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    Home Board: Serebii

    Name: Falcon
    Gender: Female
    Started Pokemon:Chickorita, Level 5, Female
    Current FB Pokemon:

    - Bayleef, Lv.27, Female
    Nickname: Mangrove
    Ball: Pokeball
    Obtained: Starter Pokemon.

    --Lv.16--> --Lv.32-->

    Moveset: (The ones in green are the ones that have been learnt)

    -- - Tackle
    -- - Growl
    Lv.6 - Razor Leaf
    Lv.9 - Posionpowder
    Lv.12 - Synthesis
    Lv.18 - Reflect
    Lv.22 - Magical Leaf
    Lv.26 - Natural Gift

    Lv.32 - Sweet Scent
    Lv.36 - Light Screen
    Lv.40 - Body Slam
    Lv.46 - Safegurad
    Lv.50 - Aromatherapy
    Lv.54 - Solarbeam
    TM Sweet Scent

    -- Cut
    -- Strength

    Egg Moves:
    Leaf Storm

    Move Tutor Moves:

    Special Attacks:

    Holding: Love Necklace - when attatched to your Pokemon, and it enters battle the Opponent (of opposite gender) has a 25% chance of being attracted to your Pokemon.

    - Totodile, Lv.27, Female
    Nickname: Brook
    Ball: Pokeball
    Obtained: In a trade

    --Lv.18--> --Lv.30-->

    Moveset: (The ones in blue are the ones that have been learnt)

    -- - Scratch
    -- - Leer
    Lv.6 - Water Gun
    Lv.8 - Rage
    Lv.13 - Bite
    Lv.15 - Scary Face
    Lv.20 - Ice Fang
    Lv.22 - Flail
    Lv.27 - Crunch

    Lv.29 - Chip Away
    Lv.34 - Slash
    Lv.36 - Screech
    Lv.41 - Thrash
    Lv.43 - Aqua Tail
    Lv.48 - Superpower
    Lv.50 - Hydro Pump

    TM Ice Punch
    TM Blizzard

    -- Surf
    -- Waterfall
    -- Dive
    -- Cut

    Egg Moves:
    Hydro Pump
    Dragon Claw
    Ice Fang

    Move Tutor Moves:

    Special Attacks:

    Holding: Cupid's Bow and Arrow - The Pokemon may attempt to strike an opposite gendered Pokemon for guaranteed attraction that will last 2 rounds or until the opposing Pokemon is struck by an attack. (1 use per battle)

    - Shiny Pidgeotto, Lv.25, Female.
    Nickname: Aether
    Ball: Pokeball
    Obtained: From an egg

    --Lv.18--> --Lv.36-->

    Moveset: (The ones in brown are the ones that have been learnt)

    -- - Tackle
    -- - Sand Attack
    Lv.9 - Gust
    Lv.13 - Quick Attack
    Lv.17 - Whirlwind
    Lv.22 - Twister

    Lv.27 - Featherdance
    Lv.32 - Agility
    Lv.37 - Wing Attack
    Lv.42 - Roost
    Lv.47 - Tailwind
    Lv.52 - Mirror Move
    Lv.57 - Air Slash
    Lv.62 - Hurricane

    -- Fly

    Egg Moves:
    Air Cutter

    Move Tutor Moves:

    Special Attacks:

    Holding: Conker - Hit opponent over head to daze them, giving you the ability to unleash an attack. More effective on smaller/soft headed Pokemon, and has little or no effect on bigger and more hard headed Pokemon than attacker.(1 use per battle)

    - Flaafy, Lv.25, Male
    Nickname: Zeus
    Ball: Thunder Ball
    Obtained: From an egg

    --Lv.15--> --Lv.30-->

    Moveset (The ones in yellow are the ones that have been learnt):

    -- - Tackle
    -- - Growl
    Lv.10 - Thundershock
    Lv.14 - Thunder Wave
    Lv.20 - Cotton Spore
    Lv.25 - Charge

    Lv.31 - Electro Ball
    Lv.36 - Cotton Guard
    Lv.42 - Discharge
    Lv.47 - Signal Beam
    Lv.53 - Light Screen
    Lv.59 - Power Gem
    Lv.65 - Thunder

    -- Strength

    Egg Moves:

    Move Tutor Moves:
    Fire Punch

    Special Attacks:

    Holding: Nothing

    - Pachirisu, Lv.12, Male.
    Nickname: Classicle
    Ball: Pokeball
    Obtained: In Excelsior (UPN) on the 13th August 2007.


    Moveset: (The ones in yellow are the ones that have been learnt):

    -- - Growl
    -- - Bide
    Lv.5 - Quick Attack
    Lv.9 - Charm

    Lv.13 - Spark
    Lv.17 - Endure
    Lv.21 - Swift
    Lv.25 - Electro Ball
    Lv.29 - Sweet Kiss
    Lv.33 - Thunder Wave
    Lv.37 - Super Fang
    Lv.41 - Discharge
    Lv.45 - Last Resort
    Lv.49 - Hyper Fang

    -- Cut

    Egg Moves:

    Move Tutor Moves:

    Special Attacks:

    Misdreavus - Lv.28, Female. (Ghost Ball).
    Obtained: In a trade
    Moveset (The ones is dark grey are the ones that have been learnt):

    -- Growl
    Lv.5 - Spite
    Lv.10 - Astonish
    Lv.14 - Confuse Ray
    Lv.19 - Mean Look
    Lv.23 - Hex
    Lv.28 - Psybeam

    Lv.32 - Pain Split
    Lv.37 - Payback
    Lv.41 - Shadow Ball
    Lv.46 - Perish Song
    Lv.50 - Grudge
    Lv.55 - Power Gem

    Ice Beam

    Egg Moves:

    Move Tutor Moves:

    Special Attacks:



    Healing Items:
    Potion x10
    Revive x10

    X Items:

    Helpful Journey Items:

    Pokeball x8 - have used 2 so far
    Fast Ball x1 (Stronger when used on Pokemon which flee straight away).
    Christmas Pokeball 2007
    1 Leaf Ball

    Rare Items:
    1x Heart Scale
    1x Heart Scale
    1x Heart Scale
    1x Shoal Salt
    1x Shoal Shell
    1x Red Flute

    1 Gold Nugget

    1x Blue Pokeblock (+20 Beauty)
    1x Passion Pokeblock (+20 Cute, +20 Beauty)
    1x Chestnut Pokeblock (+30 Tough)

    1x TM Attract

    1x TM Reflect

    1x Thunder Stone

    Berry Bag:
    1xCustap Berry
    1xChilan Berry
    1x Wepear Berry
    1x Starf Berry
    1x Tanga Berry
    1x Wacan Berry
    1x Cornn Berry

    1 Pomeg Berry
    Last edited by Golden Mew; 8th March 2012 at 5:17 PM.
    Fizzy Bubbles Team:
    Mangrove - Bayleef, Lv.27
    Brook - Totodile, Lv.27Aether - Pidgeotto, Lv.25

    Zeus - Flaaffy, Lv.24 Classicle - Pachirisu, Lv.11 Misdreavus, Lv.28
    Credit goes to Tori845.

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