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Thread: I'll Be Here [A One-Shot]

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    Default I'll Be Here [A One-Shot]

    Well, since I am just about the only person in the history of forever that hasn't written a Misty-based story, I figured that I ought to. :] I'm not really happy with the way it came out, but whatever.

    This takes place the night before Misty leaves the gang in the anime episode "Gotta Catch You Later".

    Comments are appreciated. (:

    (Sorry. Due to lag, I had to post it in 2 posts. :x)


    I'll Be Here

    Misty Waterflower sat down at the desk with no intention of opening up her heart. Under no circumstances did pouring out her emotions seem enticing. Empathy was her target in documenting this letter, and should she slip below that to let any sort of passion fill her words, she would be ashamed.

    The Pokémon Center was dead around her, its silence broken only by the hushed breaths of the sleeping figures beside her. Misty dared not gaze upon their faces, for she knew that it would only bring more tears.

    She couldn’t handle any more tears.

    Instead, she forced her eyes back upon the sheet before her, its blank surface staring tauntingly up at her. The soft orange light that was spat forth by the lamp beside her made her vision blurry.

    Misty tilted her head back, attempting to collect her thoughts as they scattered about within her mind. They were keen to stay clear of perception, and thus danced about in a haze. Part of her didn’t want to gather them. Part of her wanted to leave her companions with only the impression that she had shown them over the past few years. That part of Misty Waterflower wished for Ash Ketchum to remember her only by her stubborn disposition.

    Yet that part of her wasn’t in control on this night.

    The redheaded female sighed deeply, forcing the pen upon the page. She despised its stationary position, hated it with an unmatched ire. The girl urged her hand to move, to form but a letter or two about the truth that she wished to display.

    Ash Ketchum,

    Misty looked down to see that she had written two words. It wasn’t an outstanding accomplishment, but it was a start.

    Of all the hot-headed, arrogant, self-centered people that I have met in my life…

    She hadn’t meant for those words to appear on this page. Not tonight.

    I have to say that you are the worst.

    Her anger flared. This was going all wrong. She didn’t mean to belittle the guy, but some force urged her to write that sentence. Scolding Ash wasn’t her intention tonight, and Misty knew this. She would fix it later, she decided, and compelled the pen to spell out more words.

    I can’t help but think about all of the things that I have missed while travelling with you. So much of my life has been lost these past few years, and you are the only one I can blame for that.

    At this point, she had had it with herself. She threw her hands to her hair, the movement disheveling it beyond the mess that already existed. Why couldn’t she break this tough-girl exterior that she had bound herself to so long ago? What prevented her from stepping beyond her comfort zone so that she might leave behind a trace of her true self?

    And yet… I’m okay with that.

    I’m okay with the fact that I missed out on all of the parties and dates and clubs and everything else that a regular girl goes through in her life… Because I gained so much more out of this experience than I could ever have hoped for from just living in Cerulean City.

    A crack had fractured her consciousness. Her otherwise “invincible” wall of emotion had suffered a damaging blow, and before it had time to repair itself, Misty pressed the pen to paper once more.

    I know that us meeting wasn’t just a coincidence. As much as I tried to convince myself that your destroying my bicycle was just some freak-chance occurrence, I know that something else played a part in that day.

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    At this point, she stopped; her breaths were so shallow and tender that she wasn’t sure they were coming at all. She had made progress, but she felt on the verge of spilling over and letting everything drain from her into this letter. Misty knew that she had to control this note so that everything came little by little.

    I joined you on your journey with the excuse of wanting you to repair my bike, but I always knew that it was partially for another reason. There has to be something about a certain person that will make anyone follow them for as long as I was with you. Something more than a desire for a repaid debt. There was just something about you, Ash. Something that I hadn’t seen in anyone else before.

    Her heart felt vulnerable at this moment, and it was an alien feeling to the girl. A sudden snort from somewhere in the darkness almost caused her to look toward the boy, yet she couldn’t. Not yet.

