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I think the most annoying part of this game is having to listen to an eccentric john-linen impersonator droll off on mindless statistics, the likes of which include his "Super cool level 52 power-swap medicham." And not to mention he has to have every little bit of sound effects up on high volume, while my family and my therapist, listen and make fun of it. THAT is the most annoying part of this game. But considering I have to stay on topic, I'll say that the same eccentric person got owned by a full team of level 100 Arceus. And to put myself in his shoes, he probably threw the controller out the window. Oh well.
Hahaha. I agree. The commentary is terrible and 90% of the time inaccurate. For example when a non-supereffective moves KO's a pokemon it says "didn't do much damage". And it makes PBR tiring at a point.