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    Default Soul Switch- [Contestshipping/Multiple Ships/Rated T]

    This story is Rated T for slight crude language, crude humor, transvestite jokes, angst, rite-of-passage, body swapping and cross-dressing.

    Basically, this fic is my first fic, and it has taken me quite some time to finish. I know my grammar ans such may be a bit "off" at times, but bare with me.

    This story is has many, MANY ships, although the main focus will only be on two. The following (in order of importance in terms of this fic) include: Contestshipping, Pokeshipping, Winstrateshipping, Waterflowershipping, Advanceshipping, Handymanshipping, one-sided Tensionshipping, Gracefulshipping, Femmeshipping, (unintentional) psuedo-Respectshipping, (unintentional) psuedo-Imageshipping, and many, many more.

    Mainly focussing on Contestshipping and Pokeshipping though.

    Note: Soul Switch is the story of the Pokemon characters in high school, in the city of Saffron. There will be NO ACTUAL POKEMON OR MENTIONING OF POKEMON IN THIS FIC. All the lands and regions such as Hoenn and Pallet Town will still be intact, but there is no such thing as Pokemon in this world. Misty, May, Ash, Drew, Kelly, Brianna, Richie, Joshua, Erika/Eriko, Sakura, Aaron (Ryo) and Gary are all fourteen-going-on-fifteen.

    Max and Vivi are twelve-going-on-thirteen. Whitney, Falkner, Morty, Tracey, Candice, Roark, Gardenia, Erika, Roxanne and Violet are fifteen-going-on-sixteen. Lily, Harley, Volkner, Sabrina, Brawly, Flannery, Flint (Oba) and Tyson are sixteen-going-on-seventeen. Winona, Fantina, Daisy, Lucian, Steven, Cynthia, Wallace, Robert, Solidad, Tucker, Clair and Bill are seventeen-going-on-eighteen.

    The meaning of the title will come VERY clear in Chapter Two, so don't worry. This is no average High school fic because of that. Anyway, on with the story!

    Chaper Index:

    Chapter One: Tirades
    Chapter Two: Exchanges

    Soul Switch by Celine_Dion

    Chapter One: Tirades

    “We’re through! Through I say!”

    May Maple sighed as she watched her best friend, Misty Waterflower, barged into her bedroom yet again. May believed she was kind and considerate and tried to maintain her patience when dealing with Misty and her myriad of relationship problems. Misty wasn’t exactly the most polite and tactful person, and combined with her tomboyish attitude, she often got into many, many fights with her on-and-off boyfriend, Ash Ketchum. And whenever Ash and Misty fought, Misty went barging all the way to May’s bedroom, and yelled profanities that could disturb the mental well-being of even the Pope. And, as usual, May had to be the one to listen to her, just nodding to whatever Misty happened to say until she calmed down enough for May to knock some sense into Misty. Then Misty usually runs back to Ash and the two get back together, only to have yet another fight, and thus goes around the vicious cycle.

    May considered herself a normal high school girl. She was fifteen. She attended the local Saffron West High School. She often received a variety of grades ranging from ‘C+’s to ‘A’s. She was reasonably popular, mainly because she was part of the cheerleading squad. She had a range of different friends with their own unique quirks. But unfortunately, unlike Misty, May had no love interest in her life.

    It wasn’t as if she wasn’t girlfriend material. She was pretty, reasonably smart, somewhat nice and popular. The only reason why May never had a boyfriend (or a female love interest on that matter) was because no boy ever caught her eye. May just never found that special person. But May had to get a move on, or else all the “good ones will be taken”, as Misty often said.

    But seeing all the “perks” of a functioning (if you can call it that) relationship from Ash and Misty’s own misadventures, May was in no hurry.

    No hurry at all.

    May just sighed. This is the fourth time this month Misty has had a fight with Ash and barged her way into my bedroom. Either she really enjoys her tirades with Ash, or she’s just delusional. Possibly both, May thought as she gestured the angry redhead to sit down on the bed and talk.

    Rolling her eyes, May closed her bedroom door and sat onto her bed, flipping open December’s issue of Teen Gal magazine. They’ll eventually get back together in a few days, May thought nonchalantly as she casually looked and listened at the incensed Misty Waterflower.

    “I can’t believe that jerk!” spat Misty as she flopped down on May’s fluffy pink waterbed.

    May blinked and put down her magazine. “What did he do this time?”

    “He started it! Remember just now, at the airport? How everyone was there to say goodbye to Brock?”

    May nodded. Brock was leaving for Hoenn, where he would continue his studies in early childhood development. There was a very good high school in Lilycove that specialized in training students to become nurtureres and early childhood professionals. And his close collection of friends gave their farewells at the airport yesterday, May and Misty included.