    I wouldn’t have followed just any person into a bug-filled forest that day, ya know.

    A grin pried her lips apart at the sudden recollection of the Caterpie that had seemed so terrifying that very first day that she had met the cap-donning boy. The memory seemed so distant, yet supplied the warmth of familiarity that had been nonexistent in the days previous to this night. She supposed that was only because everything before tonight was part of the memory-making process. After this, there would be no more memories. She would be gone.

    And to think that I have to give this all up…

    Just breaks my heart.

    Never before had Misty used such a word when communicating with Ash Ketchum. Never before this instance had she displayed any sign of harboring emotion or love or a heart that is only human. Never before would she have even dreamed that she would talk of such to a boy like Ash. It was so new. So… Strange.

    I can’t help but hurt when I imagine us three splitting up. I have grown so accustomed to you both that… I can’t see living life any other way than spending every day with you at my side.

    The girl pressed herself to write as much as she could, but the bleary sight that resulted from her brimming eyes and the delicate patter of tears upon her faded daisy shirt mandated that she stop. Her insides fought savagely against themselves, and the result was only more agony worming into her heart. It felt tainted, tainted with weakness and hurt and despair and all of these foreign feelings. The fact that she could do nothing to cease their coming only brought more grief, and more than ever, Misty Waterflower felt helpless.

    Her heart slammed against her ribcage, which was so awkward, for she felt that it didn’t exist at all anymore. It had been snatched by a world of hurt. A world that only found pleasure in bringing others pain. A world that, when discovering happiness, would immediately douse the source so that the victims may drown in their own pity.

    Just know, Ash Ketchum, that I have never hated you. I would never do anything to hurt you, and I hope that this can convince you of that fact, for this letter is all I have. You truly have a friend in me, and I thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to meet such an extraordinary guy. You have made my life so much more than I thought it would ever amount to, and I know that it will be impossible for me to ever show my full appreciation.

    She couldn’t stop, not now. Misty fought to end this anguish that brewed within her. She fought to seal the wound that felt so fresh in her soul.

    Just know, Ash Ketchum,

    That when you are finished accomplishing your dreams,

    When fame and fortune have found you,

    When you want nothing more out of life,

    I’ll be here.

    And with that, she was finished. She carefully folded the letter, her shaky hands lost to a now firm grip. The stains from the fresh tears were vanishing. She had written what she had wanted to write.

    She found that she no longer had the desire to gaze upon the sleeping boy. She couldn’t. The redheaded female placed the letter beside him, then slipped silently out of the Pokémon Center into the night.

    Misty Waterflower had sat down at the desk with no intention of opening up her heart.

    She smiled in the realization that she had.

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    Honestly speaking, that was a very good piece of writing. The grammar and spelling are both nearly impeccable, and the description is excellent, and flows nicely. The story has a very good concept, and emotions are honestly and accurately portrayed. I have to give you Kudos, because that was a fine story there, very well done.

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    No physical words... just words on paper. No spoken thoughts... just whispers on the heart. No expressed emotion... just fights with oneself.

    Beautiful one-shot, it's almost poetic. Ash would remember that if he indeed reads it. But in a Pokéshipping fic, of course he does, if not now. Speaking of which, seeing as it hints that, it probably would've gone in the shipping fics thread, but it probably wasn't too strong enough to go there. *shrugs*

    Good writing. Unique, but it was wonderful, having a category of its own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Dean of Suds View Post
    Honestly speaking, that was a very good piece of writing. The grammar and spelling are both nearly impeccable, and the description is excellent, and flows nicely. The story has a very good concept, and emotions are honestly and accurately portrayed. I have to give you Kudos, because that was a fine story there, very well done.
    Aww. Thanks. (: I wrote it in one sitting at 4 a.m., so I was worried that it wouldn't end up as nicely as I wanted it.

    Kutie Pie: Thanks. :] And sorry, I wasn't aware that there was a Pokeshipping thread, but like you said, I don't really think that would fully qualify as a shipping fic anyways. (:

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