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Thread: I love you!A pearlshipping fanfic.

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    Wink I love you!A pearlshipping fanfic.

    Chapter 1:Misty's back and ash loves who?

    Ash,dawn,pikachu and brock were walking to sunnyshore city,when
    suddenly a voice rang out through the air.

    ASH said misty running to him.

    misty said ash surprised''what are you doing here''

    to tell you i love you silly said misty leaning into kiss him.

    I'm sorry misty but I love someone else said ash stepping away
    from her.

    misty's face saddend and she said''who ash''

    uh nevermind said ash smiling.

    so misty you're heart has been broken now you know how
    I feel said brock and pikachu sweetdropped.

    can it brock growled misty and she glared at dawn.

    I'll deal with you later snarled misty walking away and
    dawn looked at her as nervesness(sp?) began creeping
    up on her.

    ash said dawn grabbing his hand''im scared''

    don't be said ash kissing her cheek''im here for you''

    thanks ash said dawn smiling.

    pika cha said pikachu

    and so are we said brock

    End of chapter 1.

    hey its my first fanfic so be nice.
    I support lance+cynthia
    I also support firered shipping

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    hey its my first fanfic so be nice.
    Hey, there are Shipping Fic Rules. We'll be nice when you read those.


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