This is another(before I run out) AaMayl from me, sequel to the abysmal "Acquaintance Party". And, here's my usual trademark(XP) foreword:
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Part 1: Sister Knows Best

They think they've done good for the sake of their friend, but oh, were they wrong. Ash Ketchum has been in a deep funk ever since "that magical night", all because he met the girl of his dreams. And he's got his friends to bla-, I mean, thank, for that.

---At the End of that "Magical Night"---

"Well, Ash," Richie said, braking the convertible right in front of the Ketchums' driveway, "this is your stop. See you tomorrow, of course?"

"Huh? What?" Obviously Ash wasn't listening. He was instead just staring off into the distance, before he realised that they were in front of his house. He lazily jumped out of the car, and said, "Oh, yeah, sure, whatever. See ya."

The other teens watched as Ash disappeared inside his house, then turned to Richie. "What, everyone still blaming me for ruining their moment? Sheesh!"


Ash plopped down to his bed. As usual, he was home alone, but he doesn't mind. He went upstairs directly to his room, and after a glance at the clock(2:40 AM), he plopped down to his bed. Without even changing his clothes, he drifted off to sleep.

His sleep, however, was interrupted almost immediately by a late night phone call. 'Ugh, who calls at this time of the night?' He deicided to let the answering machine record it, so he doesn't have to get up from bed.

When he did get to answer it at 9:00 AM, he found out the late night caller was Jeanne, Ash's very own college sister. "Hey, Ash, I was wondering if you could meet me for breakfast tomorrow at Pop's. I want to hear all about your Acquaintance Party."

Ash groaned. "Breakfast? She was expecting me to meet her for breakfast after a late-night party? Some sister, she doesn't even care for my welfare!" He did, grudgingly, accept the breakfast date. After a quick shower, Ash hopped onto his red-and-blue bicycle, and rode it to the college's favorite hangout for teenagers.

The titular proprietor of the fast-food joint, only known to everyone as "Pop's", was quite surprised when Ash walked into his store. "Why, Ash, I wasn't expecting you here so early because of the party."

"Blame it on my sister, Pops. Is she still here?"

"Well, it's about time you arrived," a voice from a far-corner booth piped up. "Being late means you had quite some time at the party, huh?"

"Never mind, Pops." Ash grudgingly trudged over to the booth, where his sister sat.

Jean Ketchum, the older of the two siblings, was a nursing major. She was a graduate of the same school Ash is attending right now, North High. She was the female eyecandy of her time there, catching the hearts of nearly every male, including Brock. As stated before, she's not on friendly terms with her father, but still maintains good contact with her little brother.

"Pops, a round of cheeseburgers here please," Jeanne called. "And the breakfast special for me."

Ash stared at her scornfully. "I hate you," he muttered so that only she can hear. "How am I supposed to return to sleep now after eating all this?" he added, as Pops came to their table with their orders.

"Just go ahead and eat," Jeanne suggested, taking a sip from her cup of coffee. After Ash gave a huge bite into a burger, she asked, "So, how was it? Your first Acquaintance Party?"

"It was fine, for a 'complete waste of my time'."

Jeanne raised an eyebrow, while slicing her eggs. "Oh, really? Well," she added, "meet any special people during the party?" When there was no answer, she grinned. "I thought so. What is she like?"

A nerve twitched in Ash's temple. 'How could sisters be this nosy?!' he thought. "What's it to you anyway?"

"It's just that I want to make sure you end up with the right people. Now, I repeat my question: What's she like?"

Ash grumbled something incoherent before answering. "She's a year younger than I am, and- Er-"

"And?" Jeanne repeated. "And what?" No answer. Jeanne sighed. "You have got to be kidding me. Don't tell me that my own brother, a fan of mystery novels and observationist, doesn't even remember what a girl he met just last night is actually like?!"

More nerves twitch. Ash swallowed an entire burger in one bite. "Don't complicate things sis. It's not like she's anything special." He did turn his face away at the last word, making Jeanne even more suspicious.

"I knew it. My little brother's in love!" the girl declared.

"Sssshhh! Don't say it out- Erk," Ash said.

Jeanne's grin went even wider. "AHA! I knew it!"

"Now I really hate you, sis," Ash muttered under his breath.


Thanks to his sister, Ash is now wide awake to return to his house and sleep. After saying goodbye, the older Ketchum headed back to college for her morning class. Ash, meanwhile, still lingered by Pops', which by then was still void of customers thanks to last night. That moment, he began to contemplate on things: Is he really in love?

'Nah, it can't be, can it?' he asked himself. "Sis is just playing with my head, right? Hey, that's got to be it! There's no way I'm in love!"