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I was astoundingly pleased with this dub! One of the best so far! I wonder why Lucario's dub had to be. There was barely any difference from the two besides the fact that you could hear the dubbed "luuuu" or whatever.
Lucario has been established in the US with a specific sound that you can hear in Movie 8, the Super Smash Bros game, and a very brief appearance at the beginning of Movie 10. Because of this, he needed to be dubbed, even though in these episodes he doesn't really speak.
I'm glad everyone liked my work on his grunts and growls. I paid close attention to the Japanese performance and then used the US tone for his voice. Lucario is one of my favorite Pokemon and I hope I have done right by the fans. Just like with Smash Bros, this one was a nightmare on the vocal cords, but I am very happy with the final outcome of his voice and hope you are too.