that when given to one of your Pokemon will raise their level by 3
A Chestnut Pokeblock that will raise tough stats by + 30 points.
and finally for you all, a Conker, don't know what a Conker is, ask your fellow english member and they'll tell you, but this is FB and a Conker will do soemthing in this world and what does it do you ask, well I'll tell you:
One use per battle, This special coated Conker will never break and is great for those tough games, but if you use it in battle and hit your opponent over the head it will daze the for a few seconds giving you time to unleash a great attack. Hitting a smaller Pokemon will daze them for longer, but hitting a hard headded or bigger Pokemon than your own will not daze as much or not at all.