Well, I suppose Paul was bound to come from one hell of a powerful family. The Electabuzz thing is kinda weird, but if Reiji sticks around for the rest of the arc there's bound to be more on Electabuzz to come. Who knows, could Electabuzz be the first pokemon to be shown WILLINGLY abandoning their trainer, and adding insult to injury by joining Paul's brother? Paul's Honchkrow and Magmar are cool additions, and I'm sure we'll see some cool battles with those guys.
By the way, what's with all the ursaring hatred? I like him personally- not everyone's team has to be full of Sinnoh pokemon- Brock, Nando and Kenny all have pokemon who not only aren't from this generation but aren't going to evolve into any either.
I'm really hope I'm right about Electabuzz choosing to leave Paul's ownership- that's one thing we would definitely have not seen coming back in Episode 3!