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Thread: Cresselia92's Little Sprite Gallery

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    Default Cresselia92's Little Sprite Gallery

    Cresselia92's Little Sprite Gallery

    Hello, people! Thanks for passing by and welcome to my little Sprite Gallery.

    I'm usually into the more "regular" art and still a newbie regarding spriting and stuff, but I'm quite interested in learning about the fascinating world of pixel art.

    With that said, here's some of the sprites I've created this year.

    BW-inspired Overworld Sprites

    These sprites are essentially walking sprites for the XY Pokémon and some human characters in the BW style. The Pokémon are animated GIFs, while the human characters are static PNGs. Planning to add the missing Pokémon from the 5th Generation as well.


    DP-inspired Pokémon Sprites

    Some experiments done done to mimic the style present in the 4th Generation games.


    Pokémon Fusions

    As the title says, I've fused some Pokémon together. I had planned to send them to a Pokémon contest, but missed the date... However, I still enjoyed splicing these Pokémon together, especially the last one.


    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Sprites
    A collection of Pokémon in PMD style. This includes Pokémon from both the 5th and 6th Generations.


    Feel free to judge my works and to tell me how I can improve my skills.

    Cresselia92, out!

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    Hey there, welcome to the spriting section! You'll find we're a small but cosy community of helpful people.
    So I'll go ahead and C&C some of your work.

    BW-inspired Overworld sprites
    When I looked at these earlier on my phone I thought they were all a bit too small (especially the big ones like M-Blastoise and Xerneas) but looking now, at my computer, they're suddenly fine, weird. You obviously put a lot of work into them and I think there's nothing wrong with them. I'm far from an overworld specialist, though, but I like them.

    DP-inspired Pokémon sprites
    I'm only seeing a trainer overworld (Juliet)? In any case, it's another well done sprite as far as I can tell.

    Pokémon Fusions
    Yay, my area of expertise! I have to say, I'm rather impressed. While they're technically not super-hard to do and as far as I see there's some copy/pasting involved in at least some of them (but that's totally okay, I do that too sometimes), what really caught my attention is how you obviously have a true artist's eye. The trio fusions are aesthetically very pleasing to the eye, and little details like the fur on Suicune/Virizion's behind, the little boots on the same fusion, etc... elevate the sprites as a whole to a higher level. On Raikou/Cobalion I also can't help but notice how well their features and color schemes blend. I'm not quite sure if you scratched the Cobalion parts, but it's a nice job regardless since it fits really well. I also really like how you went to the trouble of creating overworld fusions, backsprite fusions, shiny versions of them.

    If there's something bugging me at all, it would be the Ninetales/Arcanine fusion. I think the bright orange/blue doesn't really work well with the rest of the sprite, but on the other hand I really like how Ninetales' head and neck work out on Arcanine's body. I'm still not sure whether I love or hate the tail, though. It's weird how it looks really well, but at the same time looks like it shouldn't be in that position, physically speaking... I'm not sure how to explain.

    Keldeo/Meloetta looks great, but if I'm honest I have no idea what those sprites look like since I've never been really good at event pokémon. It looks like a well-balanced sprite though. I know nothing of Mystery Dungeon, so I'm gonna skip those as well.

    So overall I'm impressed and I like your work. It could do with some more audacity, I think you're playing it a little too safe on the fusions, but the results look great and in the end that's all that matters. On a side note; why don't you try and enter one of the Weekly Spriting Contests? It's great fun and you'll get to know the other spriters and their work.
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    I love all the evil team Dawns. I'm better at 4th gen OWs though. Still awesome job.
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