    Misty gritted her teeth. “I gave Brock a goodbye kiss, Brock left and end of story. Suddenly when we’re at his house, he brought that up and got all jealous! That doofus never gets jealous. What is he doing getting his feathers flustered all of a sudden?”

    “Well,” said May, irritated. Ash and Misty always fought over a tiniest problem. “You would get all jealous too if Ash had kissed another girl! I mean it’s human nature.”

    The red-headed drew in a sharp breath and bellowed, “WHAT! ASH KISSED ANOTHER GIRL! THAT JERK!

    May slapped her forehead, falling back on her head and whispered tiredly, “It was just an example...”

    It looks like this is going to take longer than I thought…


    Yawning, May opened her eyes and felt sunlight stinging into it. A few minutes later, she woke up again and forced herself to sit up. May switched off the alarm of her clock radio and immediately the morning news came on it. Muffling another tempting yawn, she wouldn’t be surprised if a news report on an enraged red-headed girl trying to attempt a murder on a black-haired guy came out.

    May quickly took a short shower and slipped on her sleeveless light pink dress which reached to her knees and on top of that, a hot pink satin jacket. She checked her herself on the mirror one last time and gave her reflection a wink. With that, she grabbed her bag and was off to school at Saffron West High School.


    When May arrived at school, she had five minutes to spare. She found Ash seated on a bench, cutting out pictures of Misty and him together into little pieces. May quickly went over to him and tried to calm him down.


    May tried to grab the scissors and also, at the same time, tried to stay away from the sharp cutting utensil nestled ominously in Ash’s hand. Ash ignored her and continued cutting.

    “Ash, you shouldn’t be doing this...”

    May sighed and sat next to him. Her hand fumbled around in her cerise backpack before she was able to find what she was looking for. May took a picture of Misty, Ash, Drew Andrews and herself at a beach party, with a look of triumph streaked across her face.

    “Hey... remember when we were at the beach?” May asked grinningly as she waved the photograph in front of Ash’s face.
    Ash slowed down his cutting. May took this as a good sign and pressed on. “We were surfing then suddenly you and Misty went missing for an hour!”

    The unruly-haired guy stopped his cutting and was trying his best not to smile, “Yeah... we sneak off and have our own party...”

    May!” Misty shrieked, pointing her forefinger at Ash and May as though they were wild creatures. “What are you doing with HIM!”

    May looked at the both of them with guilt. Misty was her best girl friend and Ash was her guy best friend. Whenever they broke up, May was always caught in the middle.

    Just then, May was saved from answering Misty’s question by a most unexpected person. “Hey Ash, Waterflower, ‘Princess Freaky’!”

    Maybe the word ‘saved’ was not suitable. May turned around towards the source of the amused voice to find a fifteen year old chartreuse-haired boy smirking at her.

    “What are you doing here, Drew Andrews?” May asked, growling angrily at the newcomer.

    Drew and May had disliked each other at first sight. To May, Drew was the stuck-up, rebellious jerk in the entire universe. To Drew, May was idiotic, klutzy, perky freak. The two only mildly tolerated each other to due their mutual friendships with Ash and Misty. The fact Drew was in many of her classes and was popular incensed May. Sure, he was a soccer sensation and was gifted school-wise, but that didn’t excuse Drew’s fatally flawed personality in May’s opinion. He deserves to be rotting in a pit. A deep one preferably, May thought violently.

    “I have the right to talk to Ash and Misty too, you know. They’re not yours to own, you spoilt princess,” Drew sneered. The brunette and the greenhead glared at each other, disgustedly. May had to restrain herself from slapping him.

    The school bell interrupted their glaring contest and May muttered a loud ‘jerk’ before storming off to class. Misty glared at Ash for obvious reasons, and at Drew too for snapping at May. “Drew, you idiot,” hissed Misty as she stormed off.

    Ash was also mad at Drew for reasons unknown. He stomped on Drew’s foot with his heel, threw the pictures of Ash and Misty together at his face and followed Misty to Biology.

    “What did I ever do to you, Ash?!” Drew yelled angrily at the retreating black-haired boy. Drew then shook his head and collected the damaged photographs, threw them in the rubbish bin, and ran off to Biology.


    School had finally ended and May was keeping her books in her locker to lighten her bag. Placing her biology assignment and textbook in her bag, she shut her locker and slung her bag over her shoulder.


    Turning around, May saw Vivi Winstrate, Ash’s thirteen year old cousin, walking towards her wearing a very tired expression, clutching her books in her hand.

    “Hey Vivi,” May greeted. “If it's something about Ash and Misty, don’t say it!”

    Vivi sighed, “May, you gotta help them get back together again!”

    “Me?” asked May, her voice laced with a sense of incredulity and anger. “I’ve help them about a dozen times and I’m always the person who’s caught in the middle! Hey, Misty! Over here!”

