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    Quote Originally Posted by dman_dustin View Post
    I don't think the purpose of the battle was to have a winner, just pass the time so they can soak in the hot spring when Leona's father fixed the pipe.

    As for Chimchar it just wasn't simply ice, Chimchar froze because of cold temperatures in general (two Pokemon using blizzard, the strongest ice type move), now if I remember correctly fire types Pokemon can still be frozen in the games unless they have Magma Armor.

    Considering your first argument, I have to agree ,especially after I´ve watched this episode for the second time. I´m quite convinced there wasn´t meant to be a clear winner. Anyways, we´ll just have to like it or lump it!

    But I disagree with you when it comes to your second argument:
    During Ash´s battle in the Battle Factory with Charizard against Articuno, it was stated that ice-type didn´t do any damage to fire -type Pokemon! Well, whereas this again contradicts the Orange episode when a Poliwrath actually froze Charizard...hmmm, weird..

    Nevertheless, a great episode which ,apart from the weird battle, was again a pleasure to watch !
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