    May turned to her right and called out to Misty as she walked towards her and Vivi with reluctance.

    “Oi, May!”

    May groaned and bit her lips as she saw Ash calling and walking towards from her left. This is not a good time, thought the brunette as suddenly Ash and Misty turned to each other and glared daggers.

    “Excuse me, Ash Ketchum!” Misty almost shouted. “May, who happens to be my best friend, called out to me first!”

    Sorry for stealing your best friend!” Ash yelled as Vivi buried her face in her hands in embarrassment. People all around the corridor were staring at them. Ash and Misty had attracted a lot of unwanted attention. “May is my friend too and I was just about to ask her to go watch a movie with me and the rest of the gang!”

    Misty gasped and shouted, “No way! I was going to ask her first!”

    Oh? You always want to be first. Food, roller coasters, the toilet… When we were dating, you always hogged the toilet! You only care about your self!”

    “I do not! You were the one who always scoffed down all the popcorn before I got to have some! Haven’t you ever heard of ‘ladies first’?!”

    See? It’s that ‘first’ thing again! You just want to take May to the movies before I do because your greedy personality won’t be satisfied until you’re first in everything you do!”

    Excuse me? You’re the one who always hogged May! Remember when you took her to that stupid video arcade when you knew she was planning to help me organize Kelly’s birthday bash! You’re just a selfish little…”

    SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU!” May screamed. “I hate to my caught in the middle all the time you two fight! I’m not going anywhere until you two clear things up!”

    There was an awkward pause.

    “She started it…” mumbled Ash.

    That’s it!” May fumed. “I am tired of it! When you two can finally act your age, you can come find me.”

    With that, May stormed away from the scene, face flushed, teeth gritted and hands balled into fists. She had had enough of those two fighting over her or some other little stuff. When May arrived home, she discovered no one else was home. Caroline, May’s mother, had gone grocery shopping, Max was at the park with Vivi and Norman, her father, was at a three week screen writers’ conference. Norman was a screenplay writer, a famous one too, and because of how busy his job was, May and Max didn’t see him too often.

    May then unceremoniously dumped her school bag on the living room couch and went into the kitchen to get a drink. May managed to find a can of coke in the fridge that somehow survived Caroline’s recent ‘evil sugar omission raid’. Slowly gulping down the beverage, May grabbed her school bag and went up to her room.

    She tore off her firetruck-red banner and switched on her laptop. As the computer loaded, May changed into a tank top and a pair of shorts.

    “You got mail, you got mail,” sounded her laptop. May quickly sat down on her swivel chair and checked her email, while sipping her coke. Two of them were junk mails and the other five were chain messages, what a bore.

    “Aww... nobody’s online...” whined May as she checked her contact list. “Boring! I guess I’ll start my biology assignment which is not due for another week!”

    Just as she was about to switch off her laptop, it sounded, “Cool Prince is now online”.

    A grin broke out on May’s face. Cool Prince was a guy whom she liked very much. He had never revealed who he is. He was a very kind, romantic and funny person. Everything Drew Andrews wasn’t. He always cheered her up and helped her with her studies. May doubt that he went to the same school as her because there was no one in school that fitted the persona of Cool Prince. How could anyone be so funny, romantic yet so understanding and kind? Certainly no one from her school fit that niche.

    May read the message that Cool Prince had sent her. “Hi Bandana Gal.”

    Bandana Gal was May’s screen name.

    “Hi Cool Prince,” muttered May, typing out the words. “I’ve just returned from an evil place called school.”

    She waited for his reply. “Same here, and define evil.”

    May typed out, “Evil as in your best friends are fighting and a guy acting like a jerk!”

    Before she could read his reply, May’s pink cellphone rang loudly, forcing May to pick-up.

    “Hello, May Maple speaking.”

    “Hey May! So, what’cha doing?”

    May grinned. It was one of her good friends Kelly. Kelly and May attended English and Ancient History together, which was good, because May was a dunce at Ancient History while Kelly had a talent in memorizing dates. Who gives a rat’s *** about History anyway? It’s just one damn thing after another, thought May as Kelly continued to bark through the receiver.

    “Not much, Kelly. About to start my Biology assignment.”

    “Oh, good. Because I was wondering if you wanna grab a sandwich or something over at the park? Misty and Sakura are coming too!”

    May looked at her wristwatch. 5:00 P.M. She had plenty of time to grab a bite with her friends and still start that Biology assignment. “Sure,” May answered perkily. “I’ll be over there in five minutes tops!”

    “Great! See ya there then!” squealed Kelly as she hung-up on May. Well, I better get going, thought the sapphire-eyed brunette as she grabbed her famous bandana and her purse, closing her laptop on her way out.

    End of Chapter One
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